Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [08/20/2020]

Today in Borderlands 3, we kick off the Borderlands 3 Anniversary Celebration Show Me The Eridium event and have made some adjustments to various pieces of gear! These changes and the accompanying event will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PST. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that says “Hotfixes Applied”! If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

With today’s hotfixes, the Show Me The Eridium event goes live! During this event, players will see more Eridium dropping and discounts on items that cost Eridium. This event will be live until August 27 at 9:00 AM PST, when it will switch to the Mayhem Made Mild mini-event with next week’s hotfixes!

  • Turns on the Summer 2020 Anniversary Event: Show Me The Eridium, live until August 27 at 9:00 AM PST
  • Replaced Mayhem 4 gear with Mayhem 6 gear in the Guardian Takedown boss pools
  • Increased the health of Titus, Herb, and Juno in the Bounty of Blood Add-On Content

Weapon Adjustments


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage

Storm & Firestorm

  • Reduced charge time
  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage
  • Slowed down the orb and increased the explosion damage


  • Increased weapon damage
  • Decreased reload time


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased the ricochet cap from 5 to 7

Star Helix

  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage
  • Increased the radius of the child projectiles


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage
  • Doubled amplified damage when weapon shield is at max capacity


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased the number of shots before the weapon breaks

Juilet’s Dazzle

  • Increased weapon damage

Good Juju

  • Doubled the critical hit bonus per body shot

General Grenade Buff

  • Increased grenade damage across the board

HOTFIX August 21, 2020

We have pushed a change to Borderlands 3 that helps ensure weapons will not lose their buffs after saving and quitting to the main menu. For those currently playing Borderlands 3, you may need to restart and reload hotfixes to benefit from the change.


Neat Still hoping for that dominance rework/buff one day.


Nice one!

It finally happened lol.

Neat, all the snipers I use got buffed.

That’s a good change. Sawbar in this game just doesn’t have the same level of AOE as it used to.

Also a welcome change.

Kinda sad about no FL4K bug fixes though. I was starting to get used to seeing them every week…


Yay, weapon buffs.

Nice move with the Mayhem 6 gear dropping in GTD. Can we also get increased drop rates for all items? In MTD Wotan and Valkyries can drop items three times, Anathema and Scourge only once.


General grenade buff? Very nice! Hopefully by a good amount. Nice work, Gearbox, keep it up :grinning: :+1:


Sawbar buff sounds good. It would be also nice when the bullets explode sooner, like half the distance.


/peers at thread
/ sees @Noelle_GBX buffing monocle

Thank you!


A.s.m.d!! About gd time!

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Awesome changes! Keep it up!

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Mmmh, that sweet smell of delicious buffs.

Can’t wait to see the changes in action, thx @Noelle_GBX

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Now this is what I’m talking about, good job GBX!!

Finally a good hotfix , now we have to see the numbers , hotfix should always be like this one

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Nice to see weapon buffs - can we have the actual % changes? Just saves someone else working it out When you have it to hand.

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Not sure if this is the place to ask so here we go .

When will you address the issue that players like myself continue to talk about and that is not having options with mayhem 2.0 . There are so many of us that have left the game because of modifiers we have no ability to choose what modifiers we want to use without rolling over and over and over and finally they just give up and move on to another game .

For those that don’t want to play with modifiers in anyway have no choice but to play baby mode that has no rewards , no challenge, no fun so they move on to another game that gives them the rewards and challenge and fun they seek .

All I ask and perhaps some more people like myself want to hear from you about our concerns with these modifiers that are pushing more and more from the game . I have no idea how many players you have lost because of modifiers so I have to ask are the modifiers worth the lost of even a few players ?


Thanks for your feedback! The team has seen similar comments! :slight_smile:


Guardian Takedown dropping Mayhem 6 weapons and all the GT gear buffs should make it fun to try out this week. Still have the issue of dropping off the map and long treks back but hopefully a patch will improve that.


Sweet buffs! The monocle is one of my favorite guns and I’m glad its getting the love it deserves.


Nice to see some of my old favorites (Monacle, Lyuda, Headsplosion) getting some love. :slight_smile: