Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [10/14/2021]

I don’t know what’s happening, but have to agree that doing this through a 3rd party website is a bit interesting, instead of adding a counter to the game for example like you said. I’m really interested about the update, wonder how many kills we see tomorrow.

Yeah, MentalMars (they guy with the great Borderlands info site) has been dropping in on some of the bigger streamers and manually adding their kills to the counter. It appears that GB can only tally the necessary data once per day with their current tools, which they in turn provide to MentalMars.

Hopefully they can streamline this process a bit more in the future so more frequent updates will be possible.

Still a neat idea for community engagement, and I like how they were able to involve a popular fan site. Knowledge for the future.

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One explanation for the oddness that is GBX support of BL3 would be that no one is actually in charge of it, and hasn’t been for some time. So, different people do things that require a very minimum of effort and don’t connect to anything else, making the whole ‘support’ process a bizarre circus of silliness.

Explanation is very easy, resources and money. Someone would have to do this, then patches and validation process and fees. Way too much for such a trival thing that can be posted anywhere else.


So now GBX is allocating responsibility for counting the Traunt kills IN ITS OWN EVENT to community members, just like it did with the QA and balancing for BL3? Got it.


I look forward to the day there are actually some bug fixes in a hot"fix" again.


They’re still doing the counting, it’s just that a community member (with a popular fan website) is going to be displaying that info. It’s a massive win for MentalMars to get this gig since it’ll push a ton of traffic to his site.


I love MentalMars, he’s a fantastic member of the community who has helped a ton. Just seems really weird that the info is not displayed in-game or at least by GBX somewhere publicly.


Thank you in advance to the streamers/youtubers who will grind for the shift code. :sunglasses:


I guess there will be patch when Vault Card 3 will be added. Expedite fix will be in it, so Amara will have one very good augment for her action skills.


Hopefully they’ll also fix fire rate skills INCREASING burst fire delay too

Sapphire’s Run still bugged on next-gen Xbox consoles.

MentalMars’ update as of the post is at 1991 out of 500,000. Either there’s a significant delay in the number updates or no one cares anymore. I had expected at least 10K for day 1.

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They are the ones he has counted up from streamers .

He tweeted earlier that he is awaiting the official numbers for the day from gearbox who are presumably taking the information from shift.

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Not from SHIFT, it’s magic.

which will all be counted behind the scenes by some manner of technological wizardry

I am counting on you… Me? I ll just go back to sleep

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I think we are not going to make it at this point

Stopped playing this game a couple months ago and man im glad i did. Nothing has changed i see. This “event” made me chuckle though so theres that. Later guys.


It’s not updated yet, most likely will in 2h12m.

I guess 900 lost kills got added by the Dominion system :crazy_face: At this hour for day one, 2,891 is still quite a bit lower than the minimum of 71,429 per day needed to get there.
Did my 150 on Capt. Traunt yesterday and will grind out more but unless the streamers/youtubers and weekend warriors jack it up some, it’s going to be rough to make. Didn’t see much of a player increase in the Steam charts but that may not mean anything. There are plenty of other platforms.

Edit: I guess it gets updated at noon EST