Borderlands 3 Hotfix [08/27/2020]

Why the hate on slayer if you don’t mind me asking? The only downside I can think of is if you find that blue glow annoying, otherwise it can more or less be ignored anyways

Thanks, at least some choice I guess. Still think the whole event is a non-event that’s going to end up being more annoying than useful - not sure I’ve heard many people wanting the game to be even easier?

First point still stands though - what are the chances our previous modifiers will come back after the event? Slim to nil i’d bet.

Have you checked out Killer Queen? Most fun I have had playing FL4K.

This was the point I was trying to make earlier. Having all easy modifiers will make the game unplayable for a large part of the player base.

I didn’t say I hate Slayer, I actually have no opinion on it, as I’ve never used it. It would probably be okay, and I forgot about speed demon, which is good, but I have to be careful, because I sometimes run off ledges on accident, and at max speed, it can be a little disorienting. So I suppose I could aim for lootsplosion, speed demon, Slayer, and big kick energy, and manage. But I may still just take the week off.

Which pet fixes do you mean? They scale with Mayhem now, and had their mayhem scaling buffed last month so it’s pretty decent now. Interplanetary Stalker’s pet damage scales with Big Game and Cosmic Stalker, although it doesn’t do so fully. They also have mayhem scaled health so they survive way easier now. Rage and Recover works for them now as well, and with Galactic Shadow they should be taking a bit more aggro without taunt skills.

However, most of the damage bugs are still there though, attack command damage for Scorcher and GHS got (accidentally I hope) nerfed hard, and the major bugs that have been there since launch are still around. You can get a pretty up to date view of pet mechanics here.


Heres to yet another week of no BL3. I’m almost completely weened off the game now … like a bad habit I’m kicking.

More Red Dead and less BL3.


Another option take it as an occasion to play a different game, like me.


im on the pc. so re-roll means quit and continue???. and you get a new set of modifiers… i had no idea you could even change the modifiers…

No, you can re-roll modifiers from your in game menu. It’s a little better when on Sanctuary as you won’t have to reload the map. There is a tab for Mayhem mode just past your Guardian Rank.

You mean easier than go to a vending machine?

The bug of Jakbos’ pistol still not fixed, they still keep lower damage, sincerely ask you guys to fix this bug to bring them back to normal level.


Well, that’s more of a dice roll than farming the enemy that will give one the gear one wants. And of course does not supply DLC weapons, which as we all know are some of the most powerful.
And I dunno if folks who need the help have the cash.
Anyway, as I said, reducing modifiers makes the game actually less appealing to me, so I’ll see y’all again when Krieg shows up.
Scary thought: I’m actually playing BL:TPS right now, which I don’t much care for, instead of BL3 .

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So no HUD scaling fix again this week ??

Can anyone spell fraud!

If I had to guess, it was fudged up by a Patch so it’ll probably need a Patch to fix.
If it’s not in the next DLC4 patch, then there’s a problem. (not that there’s no problem now, but you know what I mean).
I hope ya’ll do get that fix though. I remember on PS4 not being able to mark things as fave/trash in my backpack for a whole month+ and it drove me insane.


“Rolling” and “re-rolling” comes from rolling dice in a game to generate a random number. The game uses a random number generator to determine certain factors in the game: what is referred to as RNG.

Every time you press the key to “re-roll” the modifiers the game chooses another random set of modifiers. This is done on the mayhem page of your echo device. Once you have changed the modifiers you can choose to apply. This restarts you on the map at the same location with the new modifiers. On sanctuary it is non combat so your modifiers just change after applying, no re-start is required.

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Cool. Should be good.

I do hope that the regular ones are restored once the event ends, it took me a few hours to get that combination.

Yeah, my bl3 playtime have been very irregular and casual since DLC2, but whenever these events pop up i don’t play at all. I tried doing a semi-challange run during the boss loot event but i got bored pretty quickly. I will try this easy modifers event just to see what that’s like… if BL2 lets me.

I expect re-rolling will be required


Personally I’m not even booting my mains this week. I am using the opportunity to level up another character.

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