Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [10/14/2021]

Still , i can’t see this possible , even with the F2P week end unless we have a miracle … :grin:

Just wait for the update, probably in 24 minutes.

Ok, the progress is 48k atm. Not bad, and during weekend should be way higher.

That makes sense. I’m not sure why I expected a real-time (or nearly real-time) update on this.

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Just a guess… many former players could care less about trinkets, skins, etc?


I’m not going to be participating in the event because why even waste my time?

No one at Gearbox has enough effort to buff base game items instead they put the game F2P for a few days so they can rack up more money before wonderlands drops…



If the game is as broken as some folks suggest, a f2p weekend wont lead to any further sales after its over surely :yum:


that 's better than I expected, I made the number even by killing 3 Traunt, you’d better be grateful lol

Honestly I will be very happy to see the Expedite fix. On the other hand if that ends up being the only skill bug fix they get to in all this time it’ll be… disappointing to say the least. We’ll see.

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how do we track the process? i dont know do i contribute the kill or not? why dont add a track for telling ppl the process/ situation the community are doing?

This is the link we got, but it’s not a live counter- it updates daily. So we’re blind on the progress until the counter refreshes.

That combined with save & quit + grind the same boss until you fall to sleep out of boredom isn’t my vision of fun times. Add to that that the game gets laggier and laggier as you keep savequitting until it eventually crashes and I couldn’t give less of a ■■■■ about this “event”.
It’s just player retention BS and trying to make the game look more popular on charts than it is.


You guys probably get this a lot, but Kill the Valkyries still doesn’t work.
I killed them this time with a non elemental Soul Render as Zane.

When will there be a patch to fix floating ramps in krieg dlc on xbox series x? It makes the dlc un playable in second area and unable to continue through entire dlc with new characters.


Patch most likely will be with Vault Cards 3 update, so probably this or next month.
Did you tried contacting support to report this bug? You can ask Graeme on twitter if this fix will be in next patch.

This thing is actually stupid. I don’t get removing all vending machine items other than one (or two) legendaries. Why not just make the item of the day legendary? I like to farm vending machines for triple roll shields and grenades. Hopefully this goes away on Thursday.

I would’ve preferred that approach as well - always on look out for rare purples.

Yeah, this is getting really ridiculous!!!

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