Borderlands 3 Hotfix [11/26/2019]

Today we will release a hotfix for Borderlands 3, which will be live on all platforms by 3:00 PM PST, that addresses reported concerns some users were having with The Butcher after last week’s update. Additionally, we’re aware that some players reported experiencing other issues after installing the November 21 Patch and Hotfixes and we’re working to address those in future updates.

  • Addressed a reported concern where The Butcher could occasionally experience excessive recoil

If you experience any issues with Borderlands 3, please submit a ticket to!

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday there will not be another set of hotfixes this week. However, we’re aware of new community concerns that have been reported following the November 21 patch and are working hard to address them in future updates.


Good luck with the fixes, definitely looking forward to them! Have a Happy Thanksgiving =)


Dont work too hard guys. Its totally cool having guardian ranks turned off completely. No worries

Btw If I had made continued and repeated mistakes like your employees do, I would have been fired or at the very least reprimanded and required to work overtime to fix , if I’m lucky

But you do you I guess. Happy Thanksgiving

Edit: ha! Now it looks like this hotfix has, somehow, brought down the durability of Iron bear down to pre-patch levels. The absolute tank we got for a few days after the patch is no back to his paper durability and dies in seconds. How they managed to do this with a hotfix about the BUTCHER is beyond me.

Oh well. It was fun tanking everything with IB for like 2 days


Those would need to be fixed in a full patch most likely, not a hotfix. With that in mind, it’s probably safe to assume that they’re working on that, since patches take longer than hotfixes. You also seem to be assuming that no one has been reprimanded (they wouldn’t post that publicly) and they aren’t working overtime.

They probably are working long hours. You should note that they likely get paid a salary, not hourly, so they probably aren’t actually getting paid for the long hours.


Looks like Fresh Meat is back on the menu, boys!


Not going to turn my nose up at Butcher fix but disappointed it’s going to be potentially another 9 days with everything else broken, assuming it’s a Thursday.

At least now we know the Butcher recoil was a bug and not a stealth nerf though. It’s the little (tiny, minuscule, minute) things that count.


I have a mole under my toe and it really bothers me. Tried to shoot it off with the Butcher yesterday and it missed badly due to his issue. Maybe this hotfix will help.

Happy Thanksgiving


Thank you. You guys have a good holiday

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Yeah, workers rights have been and still seem to be a big problem, not just in the US, but in many countries around the world. But I don’t want to politicise the thread further.

Yeah, a non-hotfix so to speak, but at least they mentioned that they are aware of and working on the issues the recent patch brought upon us.

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I genuinely want them to enjoy their thanksgiving myself. I put a lot of time into this game because I enjoy it. I’ma do just that, and don’t expect their staff to slave away to make me more entertained during the holiday. Our lives are like an instant of time in the whole of the universe.

They deserve every minute of time with family, friends, and cats-gathered-in-a-session-of-DND-because-their-friends-all-have -kids -now- and -don’t-wanna- keep -meeting -at -Bob’s- every- Thursday,-because -come -on -Bob, -we- all -know -you -could- just -come -over- to -our- place,- geez, -we - have- 3 -children - now! - they can get


I know that the shield filling one on kill seems to be working

even if it was intentional…its not hard to control

Wow , took 5 days to fix


i mean, that assumes they work weekends

Oh oh…[raises hand again]…mayhaps I suggest you make the next hotfix give Zane more damage time? Just an overall 100% dmg buff and I’m only half kidding because, heh, his hair is super cute, but that mayhem 4 game gotta do some work.

on console its pretty difficult , definitely harder than most fps game since console have reduced recoil so that its possible to control

not…really, just hold the aiming stick down slightly, and I know this because that is what I do, and I play on xbox with moze

try redundant version , its going to the roof lol

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lemme see if i have that one

Any update on Vertical Split Screen???