Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [12/17/2020]

Today in Borderlands 3, we’re activating the Co-op Loot Drop mini-event, addressing some reported concerns, and adjusting various DLC weapons! These changes will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PT. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that reads, “Hotfixes Applied!” If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

The Co-op Loot Drop mini-event will cause all Badass enemies to drop more loot while players are playing co-op in online multiplayer or in local split-screen. This event will end on January 21 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET.

  • Activates the Co-op Loot Drop Mini-Event until January 21 at 9:00 AM PT.
  • Blocked a hole in the floor in Vaulthalla that was sometimes causing players to fall through the map
  • Prevented players from using Heavyweight Harker’s mount to enter the boss’ bubble shields in Arms Race
  • Addressed a concern that the Singularity grenade would sometimes cause Heavyweight Harker to fall through the map in Arms Race

Weapon Adjustments

Slow Hand

  • Increased weapon damage
  • Increased healing percentage of damage dealt

Cheap Tips

  • Increased the amount and drop chance of casino chips


  • Increased weapon damage
  • Increased healing percentage of damage dealt

Embers Purge

  • Increased the damage dealt by the pool of lava it spawns


  • Increased weapon damage
  • Increased healing percentage of damage dealt


  • Increased weapon damage

Lucky 7

  • Increased the chance to get bonus effects after reloading


  • Reduced ammo consumption from 4 to 2


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased the amount of damage from spawned skulls

Flama Diddle

  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage
  • Increased shock or incendiary damage duration
  • Added fire projectiles to each buff


  • Increased weapon damage

Love Drill

  • Increased the chance for bonus shock damage

Little Yeeti

  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increase weapon damage

DLC1&2 weapon buffs?! What is this sorcery??


Nice! Sounds like it’s time to go through DLC1 again. Merry Christmas Borderlands fans, and thank you Gearbox. The Soulrender, my favourite gun, is already pretty powerful but I certainly won’t be turning down a buff. :grin:


Nice to finally see some DLC gear love. Going to dive back in Vault and see what I have…

Happy Holidays to the GB team!


Thanks for the DLC weapon buffs .


I wonder if this might actually be enough to bring the Moxxi weapons into the meta. Not having to build around survivability as much would certainly open up some possibilities for Moze.


Mmmm, very nice.

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@Noelle_GBX is the small UI and Tiny Text in split screen still on the list of fixes or has this been dropped to the wayside?


This is very nice but ASA’s are still broken, they weren’t always so a previous patch has either broken this or it is now intended

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So, buffs are usually never frowned upon, but any news about something more substantial?

The game has severe gameplay issues that need to be addressed, in addition to endgame content being basically absent at this point in time.
Buffed weapons are the last thing needed if there is nothing substantial to run them for.

Does GBX has any comments on this? @Noelle_GBX
We were supposed to receive monthly patches instead of hotfixes, something that has obviously not happened. Why? When we will see the next patch?
When can we expect rebalancing for many broken skills and interaction especially for, but not limited to, the 4th skill tree for all the VHs?
What about DLC6?

There are dozens of things that have priority over weapon buffs, why is GBX not communicating with us anymore?


coz Godfall


The game that was never advertised and has already died not even a month after its releases? Besides, that is GBX publishing (or whatever they are called) whereas here we are dealing with GBX devs.


Awesome. Thanks for the buffs

They’re only the Publishers, not the devs, of Godfall, no?

Also really happy with the buffs. DLC1&2 have some of my favorite weapons.

@Noelle_GBX Is there any plans as of now to reactivate the Cartel event? I know that it was around this time last year (maybe early-mid Jan?) and I’m really hoping that GBX brings it back sooner rather than later.

Thank You


I was hoping for patch today fixing saves transfer on PS5, but instead it looks like more break from BL3.

@Rabid_Explosions Cartel was active in April iirc.


Then I have no excuse, just shoddy

What the…WHy in the world am I under the impression that the Cartel event happened in January? Has 2020 really fudged my memory so much?

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Cartel was in May-June. (or maybe April, but sometime in Spring)

Also, is there any news on the numerous bugs introduced with DLC 5 such as all ASA anoints being broken, more than half of FL4K’s purple tree skills being bugged in some manner, Amara’s cryo element not working with a lot her skills, etc…


we have to get a level 65 wedding invitation first :slight_smile:


My point exactly, we paid for at least one broken skill tree and buffing Moxxi weapons is not the answer