Borderlands 3 Hotfix [08/27/2020]

It’s a time-limited event. Take it as an occasion to play a different build for a change.

Looking forward to the time limited event of the XB1X crashing to end, been going on since the games release. Also end the event of the co-op split screen performance being in beta still.


4x easy modifiers

I’m making the assumption that this “event” is to allow folks who are not able to play at, say, M-10 to pick up M-10 gear a little easier. Of course, if this is just modifiers and not health or shield buff reduction I’m not sure this accomplishes that mission.
But not a reason for me to re-engage. I’ll be back with the next DLC.

This is going to be a week to relax and have fun, I like it.

It’s the closest to playing without modifiers that we’re going to get for a while.

I’m doing a fresh playthrough until new level cap drops so this won’t effect me. Have fun though, guys. Hopefully we will be able to select our own modifiers with the DLC4 patch.


im new at this. could someone explain what is meant by “rolling the modifiers”. does that mean you can change the modifiers by "rolling " them…

what does “rolling the modifiers mean” ? im a newbie

On the Mayhem Menu, you have the option to change modifiers and re-roll them, if you don’t like the ones you have. Once you apply, it reloads your map with the new Mayhem settings and modifiers.

When you activate mayhem mode, it automatically assigns you a set of modifiers, depending on what level mayhem you are on. If you don’t like them, you can press square (on PS4, at least) and “re-roll” to get a different, random set. Since so many of them suck, especially depending on your build, you have to keep hitting square until you get a set you can live with, and just like the rest of the game, the RNG is so painful you might get a good set right away, you may have to roll for 30-45 minutes. It’s a colossal pain.


Without any word on whether modifiers will go back to your previous selections after the event I’m not going to risk logging on at all.

Also - not sure how many easy mods there are in total - does this mean big kick and giant heads are a certainty? A lot of people including me can not abide those.


There are 6 total easy modifiers:

  • Lootsplosion
  • Big Kick Energy
  • Galaxy Brain (Big Heads)
  • Speed Demon
  • Slayer
  • More Than Okay Boomer
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So still no pet fixes? My fl4k has been collecting dust since MH 2.0 rolled out. You guys said the game would be designed to accommodate many different types of builds, however only a couple seem to utilize the potential of any character. Im not asking for a M10 melt all pet build just one that lets me have some diversity without going down all the time on any MHM above a 4. Please.

There’s those two, which I hate, the grenade one, which I also hate, the one where they glow blue and drop shield boosters or something if you melee them, I think, and lootsplosion, which is the only one I tolerate.

Looks like a week to catch up the backlog a bit…

Why the hate on slayer if you don’t mind me asking? The only downside I can think of is if you find that blue glow annoying, otherwise it can more or less be ignored anyways

Thanks, at least some choice I guess. Still think the whole event is a non-event that’s going to end up being more annoying than useful - not sure I’ve heard many people wanting the game to be even easier?

First point still stands though - what are the chances our previous modifiers will come back after the event? Slim to nil i’d bet.

Have you checked out Killer Queen? Most fun I have had playing FL4K.

This was the point I was trying to make earlier. Having all easy modifiers will make the game unplayable for a large part of the player base.

I didn’t say I hate Slayer, I actually have no opinion on it, as I’ve never used it. It would probably be okay, and I forgot about speed demon, which is good, but I have to be careful, because I sometimes run off ledges on accident, and at max speed, it can be a little disorienting. So I suppose I could aim for lootsplosion, speed demon, Slayer, and big kick energy, and manage. But I may still just take the week off.

Which pet fixes do you mean? They scale with Mayhem now, and had their mayhem scaling buffed last month so it’s pretty decent now. Interplanetary Stalker’s pet damage scales with Big Game and Cosmic Stalker, although it doesn’t do so fully. They also have mayhem scaled health so they survive way easier now. Rage and Recover works for them now as well, and with Galactic Shadow they should be taking a bit more aggro without taunt skills.

However, most of the damage bugs are still there though, attack command damage for Scorcher and GHS got (accidentally I hope) nerfed hard, and the major bugs that have been there since launch are still around. You can get a pretty up to date view of pet mechanics here.