Borderlands 3 Hotfix [11/7/2019]

  1. Didn’t call you a moron.
  2. You’re taking things rather personally at this point.

I doubt there’s anything I can say that helps at this stage. I don’t even want to get into what you consider design decisions, in case I cause this to escalate further. Message me if you’d like, but no pressure otherwise.

Its the mechanics and variables of the combat I was talking about.


Noelle I dont know how to get more visibility on this with Gearbox, but are they aware that on the last patch Mozes capstone “Short Fuse” no longer counts as splash damage? Was this intentional or not? This is for sure on ps4 not sure others

I dont know why this is ignored . The entire tree is built around splash damage and the capstone is 20% of all shots create explosions. With those explosions not counting as splash damage for a tree that relies on splash damage that’s a MASSIVE nerf

Any way you can just let the dev’s know? Please ?


Man, if I had a dollar for every time someone in QA told me how to do my job and how easy something is to fix without knowing what they’re talking about, I’d be rich and wouldn’t have to make games and listen to them tell me how to do my job anymore.

Anyway, yes, it’s obvious this wasn’t a “bug fix” and was indeed them listening to feedback. Yes, it is an example of their piss poor communication and obvious fear of being honest and open with their community.

But they listened to feedback. They changed it. There is no world where this is bad, there is only good here.

Even though they should have been forward and honest about why, it doesn’t change the fact that they did the right thing. I’ll take a piss poor communicator who does the right thing over a pretty liar who doesn’t listen or do the right thing. .


Well i have reached a bit of a saturation point… this game is built on looking… and looking is only fun if you find something your looking for…

one thing not mentioned is the ratio of (so called legendaries) and the actual very small pool of desirable legendaries…

I think there is gold and there is fools gold…

I have been saturated with way too much fool’s gold in this game… it blurs the value to pain ratio of looking… just saying… it really is not that fun anymore… dang! They finally did it to me… there is really now a feeling that nothing is special…

I liked it when everything was special… i don’t think they can get that back… it is like the song sail away they could let everyone find everything a least once a day for my liking… :acmwink: :v: peace :boom:out!


Risk reward. This weeks update has made haunt a bullet sponge block of cheese. Enduring that chore 3 times and getting nothing but expensive purples which l’ll just sell for more pointless cash is not my idea of fun.

The fact mayhem 3 supposedly has a 500% chance to drop higher tier loot and haunts drop rate has been ‘drastically’ increased this week l’d expect to see one of the event legendaries every run. I think these patch notes are being written by Pitchford himself as they seem to contain lies or exaggeration.

As for your build being ‘all set’ , let’s see how well you do against the first invincible boss from the maliwan takedown. I guarantee you gearbox will make it another boring cheese fest where it has ridiculously high health and damage and as soon as the community work out a way to beat it they will shift the goal posts and make those methods less effective. Talk about artificial difficulty, gearbox have at least taken that to the next level which is impressive considering how badly conceptualised and implemented uvhm op levels were.

These weekly updates though and constant changes are getting boring now much like the direction this poor sequel is moving in and l most certainly don’t share your optimism for the future. Gearbox are rapidly ruining borderlands and there is no way l’m buying any of the dlc until its either dirt cheap or the developers leave it alone and stop changing the mechanics each friggin week.


I guess we can agree to disagree, here.

Haunt feels a bit less like a total pushover, but still not bullet spongey, at all (at least to me).

Expecting a legendary every run seems excessive to me, but to each their own.

I’m looking forward to taking down the first raid boss, especially since I love going up against the Maliwan guys.

I’ll remain positive, as none of the nerfs effected my play experience negatively, while all the buffs were very welcome.

Have a good one and, like I said, I hope your experience will get better.

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I have great appreciation for this. I have worked many projects that have had a hard deadline. I have worked endless hours to complete projects, but still had to tell the program manager that product was not going to ship even though it would cost the company. Never once have I allowed a defunct, broken product to be shipped to a customer! My point is that it is unethical to release a broken product as complete. This is the definition of fraud.

Sorry you didn’t plan your project well enough at the start Gearbox, but regardless of the financial pressures you need to stand up for your product. Be ethical, and value the quality of your product.


Oh yeah I know that feel Bling :open_mouth: ohh god, ohh god runs to it :unamused: :disappointed: :yawning_face: only another crap Woodblocker or Stalker :frowning_face: :expressionless: and then also :tired_face: turns off console

After some of those it then turns into Bling :neutral_face: probably only some crap :thinking: also don’t have much space left in bank and backpack anyway :expressionless: :unamused:

Fools gold is the best way to put it. There are so many legendaries that are far from it in bl3. Writing was on the wall though, the majority of pearls in bl2 were trash and the effervescents in the fight for sanctuary dlc were underwhelming. Since they have ruined maliwan guns and made most snipers a gun class no one uses unless its called a lyuda l would hope to see a return of s&s munitions assault rifles. Fat chance of that though.

Edit. Didn’t mean that to be a response to some_rando.

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You didn’t call me a moron specifically. But your tone and the way you worded things said enough.

And of course I’m going to take things personally if you attack my personal attitude or personal views, or try to exclaim I have “no appreciation.”

And telling people to not assume (by you saying you don’t assume) is not going to work. It’s a part of human nature. It’s a logical discourse. It’s going to happen.

Trying to tell us to wait on facts (indirectly albeit) from people who have all signed NDAs is not going to happen either. They aren’t gonna tell us what happened. So we can only assert, assume, and guess.

I did underestimate there (probably more like 150-200 lines of code total), and I agree in general. I don’t like telling people how to do their job or how fast to do them. But IF I feel the need to do so, I will and I won’t like doing it.

I’m glad they did too, and I have been very positive in that regard. I thoroughly approve of Noelle doing the job he’s doing, it’s not easy being the PR guy(especially since the game has been off to a very rocky start).

But I will nitpick when things don’t seem true or aren’t done well enough.

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Interesting thing to consider here, is Pitchford constantly telling us over the years that it will be ready when its ready, basically. Like, if the idea was…we work on it until its ready, then how did this get labeled as “ready?”


More than likely, as I seem to think more and more about it, it was pushed for release to meet the 10 year celebration. Makes sense. Still a sham tho.

And now the game is going to be what on black friday? I’ve been reading $28 USD?

If they released the game for $30-40 USD. I guarantee that most people would have been ok with the game the way it is currently.


She, actually.

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Fraud is a serious allegation to makem and I’d recommend against using it to win Internet Points online.

I’ve worked on many projects myself. I’m happy for you that such deadlines could be moved - more projects should have that kind of flexibility.

But they don’t always, and you shouldn’t project your life experiences onto other companies and / or other kinds of business.

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What gun is that? Is it the Bekah?

I don’t care about your “Internet Points”, not why I’m here.

Fraud is intentional misrepresentation for personal or monetary gain, sooo if not that then the only other explanation for this would be gross incompetence.

The deadline wasn’t moved. We missed it and paid penalties. We paid them every day until product shipped. It was all hands on deck all hours of the day. The only thing I am projecting is an expectation of ethical business practices.

It is unethical to misrepresent a product to consumers regardless of deadlines. End of story.


Precisely. “Never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to…” well, pretty much anything else. Accusing anyone of intentional misrepresentation without evidence is not something I would encourage.

Also a pro-active general reminder to all to make sure posts conform to the FORUM RULES, which apply equally to all.

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Gatlin’ Gatling Gun (worked quite well, I thought… that’s my Jakobs allegiance FL4K). I haven’t seen a Bekah yet.

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yup, exactly this. i’m forced down all the way down into the bottomless mags tree now to get my heavy build working. i think that’s messed up imo. MoD is supposed to be making heavy builds possible without going to deep into BM. redistribution doesn’t work great on low mag weapons, but when you take all the max ammo skills + stack max ammo on gear and the last capstone in BM it does work. but it’s not thanks to MoD because BM makes all weapons regen ammo. this makes shields of retribution tree feel even more disconnected. before, i had a SoR build that didn’t use deathless or HP reserve skills at all. i even had the last capstone in SoR, rest in DW for support skills and it woked great. didn’t need bloodletter either. this is just not possible anymore