Borderlands 3 Hotfix [11/14/2019]

It has happened! They are spawning less, but they are still there. The intention is to continue to decrease them steadily.

i admit i did not read whole thread. how much less is reduced amount of possession?

I would like to re-allow online mode but not w/o some concrete numbers.

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we all know who your talking about :wink:

i can guarantee you that no one is using aim bots or scripts. there is just no reason to do so. and if there are i dont understand why.

A couple of things:

Let’s keep the YouTube drama on YouTube, and let’s not have platform wars here, either.


Third thing:

Please read the FORUM RULES

Oh, seems that the truth sometimes really hurt doesn’t it? :grin:

Also about ‘not starting platform wars’ I mean that won’t happen if there aren’t suddenly some massive unfairness between them. But as soon one platform is treated preferential there’s a natural risk for it, but till now I don’t feel like that’s the case.

But I guess it’s very bad to take the PC Youtubes and anything PC with its modding and hacking possibility as reference base for any nerfs on all the other platforms where that’s not an issue at all. I now really wonder how many of those past nerfs were based on modded PC stuff.

Perhaps better to take everything PC with a big grain of salt from now on.

I also currently don’t know what is meant by ‘YouTube drama’ what happened exactly, did I miss something and everything vanished already or?

Well, whatever, at least seems to me that this hotfix wasn’t very well received, and I really hope the next one or the bigger patch will be better received then. Perhaps working on communications also could be helpful, like being more exact and clear, not omitting things etc.

it can be an issue on the other platforms as well, there are ways to do it. but i agree with the preferential treatment. its impossible to not do that tho.

also i feel that people think there is a lot more “hacking” than there actually is.

would tell you but know i would get another post deleted by mods :wink:

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Well, then send me a PM then, I want to know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why was this a thing? Why reduce haunted enemies spawn rates? I don’t really care about making the game feel more like a “living breathing world” if it comes at the cost of convenience. Now to farm bloody harvest loot you pretty much need to go to heck. Any where else players found is a waste of time.

Hmm, so whatever was change, it seems I don’t have any ghosts anymore, didn’t get one in 10 runs in pandora, killed 100 creatures and still 0/25 and can’t get in heck hole. :thinking:

EDIT: 20 runs, no green ghosts?!

Make sure you have hot fix loaded. Without it, there will be no ghost at all.

Of course it’s loaded it shows “Search slime in galaxies 0/25”.

Btw. “Dahl sent you a message” so again 100 creatures killed and no ghosts.

I’m in Athenas right now and I had 7 green ghosts in first area.

I’m in Ascension Bluff and farmed 5 Skeksils and didn’t see a single green ghost.

Bugged perhaps then? I noticed no change at all and other are seeing far more/less ghosts

Those skags don’t spawn with ghosts for some reason, i farmed skrakk last week and there were no ghost then either.

Also, “dahl sent you x” works offline too, right? It’s extra loot given by the game itself for doing challanges but distributed via the mail function. I might be wrong though.

“tested updates”
hahahaha how were you able to type that without laughing?


Speak for yourself because I :heartpulse: ghosts. More things to shoot at and more loot, what’s not to love?:grin:

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I must say something more about this.
As much as I CAN’T SEE this working (idk, is it 5% reduction, or maybe it’s region based?) I’ve noticed something else.

Were Bloody Harvest legendaries’ drop rates increased or sumthn? I finished hundreds of ghosts by now and never had anything legendary from these, even loot ones.
But ever since the hotfix is out I had 4 legendary drops from few dozens of ghosts at The Anvil, all event exclusive stuff (two Fearmongers, Ghastl Call and Stalker).