Borderlands 3 Hotfix [11/7/2019]

More than likely, as I seem to think more and more about it, it was pushed for release to meet the 10 year celebration. Makes sense. Still a sham tho.

And now the game is going to be what on black friday? I’ve been reading $28 USD?

If they released the game for $30-40 USD. I guarantee that most people would have been ok with the game the way it is currently.


She, actually.

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Fraud is a serious allegation to makem and I’d recommend against using it to win Internet Points online.

I’ve worked on many projects myself. I’m happy for you that such deadlines could be moved - more projects should have that kind of flexibility.

But they don’t always, and you shouldn’t project your life experiences onto other companies and / or other kinds of business.

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What gun is that? Is it the Bekah?

I don’t care about your “Internet Points”, not why I’m here.

Fraud is intentional misrepresentation for personal or monetary gain, sooo if not that then the only other explanation for this would be gross incompetence.

The deadline wasn’t moved. We missed it and paid penalties. We paid them every day until product shipped. It was all hands on deck all hours of the day. The only thing I am projecting is an expectation of ethical business practices.

It is unethical to misrepresent a product to consumers regardless of deadlines. End of story.


Precisely. “Never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to…” well, pretty much anything else. Accusing anyone of intentional misrepresentation without evidence is not something I would encourage.

Also a pro-active general reminder to all to make sure posts conform to the FORUM RULES, which apply equally to all.

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Gatlin’ Gatling Gun (worked quite well, I thought… that’s my Jakobs allegiance FL4K). I haven’t seen a Bekah yet.

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yup, exactly this. i’m forced down all the way down into the bottomless mags tree now to get my heavy build working. i think that’s messed up imo. MoD is supposed to be making heavy builds possible without going to deep into BM. redistribution doesn’t work great on low mag weapons, but when you take all the max ammo skills + stack max ammo on gear and the last capstone in BM it does work. but it’s not thanks to MoD because BM makes all weapons regen ammo. this makes shields of retribution tree feel even more disconnected. before, i had a SoR build that didn’t use deathless or HP reserve skills at all. i even had the last capstone in SoR, rest in DW for support skills and it woked great. didn’t need bloodletter either. this is just not possible anymore

Good patch IMO. Now fix the inventory bug, fix mayhem modifiers to not be so gun/skill specific and improve performance and we good. K THX!

I like the Gatling gun too. If you can get your hands on a Gatlin Lead Sprinkler that thing shreds :smiley: . The other variants of the Lead sprinkler are average though.

I have a level 48 Lead Sprinkler - love that gun. I’m floating nine characters (one for each manufacturer), so it may be a while before Jakobs FL4K comes back up in rotation.

That reminds me! I also used a Spark Plug relic to work his shields. I’d hit Fade Away and walk right up to him and plant a couple. Then I’d retreat to a good spot and fire a few shots with the remaining timer.

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I feel a bit like a broken record saying this again, but… May I please have my inventory management tool back?

Capt. Haunt is still a joke, did it with my new FL4K (was a hard fight at lvl 33) and he dropped whites and greens, while two of the pots around dropped purples - It’s still Zeldalands down there! But hey the slot machine dropped a Recurring Electro Hex LOL!

Items fall through the floor when dropped. Should be put into lost loot but they end up gone forever!

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Wow. Feels Battleborn, man.

So here is my story with the game.

I loved it when I got it, played Zane through the story first.
Then I started a Moze and fell in love with it and leveled it to 50 and got few good drops on the way, little did I know those were some of the best gear for her.

I was loving the game, the little time I have to play games I played BL3 and I could not wait to jump back always.

Then the “fixes” started rolling in.

On Fridays I was overjoyed to play the game have fun and adventures, but alas on one faithful Friday I logged in and instead of having fun I was dying and the enemies were not…

Now whenever a Friday comes I open the game, open my character look at my bank and blank slate of respec not knowing where to put points…

After few minutes of pondering I quit the game, sad, knowing how much fun I had had, knowing now the fun is not to be had.

That is my story.

In short I had fun playing the game, then the fun was taken away, I do not have time to invest constantly to get the fun back just for it to be taken away and this is a huge mental block to start grinding or doing anything in the game knowing it can be taken away in an instant.


That’s nice that they pay attention. I won’t be doing ‘Bloody Harvest’ anymore. It’s setup for more than 1 player and I play by myself over 90% of the time. I’ve beaten ‘Captain Haunt’ almost a dozen times, looking for the ‘ghast’ grenade, and he never dropped it. Today, I went down there with better weapons, 1 that regens life when terror, I had over $16mil. When I left I had just over $8mil, from dying, and did not beat him. I barely hurt him. The ground was covered with lava and I spent all my time trying to survive and failing. It’ll be good when I play with my son, maybe 2 of us can finish it, but by myself, no more. I’m not wasting my time on a temporary thing.


Loot Ghosts dropped already 4 Ghost Calls now and also one dropped two scream of terror shields at once, unfortunately all level 28 (i’m level 34 now) but the area apparently didn’t level up, the last also was higher level than the next, that also still wasn’t fixed. Also 3 Stalkers did drop, but till now no Fearmonger. Capt. Hunt itself did drop nothing for me, but the pots there drop great stuff, better stuff than Capt. Hunt, so it’s currently more worth going to heck for all the pots. :rofl:

How about fixing some of the trophy bugs for ps4. Like the eridium writings trophy. I found 34 out of 30 and still no trophy. This is the last one I need to platinum the game. Really wish this game had less bugs.

Spam the slab in Tannis lab onboard Sanctuary III.
I mean spam it like your life depended on it. Multiple, multiple times. Worked for most people.

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