Borderlands 3 Hotfix [11/7/2019]

Yes we did.
Come back when you’ve done several hundreds runs and did proper testing.

■■■■ was ok before they crippled the BL, fix that and ■■■■ is ok again, don’t and BL3 currently only has 3 VH for me.

Who is we?

What? I never said we. No idea what you’re talking about.

Sorry, wrong reply.

This game has millions if not billions of things to test. So many combos of guns, coms, artifacts, anointments, skills, GR, elements, enemies, etc…

Things will get through, no other game has a complex combat system like this with so many combinations of things.


So pointing to something and pull trigger is a complex combat system now a day?



You’d think with the time the game was supposedly in development though it would be more polished. But what’s that old saying about turds… Yep you can’t polish them.

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What drugfreepizza said.
Tested this out yesterday on an anointed. Used a Cryo SMG and for once the anointed actually got slowed way down.
You still cant completely freeze them, but now they are at least affected by it. Which is great for Zane as Cryo is the only element available to his skills…

Technically, the amount of time invested in taking a sample shouldn’t make a difference, but I understand that investing a lot of time should give you enough legendaries to feel satisfied.

For me personally, I just play the game for the fun of playing it and then seeing what I get. Every now and then a certain piece of gear pops up that gives me inspiration for a new build and then I’m working towards that, but it’s mostly just playing for the sake of playing (my main build is pretty much set and just needs slight alterations like one of the weapons at level 50 instead of 49).

I know that might not help with getting more legendaries from Haunt, but a different perspective usually helps me see things in a new light and maybe change my mind.

Anyhow, I hope you’ll find that spark again, cause I am pretty optimistic concerning the future. Afterall, Gearbox seems to listen to a lot of things being said, even if it takes some time.

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I played BL1 and 2 on release. The lack of any reward for playing after the story was why I stopped both. It’s funny you assume I’m younger generation, you never know who you are remotely and anonymously patronising. I’m not going through my gaming history, just that I no longer want to deal with that kind of BS in my free time. A multi-step quest to fight a boss, and repeatedly have nothing drop is not a recreational activity for most people.



Nice, less visual clutter. Thank you! :acmaffirmative:


The issues with legendaries for me currently are more like:

Fighting a big boss in a hard combat in story mode … drops whites and greens like the cheap mobs … then I go into the vault that the boss guarded and protected and wasn’t opened for hundreds of years, that is full of eridian chests with the most valu … ehh whites and greens again … but then some white chest or pot somewhere in the dirt drops a legendary. :rofl:

Those eridians must be really stupid to guard those crap whites and greens in their vaults for hundreds of years, but hey at least explains why they died out! :rofl:


Honestly, I can see where he’s coming from. It’s more than just pointing and pulling the trigger. It’s got to factor in things like special bullets (like the Destructo Spinner), bullet counts, damage, different weapon part and legendary effects. There’s a lot of math under the hood and one thing going wrong could break something.

When you take into account all the variables that modify how you shoot and calculate damage, it can be overwhelming to come up with every combination of scenarios possible is what @derch means.

Why is the default assumption that I didn’t read your post? Why couldn’t it be “I did and found it lacking anyway”? I don’t get this tendency, and it’s common around here. I’d understand if I didn’t reply to your complaints in the first place, but I did, so . . . yes. I read your post.

You having done bug testing before is irrelevant. You’re not the only one who has. Something to consider, perhaps. I pointed out a scenario that you missed, based on the assumption that this was discovered before launch.

The rest of my post was talking more generally. Not that clear just from mentioning “people”, fair enough. But not aimed at you specifically, but more the mentality around criticism of any large software or games company. You’re kinda exhibiting it yourself though, by judging the “quality” of the QA. Nobody here knows the “quality” of the QA. It could’ve been fantastic. It could’ve been average. You don’t know, and you can’t pass judgement just because you’ve done bug testing on a different product at some time in the past (or even as your job. Heck, if it’s your job you’d have a greater appreciation for the moving parts involved).

I don’t know how much effort it took to fix. They were able to correct it in a hotfix, which is great! But, in general, I try not to assume.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter. Assuming I have a point about product timelines, time to live, and available time to fix issues raised by QA, any and all of your points about the “quality” of QA or the “communication” are irrelevant. QA could’ve been competent, QA could’ve been listened to, and it could’ve been that there wasn’t enough time to get the fix in. It’s as simple as that.

I’m not saying that’s what happened. I’m just pointing out that this is a scenario that you missed, and going on the tone of your post you missed it because you’re defaulting to being critical of Gearbox. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but maybe just appreciate corrections for what they are, then.


For the average player it’s just running around and pointing and pulling the trigger and if it doesn’t die quickly enough weapon must be ■■■■ or under leveled, so try another one till it dies quickly again. The under laying stuff may be complex, but the combat for sure isn’t.


Nothing about this contradicts the game having a complex combat system. It is complex. Failing to understand that, or not being bothered about appreciating that, doesn’t invalidate its complexity.


I appreciate corrections. I appreciate fixes. I don’t appreciate how it was labeled.

If you wanted to not be pointing at me (as it was apparent to me) about your generalizations, you should have just made another post about it. Instead of adding on. Otherwise it is just looks like you are pointing at me and calling me a moron (which is what you are doing now).

I do appreciate the working parts. All I was saying in general is that they don’t appear BE working (and gave reasonable assertions on WHY they were not working). But you are right, in the end it doesn’t matter what those assertions are. Because we are still left with a bungling mess of a game.

And I was blaming design decisions in general. Because again, a lot of the problems at the core of this game are design decisions. Like choosing peer-to-peer networking over dedicated servers. It’s why you run into cheaters very frequently.

And that this fix was very obviously a “bug” and should have been noticed by anyone playing beyond Eden-6.

And no, this would not have taken hundreds of runs to check. I understood within 30s of trying to hit 1 annointed with cryo damage. Yes, there are billions of guns. But there are how many elements? Normal, shock, incendiary, corrosive, radiation, cryo. I count 6. Checking them against a new enemy type not seen in BL before should have been done multiple times. And it’s not like they are completely unique. They pop up in story repeatedly (as bosses) and are frequent in COV mobs.

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great QOL stuff