Borderlands 3 - Hotfix [Aug 26, 2021]

Today’s changes to Borderlands 3 activate the Loot the Universe event on Eden-6 as part of the Borderlands 3 Second Anniversary Celebration. Each week during Loot the Universe, Borderlands 3’s planets will take turns of having even better drops, with specific types of Legendary loot having increased chance of dropping in one of that planet’s zones.

Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine will be moving to a new location on Thursdays at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET and is activated with a hotfix.

These changes will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PT. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that reads, “Hotfixes Applied!” If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

  • Activated the Loot the Universe mini-event on Eden-6 until 8:59 AM PT on September 2

Any updates?


Simple one this week, huh? That’s cool.

Looking forward to 2nd anniversary surprise. Hope it’s something big, but wouldn’t be disappointed if it’s not. We’re unfortunately at toward the end of B3 life cycle with Wonderlands pending. Which is good and bad; really would enjoy some more B3 DLC but excited to see next game.

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We got plenty of dlcs already, I was hoping for one more raid at the very least.

Can you please fix the f’n split screen! The weapons menus are so small I can’t even see to switch stuff. It makes it super hard to play arms race when you have a time limit.


I would like to play this week but the game in its current state I can not. Are there any plans in the works to fix the issue with having to restart the game just to have a splitscreen character be able to join. If the game doesn’t crash just loading in its pretty much guaranteed to crash within 15 mins.


Yes, another raid or takedown would be great. Or another circle of Slaughter. Or something like the headhunter dlc for BL2. A Traunt based one would be great…


It’s been said to death, but a COV Takedown where we eliminate the remaining COV loyal to Tyreen and Troy would be quite fun. I don’t think we will get this.


I’m very disappointed we are not getting item buff on a weekly basis’s. So many items feel underpowered and others just make the game easy mode?

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I think a COV Takedown would be the best thing we can hope for. Just hopefully not too much heavy weapon spam.

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I feel you. Please fix the split screen @GBX. My wife and I would love to play this event, but sadly can’t due to the inventory size being too small or non existent.


I like when everyone want more takedown or what ever , it’s good but the game need to be balanced and fix , Bl3 have a few stuff now i think we should focus on things like ( Fl4k purple tree for exemple ? )


I give up! I’ve tried 6 different times in the last few hours with different characters and when i try to load a character it goes to a solid black screen. I can hear sounds but I have no picture and I am unable to even go to the Xbox dashboard. Only thing I can do is turn off the Xbox. Does anyone have a solution to fix this? I’m on a Xbox one X. Please gearbox can you give any info on this issue! I keep checking back every week hoping that somewhere in the hotfix that there will be a fix for this.


Can you get in to the settings menu? If so, does toggling any of the graphics settings help? (Does XB1X offer a choice of performance vs resolution?)

Yea I can go right up to the main menu but as when I try to load a character it just has a black screen. I’ve tried the different setting as well.

Sweet, looks like some weapon/gear hotfixes became permanant since I played last. Now to cut the mustard and ketchup. Please pass my thanks along if you can, Thank Youzall!

“Looks like it” is a key part of this statement, what’s actually been nativised/ is working how it should - are rather hit n miss

You mean the weapon buffs like the Breath of Dying, Kaos, Hellwalker? I played a bit with them on M11, offline, and they seem to be working great. I only played briefly so maybe I spoke too soon? I’ll see when I play a good stretch. My PS4 ran quieter and cooler(?) when I play BL3 offline for some reason, it is becoming aged a bit so I’ve wanted these updates.