Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [10/28/2021]

Actually, I wish gear that dropped at Mayhem 5, or Mayhem 10, would automatically be set at a strength/level that made it appropriate to be useful against enemies at the Mayhem level (5 or 10 in this case) you received it at. You could think of this as a general buff I suppose, but it’s not what I wish for. There could be a scale factor associated with every weapon that came into play when you received it. This scale would not change. You would have to farm again if you wanted a stronger version when you upped your Mayhem level. Dang. I think that’s clear… Come to think of it, this IS the system the game has now, except that scaling for world drop stuff and much dlc stuff leaves the loot, as you say, under-performing compared to a much smaller
amount of items. Hmmm. I guess you understood me better than I thought, lol.

Buffing Traunt to Seer levels of HP so I have to use Guardian Angel shenanigans with Moze…

Do they at least drop something? I mean for realsie not theoretical “buff”

It kinda sorta does already: every item has a base damage stat that then has a level scaling factor applied to it. So any item dropping at level 72 m4 will have lower damage than an identical item dropping at level 72 m6, for example.

The issue is that some items have base damage, fire rate, reload (etc) stats that are a bit low compared to otherwise equivalent items. At low levels (basically first run through the story) the difference isn’t really noticeable because even with level scaling the differences aren’t big enough compared to enemy scaling. Once you get to high levels and mayhem, though, those differences become exaggerated. So at my preferred low mayhem level, I have a wider variety of guns I can use successfully than at level 10/11, simply because the performance is closer between items relative to enemy hit points/shields/resistances.

I’ve seen several different suggestions across multiple threads on how to deal with this, but basically it comes down to either (1) completely refactoring how the scaling algorithms work for all aspects of mayhem, (2) buffing certain items and gear classes so their performance is more on par (basically reducing the spread between best-in-class and rubbish tier weapons), or (3) some combination of both.

But the scaling is already there. It’s just a bit wonky…

Not only a useless and unwanted hotfix, but in my opinion GBX didn’t think this one through at all as it now will be a PROGRESSION BLOCKER to TVHM gameplay

Just imagine playing on your second playthrough, and you can’t get past Athena’s because now Traunt is a Raid Boss :man_facepalming:
Not happy with this at all…will wait to the 4th November before I pick up this game
This ridiculous notion that giving billions of hp health to enemies in the game is somehow their idea of fun is not fun at all in my opinion
When GBX makes this game accessible to the 95% of us casuals, and not cater to the elites, gimme a call


Already the case. You can trivialize most of the game with very simple setups to build. There are 10 levels of Mayhem, meaning every kind of players gets to pick between those accordingly to the difficulty they want.

Also, Traunt wont be a progression blocker at all for story people. He doesnt have that much health on non mayhem (you can disable it and put it back on anytime), or you can just load the game without hotfixes on if you really struggle.


Wrong!! Traunt IS a progression blocker because this stupid hotfix is not only activated for Mayhem mode, it exists just by the mere fact you’re playing on TVHM, with or without Mayhem mode activated…go back and look at the hotfix notes.

Those who wish to progress through the story then, will have to play offline and avoid the hotfix like a plague until this event is over

It takes less than 5 mins to switch to offline/online, people can just toggle off their internet, fight Traunt with normal HP pool, and turn it on again. I don’t see how it’s such a big deal. Most people don’t usually bother with TVHM anyway as NVHM with mayhem on = TVHM.

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Are the drop rates the same? I mean being in normal mode + mayhem, as in TVHM+ Mayhem?

Yup, the same. Shadowevil from the BL community datamined it maybe a year ago, even more. Turning mayhem mode ON basically puts your game on TVHM with the same badass spawn rate, and same world drop rate.

TVHM in BL3 has no point, unless you really want to reset quests and get quests rewards.


Ok cool, that’s some good news I suppose :+1:

I just killed Captain Haunt and the “raid boss level” health did not appear to be applying to him, even though it obviously was applying to the other two Traunts in my game. Did anyone else notice this?

I am on Xbone and the hotfix is clearly applied.

I’m not really complaining because the amount of health on the other two Traunts is almost absurd. Really just more of a PSA.


Haunt was already tanky, so may be they did not buff him THAT much. Did other two Traunts at least drop anything of interest? I could use a new Ghost Call or Fearmonger …

@CharmlessBee Cap Traunt dropped a x2 Kaoson first kill. Haunt dropped a Fearmonger first kill. In my experience Kaosons and Fearmongers are both kinda rare, so I’d say the drop rates seem like they could be turned up. I’m gonna do a few more runs tonight and I’ll let you know.

5 sec with Hellwalker/Revolter and fadeaway… what a raid boss :sweat_smile:

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It is a bit stupid to have it apply to generic TVHM as opposed to TVHM with MH on. E.g. if you finished the story in normal at level 42 and then jumped right into tvhm with MH off there’s virtually no change in difficulty (other than enemies will all be scaled with you like in MH on normal mode), so having to fight the traunts as raid bosses is a bit harsh.

What I wonder: if you jumped into TVHM at level 72 with MH off (or I guess on until you faced a Traunt) but used your level 72 HM 10 gear wouldn’t the fight still be fairly easy? Since you can play in MH mode in TVHM I’d think there’s a big difference (unless for this event they just scaled it such that it’s the same). I’ve fought Hemivorous and the Seer in THMH with MH off and on (off just to make farming Company Man artifacts and Seer class mods faster) and there’s a huge difference in difficulty. So unless they changed the scaling just for the Traunts I’d think you could still easily kill them in TVHM if you had MH 10 gear.

Time to go to Heck Hole friend :smiley: I got a really good Fearmonger out of Haunt and also this in Heck, from a loot ghost

And apparently Haunt wasn’t balanced like his two bros. Cap Traunt and General Traunt have like 20Billion shields and 20 billions health. Haunt seems to have more shield than health, hence why he can seem “easier” to take down.
… or maybe I’m a fool, and his health hotfix isnt applying xD but I got a dedicated drop every run I did on Heck hole

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maybe this will be the one shot at getting a vindicator ghast call–perhaps now a 1 in 8 billion chance.

@EzioILMentore Oh wow, great drop. Congrats on that one, friend!

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Did a few runs earlier with Moze and was having success with Lovable Rogue against Captain.

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