Borderlands 3 Hotfix [12/05/2019]

Again what compensation are customers who’s product you broke getting is the next paid dlc going to be free for those of us who’s game gearbox broke


I don’t really understand the mindfulness change either. Can we fix the annoying sound/judder it makes at high stacks? Sounds like someone is interfering with themselves and slapping you in the face with it at speed right next to your head.


It doesn’t sound like they nerfed Mindfulness itself, just changed how it interacts with the Driver mod so the speed boost isn’t going to completely insane levels at 5 or 6/3.

no fix to wotan when his upper side self destroys and u have to reset and run it again so the people that died in ur party can actually have a chance to look for the legendaries that dropped ?


I had it happen twice where we killed him and it didnt count for the actual quest completion, did it 2 times on M4 then said screw it and ran it quickly on M3 to complete the quest

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Love the plan to scale the raid to the number of players, but why leave it as a time limited thing tho?


honestly guardian rank is for casuals



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I don’t do pre orders or season passes they seem like incredibly bad ideas for the consumer atm with no comment from gearbox about compensation I have to consider sadly trying to return it and get my money back


returning a game that came out in September? Gamestop might give you $1.50


Try to I’ll just explain gear box broke the game doesn’t seem worth keeping as gearbox will bring out the dlc and if it breaks we’ll expect a fix after Christmas like they are doing with the last patch that broke the game

“Continuous improvement” is one of my mottos…Thank you to the Gearbox team!

Yeah let us know how that works out.


Give a company money for some thing not sure what but some thing that is what it burns down too seems like a bad idea to me

So just so we’re clear, now PS4 players have a worse menu loading time, the map teleports are bugged, and new content was added. More to come towards the end of the month. I can’t believe that I thought I could trust your judgement. “Wait for the november patch” they said. “We’ll fix the menu bugs” they said. “Just wait for the november patch!”. Now it’s “Just wait for the December patch!”. I have no hope for you and this game anymore. You can’t even properly fix a major bug that has been in the game since day 1, but instead just nerfed gear + abilities (which is a secondary to major bugs mind you). I’m not sure why patches have to come once a month. I’d rather have a patch once a week so we aren’t waiting a month to get a “fix” that’s not even working properly. As a matter of fact, this menu issue is even WORSE than before. Thank you for nothing.


Can is r permanent plz


Does this mean it was fixed or is it acknowleding it isn’t working? Confusing wording.

Also, pls make a class mod that boosts Death Follows Close. Super confused why none of his do that and everyone else has a mod that boosts the mid tier talent like this.


Yes, why would this be temporary? GB aren’t going to win back players with temporary gimmicks but with proper game fixes.


Let’s keep the off-topic personal drama out of the thread, eh?


yeah why do all the extra work of adjusting it to scale but make it a time limited event?