Borderlands 3 Hotfix [10/31/2019]

This week’s Borderlands 3 hotfixes, which will be live on all platforms by or before 3:00 PM PDT today, address various issues reported by the community. We appreciate all the help. Please keep sending in your bugs to!


  • Addressed reported collision issues in various maps

  • Raised the Eridian chest out of the dirt near The Terradome

  • Made a modification to prevent certain players from escaping out of the Slaughter Shaft

  • Addressed a potential progression blocker for " Footsteps of Giants " mission when fast traveling to a vehicle

  • Removed an incorrect text description for the Legendary Sniper Rifle Stalker

  • No change has been made to the gameplay of the gun, only the text has been removed.

  • Addressed a potential progression blocker during the " On the BloodPath " mission

  • Addressed a reported concern that Emperor Spiderants were causing the screen to shake infinitely

  • Addressed a reported concern where Rachael the Anointed’s beam attack was not properly visible on all settings

  • Addressed a reported concern that Troy was not spawning with his pistol

  • Fixed a typo on mission text for " Blood Harvest: The Rebloodening "


Tediore E-Tech Shotguns were set to the wrong value and were corrected, resulting in a damage increase for all Tediore E-Tech Shotguns.

  • Tediore E-Tech Shotgun Damage increased by 50%


As you play Borderlands 3 today, you’ll notice it’s even spookier! Haunted enemies are everywhere!

  • For TODAY, October 31 ONLY – You will see a drastic increase in the number of Haunted enemies!

It’s a great day to work on those Bloody Harvest challenges, Vault Hunters! After today, the rates will go back to their normal values. In the coming weeks, you will start seeing more standard Anointments on your gear as the spooky season begins to fade from Borderlands 3.


We hope you all enjoyed the Mayhem on Twitch Anniversary event! After listening to community feedback during the event, we are making two changes to Mayhem Mode:

  • The chance of receiving a weapon penalty as a Mayhem modifier will continue to be reduced at the same rate as the Mayhem on Twitch Week.
  • The drop rate for Anointed gear has been increased.


After downloading last week’s patch, some players on PS4 reported that they were unable to mark their guns as trash or favorite while in the inventory menu. We are working on fix for this and intend to implement it in the next patch.


We have heard that some of you would like the option to turn off Guardian Rank. We’re currently looking into how that can be achieved and intend to be able to provide more information in the future!

As always, if you experience any issues, please submit a ticket to We’re listening to your concerns and look forward to seeing everyone’s feedback from this week. If you missed last week’s roadmap, it covers topics like a larger bank, performance and stability, character buffs, target dummies, and more. Read that roadmap here: October 24 Patch, Hotfix, and Roadmap notes.


No Moze fixes?


I love that you are adding things being heard and worked on, this should really help the community


Any fixes for end game Iron Bear? Please? Anything


“Any fixes for end game Iron Bear? Please? Anything”

They mentioned that they are working on that and pet balance in a earlier posting. It is the same one that said they both got 50% health buff for now.


Thanks for the hot fixes looking forward to being able to play as soon as more things are patched mainly in split screen. Where does readability for split screen UI sit on the list as well as vert split screen? Some of us still cant enjoy the game due to these issues.


Think I’m going to take a break from the game until Moze gets a viable healing ability other than Vampyr. It sucks to be forced deep into one tree just to survive.


They are fixing things a month later that they broke in the first place… not sure how this helps the community since it’s pushing other issues back further that should have been fixed in the first place… just saying.


Weak hotfixes this week.


Please enable the ghost spawn only if you accept the mission, it’s really annoying to fight in every corner of the game haunted enemies


everyone that complains about this should stop. We are getting weekly updates from Gearbox on what is being fixed and worked on. Any communication is better than no communication. While this might not be the biggest hotfix, it still shows that the game is moving in the right direction.


We mentioned this a bit in the roadmap we included last week:

So we’re looking into it and hope we’ll be able to add some positive changes soon.


I like improved communications, I want to encourage it by recognizing it so that we get more of it.


One more thing, half of the amara action skills and legendary class mods are not working properly since the launch of the game, nothing new about this?


It’s disappointing that the unintentional or stealth nerf for Moze wasn’t addressed here. I was really hoping this post was gonna break that silence.

Back to waiting and doing other things in the meantime.


It isn’t just the damage and health of IB but also the usability of the skill compared to other VHs.

IB has a entry and exit timer where we lose control of our character completely, not to mention many of the annointments are on Action Skill use so they get wasted when we’re in IB.

How do you plan on making it more useable as well as buffing it?

Also when can we expect Moze to get a sustain skill buff? Currently Vampyr is it and there is no clear definition on what is and is not grenade damage right now so that it requires testing each grenade to determine what triggers it.

Not to mention that if you go BM/SOR you lose out on that healing entirely.


Awesome work again. Keep it up


Wow. No Moze fix or even an update on what is or is not intentional? See you next week, games longevity looking very bleak for me at this time. Glad I signed up for Game Pass so I have something to do while you figure out what you want this game to be.


So we have to wait 2 weeks till they fix the item marking issue that they either didnt do any checks for or ran with anyways? Better idea, I’ll get rid of this annoying mess of game with its constant issues and play something more stable like borderlands 2, and avoid all gearbox titles in the future. This company and game franchise feels like they’re following the Bethesda methodology of ruining a product.


For TODAY, October 31 ONLY –increase in the number of Haunted enemies!
It bigining AM 0 PST?

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