Borderlands 3 Hotfix [12/05/2019]

I would just like to say, as someone who has been negative, it’s wrong to assume that all negativity is “hate”. For a lot of us, it’s passion.

We love the game and want it to be better. If we didn’t care, we probably would have returned the game or got on with other pursuits. It frustrates us because we care.

Also, it’s not entirely fair to lay it all at the feet of over angry fans. There are demonstrable levels of failure to deliver on things specifically promised. And that’s putting it diplomatically. It’s completely unfair to act as though this has not happened.

Finally, fixing of problems in the game should not in any way be tied to how “nice” people are about it. That should be obvious and go without saying. They may not like the negativity, but if there are problems, they need to be fixed. Regardless. To suggest otherwise would be to suggest that devs be petty. Even if you think that some of the users are petty, that doesn’t justify that response in return.

We are their customers. We paid full price for a product, with expectations. We are entitled to have that product delivered, in full, and with as few problems as possible. That’s not an unfair sense of entitlement. That is the minimum requirement they owe to people who purchase their product.

I apologize for my more negative posts all the same. It’s just exceedingly frustrating. And I do feel as though stated goals and commitments were not delivered upon. I think worse could be reasonably asserted. But I’ll leave it at that.


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Whilst some go to far with their criticism it is well and truly justified at this point. Where I live AAA games are expensive commodities. You shouldn’t spend this amount of money on a product this broken. If you were to write out a list of all the major and minor bugs that have occurred at this point the list would look laughable for a supposedly professional company. I am passionate about this franchise, but goodwill can only go so far before it begins to erode. GBX please get your act together in regards to performance and stability, you are losing credibility in many people’s eyes.


Nnnng… Iron Bear cooldown, it’s so slow…

Thoughts and prayers with whoever’s fixing it.

I am becoming increasingly more critical about all these introduced bugs because it was never this bad in the series before, and it simply shouldn’t be accepted (it certainely wouldn’t when I stil studied IT and I’d make these mistakes). Even hotfixes don’t tend to work like they should, I.E. the Butcher hotfix. I want the game to succeed because BL is one of my all time favorite series, but when patches keep breaking more things than fixing, I can’t help but lose my patience with them.

This is honestly why I took up the offer to play BlOps Zombies instead with my best friend, and Outer Worlds for a good singleplayer game that comes with a good story. It is for the best to wait things out with this game, and hope they can fix their own mess and deliver proper patches. And I mean actual proper ones, because even BL2 never got this bad while it introduced a patch that broke all shotguns.


It’s not. Unrestricted access to the forum is tied to it, though.

Being angry -however justified in that anger one may feel- doesn’t ever mean that someone gets to ignore the forum rules.

You all have a voice here. If you want that voice to be heard, then follow the FORUM RULES, please.

But also, remember that human nature suggests that not many devs are going to want to read FULLCAPS GBX LAZY INCOMPETENT DO IT BETTER RANT. This seems like common sense to me.

If you want to raise awareness about something, just try to be polite about it. I don’t see any obvious benefit to doing it any other way. (Apart from emotional release, maybe? And there are healthier ways of dealing with that than just venting at random strangers online, I’m sure.)

I know that Gearbox are doing their best to resolve stuff (regardless of what folks say here), and there are restraints upon this (time/money/prioritization/publisher pressure/contracts/etc etc etc) I get that it is hard to patient, given the promise of this game. But fixing stuff takes a lot longer than anyone including Gearbox wants. No-one (especially Gearbox) wants there to be bugs in the game.

Someone upthread was wondering why us moderators do this for free. It’s not full-time, (we are here only as much as we feel like being here) there’s very few demands placed on us other than to be as cool and helpful as possible so it’s hardly a chore. I think for most of us it’s an opportunity to try to prevent this place becoming too similar to other gaming forums. We love the community, we’ve all benefited by being part of it, so we’re paying it back however we can.


Yeah, but there’s nothing intrinsic to those processes preventing patches from being released more frequently.

There is one I can think of, it’s called money $$$.

Afaik, patching fees were abandoned by both Sony and MS.

I don’t know if they were eliminated or just reduced. I do remember that one of the former community managers posted about that during the HC console release.

Are you sure? I only heard about reduced fee or something.

Why I said as far as I know. But it certainely isn’t the high fee it used to be.

how many hours have you played the game for out of interest?

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Microsoft abandoned the patch fees (~$50k per patch) back in 2013 on the Xbox360 because there was none on the PS3 and they were attacked because of it, and so there later never was a patch fee on the Xbones. A pity in my eyes, because Patch quality definitely was better with that fee that made them testing twice before releasing one that may be broken.

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@Noelle_GBX Would be nice to get a fix so we can actually complete the maliwan takedown on PS4 without it crashing at Valks almost every time. And the boss loot pool is trash tier. In the few times I’ve actually been able to complete the takedown I have only gotten 1 of the new drops and it was non anointed making it basically useless.


Haven’t been on to test it yet, how much less annoying is the jabber?

This should have been in the day 1 patch imo :joy:

The hammer still spins, it’s not fixed. Was just there not two hours ago, did it two days before when we were there also.

But frankly, that as far as I can tell is purely cosmetic. There are far worse issues I’d personally prefer to be addressed.

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It’s ironic that during the side mission “Destroyer of Worlds” helping Lana and being a Beta tester, because we’re the beta testers here for Borderlands 3 they rushed to shelves & keep breaking.


Especially what he says while assuming you’re not there:

  • “My God that game is so ■■■■, this thing is unplayable” (notices you) oh, hey hello hmm
  • “Holy ■■■■ is this thing messed up, literally unplayable” (notices you) oh hmm hi ehh
  • “Oh ■■■■, another broken unplayable ■■■■ mission” (notices you) uhh ehh hey welcome to another mission
  • “Boah luckily there’s only one crap ■■■■ mission left” (notices you) hey hey welcome to the last showdown mission

Just wanna say after reading so many annoying and negative comments that for me this game is just awesome, Borderlands 3 is the game i enjoying the most just as i enjoyed playing Borderlands 2.
Can’t wait for the new dlc and the fixed guardian rank.
Thanks for making such a great game :v: