Borderlands 3 - Hotfixes [Sept 9, 2021]

was there an update today in addition to the hotfix? when i turned on my ps4 (hadn’t played since monday) it had an update file. I don’t know if my PS4 somehow lost it and was re-installing a previous update or if there was something new today. It’s also updating the handsome collection and BL1 GOTY addition.

Random question and I feel it’s the best place to ask.

I’m getting update on Game of the Year (BL1), Handsome Collection (BL2) and BL3. (PS4)
Saw something about “general bug fixes”… :man_shrugging:

Anyone heard about something? Or is it just a common practice I didn’t notice before?

Hi, i don’t know where to ask, we’d like to play coop local with 3 friends on borderlands3, is it not possible a 4 split screen with x box one please? It seems to work with series x? But what about the new series S please? Thank you very much.

I think it is just a Wonderlands ad added to main menu.

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Yeah, i guess it was an update–it was weird b/c I didn’t see anything on the Borderlands site–it just mentioned the hotfix for the eridium/mayhem events and moving maurice’s vending machine.

Hopefully they fixed all of the crashing issues that had been going on the last few months.


As I would love to see a proper patch fixing bugs (crashes, UI, skills etc.) I don’t count on it. Sadly game has bugs that exists since launch.


Is this possible on console? I have tired and failed a couple times but likely don’t know the trick

eridium hotfix does not seem to work for me (the modifier does) , just killed warden and got the usual amount of eridium … is there anyway to check whether this is actually applied beside having the “hot-fix applied” message on the main screen ?

Maybe kill boss that drops a lot of eridium like Ruiner or Graveward, and smash some piles.

ok, thanks for the advice, I’ll try that … been doing the slaughter but even there no luck

Also go to Moxxi bar and check slot that uses eridium, in previous events it was 5 eridium (10 is normal fee).

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They often use hours in-game and total playtime as a metric that they relate to success in retaining players. That’s useful for co-branding deals like securing movie and television deals for Intellectual properties.

ok slots are fine (5 eridium), ruiner and graveward yielded 50-60 E per kill… I think is close to what I would obtain before…

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Well, I’d say “mostly useless”. I sometimes transfer a piece of gear to an alt that has lots of Eridium, and in that case being able to roll something for a different class is useful. :slight_smile:

(But, overall, I think it would be better to be able to lock away anoints from other classes.)

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And that is why some of us are not that excited about Wonderlands and are going to hold off this time around. I don’t think Wonderlands will tank per say but I don’t see it selling as well as BL3 did and sadly instead of @GBX looking for the real cause of lesser sales they will put the spin that the customers didn’t want another spinoff.


what about reroll costs 2500 …but you can chose the anoint ?


The New Vault Card has the same problem as the older now, and the older seems to not have the self completing challenges anymore. @Noelle_GBX

normally I pre-order games to get the bonuses but here, in addition to the PS5 being impossible to find such that I won’t be able to get one until 2024, there’s a 99% chance the game will be plagued by bugs at launch that they will never even address b/c they simply do not care. I’m fine with it not being filled with tons of end game content, like raid bosses, at launch, but the game has to work properly.


It will probably be fine on next gen consoles. BL3 works really nicely on PS5. Game is just beautiful + runs smoothly. But I feel bad for all those buying Wonderlands on old gen. Game will probably be plagued with the same issues than BL in old gen : game lag when entering menu, fps drops, 1min+ loading screens…

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Couldn’t agree more.

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