Borderlands 3 Hotfix [12/05/2019]

@Noelle_GBX Would be nice to get a fix so we can actually complete the maliwan takedown on PS4 without it crashing at Valks almost every time. And the boss loot pool is trash tier. In the few times I’ve actually been able to complete the takedown I have only gotten 1 of the new drops and it was non anointed making it basically useless.


Haven’t been on to test it yet, how much less annoying is the jabber?

This should have been in the day 1 patch imo :joy:

The hammer still spins, it’s not fixed. Was just there not two hours ago, did it two days before when we were there also.

But frankly, that as far as I can tell is purely cosmetic. There are far worse issues I’d personally prefer to be addressed.

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It’s ironic that during the side mission “Destroyer of Worlds” helping Lana and being a Beta tester, because we’re the beta testers here for Borderlands 3 they rushed to shelves & keep breaking.


Especially what he says while assuming you’re not there:

  • “My God that game is so ■■■■, this thing is unplayable” (notices you) oh, hey hello hmm
  • “Holy ■■■■ is this thing messed up, literally unplayable” (notices you) oh hmm hi ehh
  • “Oh ■■■■, another broken unplayable ■■■■ mission” (notices you) uhh ehh hey welcome to another mission
  • “Boah luckily there’s only one crap ■■■■ mission left” (notices you) hey hey welcome to the last showdown mission

Just wanna say after reading so many annoying and negative comments that for me this game is just awesome, Borderlands 3 is the game i enjoying the most just as i enjoyed playing Borderlands 2.
Can’t wait for the new dlc and the fixed guardian rank.
Thanks for making such a great game :v:


10/10 another worthless hotfix


I too thank them for making a pretty good game.

But if I started reporting the bugs I have experienced (and still am) just since Blacksite, it would take me several days straight (based on an 8 hour period being a “day”) to report them - and this is NOT in any way an exaggeration.

But fortunately a good portion of them are known as Gearbox has already said they fixed them. Just like Brick’s Hammer. (Why is a silly cosmetic glitch so important when guardian ranks are broken?)


I think a far, far greater irony is that Borderlands 3 seems to strongly warn against the dangers of being led by social media, yet every nerf and “adjustment” we’ve seen so far seems 100% fueled by Gearbox reacting to professional streamers intentionally breaking the game, and social media.


I just wanted to say something positive cause I hardly see any positive comments.
Of course there’s nothing wrong with reporting bugs but some people are just too
negative in my eyes. Guardian ranks bother me the most but I’m pretty sure it will be fixed

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The reward for that hilarious quest is actually quite good, even in M4.

My son and I played BL2 for hours at a time . . . with Vertical Split Screen mode and menus cards that you can actually read from across the room, not with the horribly tiny text on the cards in BL3.

This game we can play only thirty minutes or so on before we both are suffering from headaches due to horizontal split screen and tiny text in menu item cards.

Please please please fix those problems and they have been problems since day one. These are alpha version problems. They shouldn’t even have been in the game in the first place.

Trying to explore with horizontal view is next to impossible. Looking up or down tends to clip the view. Oh, that chasm edge that you couldn’t see because of the horizontal view–guess you didn’t need that money anyway.

Allow Vertical Split Screen play and return to the font/text size item menu cards from BL2. Make the game playable for couch co-op as it should be.


Sometimes your most vocal “detractors” are in fact your most ardent supporters.

I wouldn’t waste my time with my “negative” comments if I didn’t know they can (and have) done better. It’s because we care about the game. I sincerely hope they understand that. I didn’t get 460 Guardian Rank by not playing the game. I didn’t play that much because it sucked, I played because I felt it was worth playing. It was at the time a LOT of fun. But bugs got worse during the event, bugs I’d never seen. And then the All Mother of Bug Bombs dropped, Blacksite, and it’s been a whole lot less enjoyable ever since.


Unfortunate yeah but it should have been addressed in the first place instead of getting a fix now for it. The excuses are not enough. If they did that stuff at my job my boss would have called them in the office real quick and gotten a lecture about it.
My point is it should have been addressed a long time ago instead of releasing a patch that had alot more problems in it to begin with.


Were angry for a reason buddy. You may think its a joke but if we don’t tell them then how are they supposed to know.

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Sad state of affairs from GB but true on your statement right there. People need to quit making excuses for them. They can do better if they choose to. The next patch will tell if they do or not.

Oops, wrong post. Anyway, buddy, the only thing I find hilarious about this whole situation are those people who feel they deserve compensation. By all means let GBX know you’re dissatisfied with their product, but don’t expect anything other than a refund because of it.

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Prior to this update my Xbox One X would only crash intermittently when connecting to multiplayer games… A few crashes a week, but tolerable. THIS ONLY HAS EVER HAPPENED WITH BORDERLANDS 3.

SINCE THE UPDATE, I am 95% unable to connect to matchmaking, and 100% to date unable to connect to friends games in progress. The Xbox will ■■■■ down completely.

From what I have read, people are reporting permanent damage to their x-boxes.

I like your game, but not enough to throw away my brand new Xbox OneX. I’ve read in forums that gearbox is denying this is an issue!!!? Are you drunk?!?!?

I’ve tried multiple methods of connecting to games. The result is the same. PLAYING BORDERLANDS 3, 90% OR MORE THE GAME KILLS MY XBOX!

You going up but me a new Xbox or fix your crap? Seriously wtf is going on?


I’m the same, I saw the Xbox crash issue reported here but was lucky enough to not have an issue, but it just keeps happening trying to connect to friends now. Having a break till it sorts out, not risking bricking my console.



Not to be a bother but still getting lvl 49 gear out of chests on Mayhem 4 with every luck thing applied that I can carry. Obviously a glitch at this point.