Borderlands 3 Hotfix [12/05/2019]

Today we will release a hotfix for Borderlands 3 which will be live on all platforms by 3:00 PM PST. This hotfix addresses various issues reported by the community. Hotfixes are applied at the main menu. You should see a sign in the background when they have been applied. If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

With this hotfix, the Bloody Harvest event is fading from Borderlands 3. As the event ends, you will no longer see Haunted enemies, travel to Heck, or be able to complete Bloody Harvest challenges until the spooky season returns next year! Thank you to everyone for the great feedback, your enjoyment, and the amazing spooky shots taken with Photo Mode in Heck! We’re taking what we’ve seen and heard from this event and are exploring how to apply these learnings to the next one.

  • Addressed a reported issue where loot was sometimes falling into an unreachable area in Slaughterstar 3000
  • Addressed a reported issue where the movement speed bonus with Amara’s passive ability “Mindfulness” when buffed with Spiritual Driver class mod was sometimes extremely high
    • Mindfulness was designed with the intent that reaching maximum stacks was not easily achievable so the bonus per grade was high. We want players to take advantage of move speed but not to the extent where parts of the game may not function correctly.*
  • Addressed a reported issue with the Spiritual Driver class mod where it was sometimes awarding damage for all types of damage and not just gun damage
  • Decreased pet audio so FL4K’s Jabber would be less vocal
  • Addressed an issue where Zane’s passive ability “Death Follows Close” did not bring the correct bonus to several kill skills
  • Addressed a reported issue where Zane’s passive ability “Nerves of Steel” would sometimes lose functionality after fast traveling
  • Fixed typos on Desperate Measures and Stainless Steel Bear skills
  • Fixed multiple spots where players were sometimes able to escape the map in Skywell-27
  • Fixed multiple spots where players would sometimes get stuck in Ambermire
  • Fixed various areas in Septic Sluice and Green Diamond Platform that allowed players to reach unintended areas
  • Fixed various areas on Pandora that sometimes allowed players to escape the map
  • Fixed a reported issue where some players could not hear the flaming skulls from Billy, the Anointed
  • Fixed a reported issue where Brick’s sledgehammer sometimes continued to spin after being thrown at an enemy during the mission “Hammerlocked”

Hotfixes generally address smaller things, while patches contain code that must go through a lengthier patch process. The next patch will be coming later this month and will contain the first DLC, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot! It will also address reported concerns that we have seen in the last patch, including Guardian Rank and additional vending machines in Skywell-27.

Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot will be available to players on December 19 who have purchased the Season Pass or the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition.

At the end of the month, look forward to spending the new year with Maliwan in Borderlands 3! In a time-limited event, the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite will be scaled depending on the number of players in your party. You’ll be able to play solo or with a party of any size to score all that sweet Takedown loot!





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And still no guardian rank fix


Honstly Nerves of Steel is such a terrible skill I’m surprised someone used it enough to notice that it was bugged.


Curious how good Spiritual Driver is now.

Not cool that Heck will be gone, it was great map and awesome boss fight with awesome soundtrack.

Good change on the Maliwan Takedown, but we need still wait for it.


Guardian Rank they said would be fixed with the next actual patch.

And I called the nerf to Driver right away, surprised they’re jumping on it so fast though.


I understand this, it’s just a little disheartening to see that so many aspects that broke from the last patch will require the next one to fix it. I was genuinely hoping for more fixes than just getting players to stay on the maps.

Guess I’ll see y’all on the 19th - thanks for the update and look forward to enemy health bars not locking up. Random unexplained immunities in a shooter just make me feel like playing isn’t worth my time.


We’re addressing the issue with Guardian Ranks in the next patch!


You released unfinished game and instead of fixing it, all resources are allocated to DLC, casue fixing bugs doesn’t earn money… Painful to watch as Gearbox appears to be following the steps of EA and Bethesda.


Not cool that Heck will be gone, it was great map and awesome boss fight with awesome soundtrack.

It will be back next year!

Good change on the Maliwan Takedown, but we need still wait for it.

This will be for a limited-time as well, similar to the weekly anniversary events


No more Ghosts?! I’m disappointed! :laughing:


If the Maliwan Site is a big hit with the coming event is there a chance it will stay as such?

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They’re fixing bugs as they go but most big ones can only be fixed via patches, not hotfixes.
But I do agree that each DLC or gameplay update they release tends to have 2 bugs for every 1 they fix. That’s very unfortunate.


Wonderful job, again keep it up. :+1:


A pretty simple hotfix, but a good one in my opinion. Thank you for addressing the Guardian Ranks; I look forward to the DLC and patch!


We made it!!! Finally!! no more ghosts!! also I understand if you unlocked a guardian perk after GBX broke them they would still work, well I unlocked topped off last night and its awesome. HOWEVER I have a very sick feeling that the next patch will enable broken G perks but break ones unlocked like i described earlier. Please be mindful of this during testing!


1 entire month to fix guardian rank lmao


Along those lines, I unlocked a skin, but it only unlocked for the character I was currently playing and not all of them as it’s supposed to do.