Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [12/17/2020]

Are we there yet?


I won’t be expecting anything until the co-op event is over (Jan. 21). Anything before that would be surprising, but could already be scheduled.

Maybe a week break and then they re-open valentines, but highly unlikely as last year started on Feb 13.

Are you (Gearbox) ever going to make the current hotfixes permanent? The weapon buffs, i.e. maggie, kaos, breath of dying and hellwalker as well as character buffs are terrible offline.


They purposely have buffs applied via hotfixes to get you to play online and therefore track what guns are being used a lot which then tells them what weapons to nerf. This is how they know how many bullets are being fired by which guns.

Notice that nerfs are not put out via hot fixes but usually patches. This then forces players to play offline if they want to keep their unpatched weapons but they lose out on playing online with friends and gaining from their ‘hotfixed buffed weapons or increased loot drops’.

I sometimes think that this game was completely created by a new team compared to the one that created Borderlands 2 or whoever is in charge decided to ‘control’ how much fun players can have and how we play in general.

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