Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [12/17/2020]

Then I have no excuse, just shoddy

What the…WHy in the world am I under the impression that the Cartel event happened in January? Has 2020 really fudged my memory so much?

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Cartel was in May-June. (or maybe April, but sometime in Spring)

Also, is there any news on the numerous bugs introduced with DLC 5 such as all ASA anoints being broken, more than half of FL4K’s purple tree skills being bugged in some manner, Amara’s cryo element not working with a lot her skills, etc…


we have to get a level 65 wedding invitation first :slight_smile:


My point exactly, we paid for at least one broken skill tree and buffing Moxxi weapons is not the answer


(My bad memory deleted) I think I was confused with the hearts/ghosts, which would be next up. Cartels was indeed April:

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Broken hearts was the valentines event, then cartel was I think May time, along with M2.0 IIRC

maybe the slow hand works now? ://///

My god, what the…

@Noelle_GBX forget my Cartel question since it seemed I had caught swamp madness or w.e, instead I want to ask a different question!

Traditional Raid Bosses…will they be a thing? I don’t care for an ETA or anything, just want to know if it’s something GBX will give their fans or not?

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Disappointing (for me personally, obviously). Maybe 2021 will bring some more grains of improvement.


Happy to see this one… I’ve always wanted to use this gun (because Rush!) but I always felt like it needed a little more oomph.

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ASA anoints? Purple Flak? Bummer guess I’ll keep playing Valhalla until we get some fixes for my characters. Always nice to see weapon buffs though. Ion Laser will be realy nice.


Would love to get the Zane perk that makes him immune to his self damage put on to Moze. With Cub/Bear, its useless to use a few of the weapon types because they will just 1 shot themselves.


why, doesn’t make sense for a character already protected by an impenetrable barrier to be also made immune by his own splash damage?

What? you telling me that your grenade character is killing herself with her own grenade thanks to her skills that increase splash damage and their AOE? Sucks to be you


Since it is not listed I am guessing that the console crashing and the small text, lag and UI for split screen was fixed without us knowing about it? These issues have been “Reported Concerns” since the game release even though I know weapon and item buffs hold priority.

Not really gaining any faith in future product releases with your customers. As bad as CDPR fumbled the ball with Cyberpunk at least they are committed to fixing the core game and even communicating with their customerbase.


disappointing hotfix today. You guys sell a broken patch and since the launch a lot of stuff still is broken.


Nice they buffed Insider. I was using this on my splodey Moze and it was wrecking face now I can wreck other body parts too.

Never even heard of the Little Yeeti. lol

They’ve just kept adding so much s*** in such a short time, I’m sure there are others I haven’t seen as well.

Nice buffs, although while you were at it you could have assigned the Insider to a farmable loot source. It’s still just a world drop unfortunately. It might not be possible to do via hotfix though, so I won’t complain.

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