Borderlands 3 Hotfix [12/05/2019]

I won’t miss the skulls, that’s 100% for sure, but I will miss Heck. :smiley: It’s a fun little mobbing map.


I decided not to apply any of my rank perks until things settled down so I’m sitting on rank 121 and will continue to do so until it’s fixed. Then I can feel super buffed till something else breaks them again (j/k GB) :upside_down_face:

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It’s just not something that we could fix in a hotfix. The process for submitting patches is different and takes longer, which is why the wait is longer. :frowning:


How exactly did you nerf mindfulness. I understand why you did so but I really enjoyed being able to run fast.

Unfortunately for me by the time G perks broke I already had red+blue trees fully maxed out, not having the shield reboot perk on 1hp Moze is a little rough lol



The lack of Loot table fixes hurts me so much that it is difficult to comprehend. I could have sworn loot tables have been nerfed in hotfixes before(meaning they can be buffed in hotfixes), but I could be wrong. I would like to direct your attention to this threads below to get feedback from the community regarding the state of M4 loot and game loot in general

Both Threads have 40+ likes respectively. The most I’ve seen on non-developer posts. One touches broader issues with dedicated loot drops while the other tackles design problems behind placing certain items on unreasonable loot sources


im not even going to bother to buy the dlcs at this point.After watching a 13 min vid from borderlands youtube ch of the dlc .The writing dont sound like it got any better .jacks lines sound off. this writing team has killed any love i had for bl’s from this point on.


It appears they moved the Guardian Perks off of the main game save and into the character saves. My guess is so that we can disable perks for individual characters once they enable that functionality. They should have pushed that off tho, instead of breaking things.

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Yeah I know, but it would be nice to leave Heck accessible.

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Stop trying to cloud the issue with facts! People are pissed off and they’re gonna let everybody know about it!


I know you have a lot of replies to sift through, but I would appreciate it if you explained how you nerfed mindfulness. It was one of the most fun perks in this game.


Another few weeks of torture soloing Mayhem 4 w/o Guardian rank. Sounds good.


Again what compensation are customers who’s product you broke getting is the next paid dlc going to be free for those of us who’s game gearbox broke


I don’t really understand the mindfulness change either. Can we fix the annoying sound/judder it makes at high stacks? Sounds like someone is interfering with themselves and slapping you in the face with it at speed right next to your head.


It doesn’t sound like they nerfed Mindfulness itself, just changed how it interacts with the Driver mod so the speed boost isn’t going to completely insane levels at 5 or 6/3.

no fix to wotan when his upper side self destroys and u have to reset and run it again so the people that died in ur party can actually have a chance to look for the legendaries that dropped ?


I had it happen twice where we killed him and it didnt count for the actual quest completion, did it 2 times on M4 then said screw it and ran it quickly on M3 to complete the quest

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Love the plan to scale the raid to the number of players, but why leave it as a time limited thing tho?


honestly guardian rank is for casuals