Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [09/17/2020]

Today in Borderlands 3, we addressed a reported exploit and comment on the frequency of future changes to the game. These changes will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PST. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that says, “Hotfixes Applied!” If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

  • Prevented enemies from indefinitely spawning during Takedown at the Guardian Breach
  • Addressed a reported concern that new hotfixes were being added to Borderlands 3 too frequently

After this week, we will be changing the cadence in which we put out new hotfixes. Moving forward, the hotfix schedule will mirror when we put out updates, with exceptions for any emergency adjustments that we feel are necessary to the integrity of the game. The team is working hard on future updates and new content, which we are excited to share with you soon™.


Good Morning @Noelle_GBX

With the announcement of vertical split screen will this fix the issues with the tiny text sizes and UI?


This was a VERY annoying glitch, hopefully the patch will fix it!

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Wait what?

Now I’m sad. I’m going to miss our weekly hotfix day parties :cry:


If this means the changes we get are more positive and substantial then I’m for it. Is that what the “concern” regarding the frequency of hotfixes was about? It might be nice to hear some elaboration on what motivated this change.


Just wanted to say again (so maybe it could be fixed eventually) that Rushin Offensive is broken. The sprinting while shooting has been bugged for it to not work as originally intended (happened when lifesteal was added to the skill).


When can we expect more gun balance changes? We had a couple dozen buffs, mostly to vanilla legendaries and then nothing for months? The meta has opened up a little in recent weeks but it’s still a mess.


So, nothing? Lol. Thanks for the informative update. (Tongue in cheek)


Wait what noooooo I always looked forward to Hotfix Thursday. :smiley:

I get it though, especially if part of the concern is letting fixes bake a little longer in the oven to ensure they’re ready.

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Would be nice to even get hints that Gearbox is still looking at this. Buffing old gear is a great way to get the community excited without even adding any new content.


Hey wait … @Noelle_GBX … So if we all play offline and don’t apply today’s hotfix, does that mean we’ll keep getting weekly hotfixes? :upside_down_face:


Any chance we can get more mayhem modifiers?

Especially the “highest difficulty” slot desperately needs more options.


Hopefully this isn’t an indication that Gearbox has reduced the amount of people working on BL3 to “focus on other projects”. BL3 still has so much work to be done that significantly reducing the amount of hands on deck at the moment isn’t something I’d like to hear.

Guess it’s time to adjust my Thursday morning rituals.
Hopefully these lead to beefy patch notes when we do get 'em.


Wait, so people were complaining about Gearbox trying to fix problems in a timely manner? Seriously?

Fully expecting a wave of complaints in a few weeks about how Gearbox isn’t fixing issues fast enough. Probably from the same people who complained about too many hotfixes.

The funniest part is that they won’t see the irony…


I said I didn’t liked that the game has so many issues that we need weekly hotfixes as opposed to BL2, where these were here and there added to circumvent having to wait for a whole patch just to erase a small glitch or something.

I however meant in no way they should stop fixing things (on a weekly basis).

Also I know I sound like a broken record but @Noelle_GBX is there any ETA for the Like, follow, obey heads&skins?

Edit: This is Battleborn all over again, first no more weekly Battleplans and then complete abandonment of it. I really hope this isn’t what’s happening here.


…Take my upvote


Aww… Borderlands was made for a legit horde mode mission, though I suppose that would have been vexing for players trying to complete that mission. :laughing:

Have them implement that bug in some random map corner (like that waterfall in the Family Jewel where all those Saurians come out). :metal:

Does this mean yall will actually be doing a patch to fix this broken mess for good or what?


I hope this doesn’t mean the remaining bugs are getting swept under the rug. After a year of weekly hotfixes there are still day one bugs in the game, those NEED to be addressed at some point.