Borderlands 3 Hotfix [11/7/2019]

This week’s Borderlands 3 hotfixes, which will be live on all platforms by or before 3:00 PM PDT today, include quality-of-life adjustments to Bloody Harvest and address various issues reported by the community. We appreciate all the help. Please keep sending in your bugs and feedback to!


Captain Haunt is a fun boss fight with multiple phases, but players were often skipping entire phases because Captain Haunt’s shields were so low. We increased his shields to make the fight slightly more engaging for most players and dramatically increased the loot drop chance, so players are compensated nicely for defeating Captain Haunt.

  • Increased Captain Haunt’s chance to drop legendary gear
  • Increased Captain Haunt’s shields
  • The Hecktoplasm drop rate from Ghosts has been increased
    • Ghosts drop 2 Hecktoplasm
    • Badass Ghosts drop 3 Hecktoplasm
    • Loot Ghosts drop 5 Hecktoplasm
  • Loot Ghosts now drop more loot
  • Loot Ghosts have an increased the chance of dropping Bloody Harvest specific legendary gear


Following what we’ve seen and heard from the Community and the fading Halloween season, you’re going to start seeing less Terror anointed parts dropping from regular enemies. Bloody Harvest enemies (including Ghosts!) will be picking up the slack, so if you are hunting to make a spooky build you know where to look!

  • The chance for Terror anointed parts to drop from regular enemies has been decreased.
  • The chance for Terror anointed parts to drop from Bloody Harvest enemies has been increased.


  • Anointed enemies are no longer immune to Cryo damage.

Note: Although they can be slowed by Cryo damage, they cannot be frozen.

  • Addressed a reported potential progression blocker for “It’s Alive” with the Abomination bot.
  • Addressed a reported potential progression blocker if players quit the game at a certain point in “The Guns of Reliance”
  • Addressed a reported issue that Explosive Gunpowder barrels where not showing effects when shot.
  • Explosions created by enemy Badass’ weapons have a much quicker explosion effect to reduce screen clutter

We found that Badass enemies with heavy weapons were creating too many explosion effects that lingered on the screen, hindering the player’s view at times. We are going to make a larger change to their weapons in the patch but wanted to shorten the explosion particle effect to dramatically lower screen clutter.


give us moze back.


We can see now!

I like this too, I wonder if this was intentional to make them immune to cryo before this patch?

Haunt and Bloody Harvest changes are all good as well.


Fix moze ! Fix menu lag !


Thanks, Any updates on when we will see improvements for split screen as far as Tiny UI and Vertical split? Any chance either of these might be addressed on the full patch later this month?


I like all these - a note that you are at least looking at the issues with Moze would be a good call though.


Oh heck yes. :smiley: Thank you!


No news at all about the anointed drop rates. Even if they want to keep it as it is now, at least explain and tell us officially…


This is great, Bloody Harvest changes are lit.


Oh god yes, thanx for that. Good hotfixes imo!


The plan is to have some performance updates in the November patch!


Will they pertain to the UI in split screen or just overall lag?


If the Guns of Reliance bug is fixed everyone at Gearbox gets a hug!


The Bloody Harvest changes look fine. I don’t interact much with the event but I will enjoy not seeing as much terror loot in my regular farming runs.

Huzzah! Very happy about this, especially for my Zane.

Wait, so I might be able to see more than a thick particle haze in the Slaughter Shaft? I might be able to use builds that rely on critical hits since I’ll be able to see their heads?

I haven’t tested it yet, but any larger effort to reduce particle clutter and reduce visual overstimulation is a big :+1: from me, dawg.


I was hoping to see a little tweak to Bloody Harvest to make it 100% optional (as in, talk to Maurice to begin the side mission at all rather than it automatically be active as soon as you get to Sanctuary) but those other tweaks look good. Haunt, I thought, was a little too easy yeah. :slight_smile:

And thank the gods for this.


This is the best hotfix to date. Sad that another week goes by without any fixes or at least some kind of statement on Moze.

See you next Thursday.


This took too long to fix. Should have been fixed within week 1 if it was a bug. If it was a design decision that came about after considering that no one but amara can even slow down (let alone completely stop) all but 1 annointed enemy, then that should be clarified and expressed as such.

But otherwise, good update. I still am looking forward to being able to skip cutscenes, menu lag fix (especially as amara, where you have to swap elements mid fight sometimes), and vertical split screen (which while I won’t be using, its QoL that should have been considered and integrated if split screen was to be done at all).


Hoped to read something long the lines of, “While the portal to Heck will remain open and Maurice will stay available until December 5, we’ve decided to go ahead and end all Bloody Harvest changes to the rest of the world outside of Heck.”

That would have been awesome.


All these sound really good on paper. I’ll have to see how good Haunt’s loot truly is before I make a decision.

Moving in the right direction.
Really like all of these fixes.
Keep 'em coming :slight_smile: