Borderlands 3 - Hotfixes [Sept 9, 2021]

load times ruin BL. Farming is so tedious I give up after a few tries b/c it’s so boring waiting for the game. Load times often take 10 times longer than the boss fight. I’ve held off buying new games I’d otherwise buy like the latest Assassin’s Creed game or the upcoming Far Cry game until I can get my hands on a PS5.


Yeah honestly thats what I did before getting a PS5. Old gen is dead and after playing BL3 on PS5, I am legit convinced it should have been a next gen game. Experience is way more optimized and smooth on PS5 which is why I will advice anyone I know to absolutely not buy Wonderlands or any new game released cross gen.

When is public matchmaking going to get fixed?
I have region europe and mayhem 11 and I 'm never getting in a group that matches my region and mayhem level

You have to kind of run sideways up the wall, leaning into the wall. Don’t fall for the red herring of the seeming ledges. You’re scrambling until you find the invisible thingy (technical term) that gives you a foothold. Persevere in the knowledge that it IS possible.

There is probably a more precise method, known to persons who unlike myself can get that second Typhon log in Konrad’s Hold without endless misses, but I spam the mantle command until it works.

the only problem with that (in addition to delaying the game a long time) is that covid threw a huge monkey wrench into next gen console manufacturing and sales. millions of customers who want one can’t get one and the ps5 may very well be unobtainable until 2023. Even without covide hurting production, financially it really makes no sense to release only on next gen given the huge disparity in potential customer base (something like 10-1).

The bad news is BL3 is still locking up in the XBox Series S in split screen. The 9/10 fixes did nothing to fix BL3 problems. First, the entire BL3 game with all the DLC’s, Season Passes, Cosmetic Packs, and add ons need to be boxed into one program. Like BL Game the of the year. Downloading everything in the right order isn’t enough. The MS Store doesn’t recognize that the core game is d/l and the add ons don’t get d/l’ed. I bought BL3 Ultimate to find out it doesn’t have everything. Huge mistake! I am ready to chuck it.


This is awesome!

If you view the game in the store, you can activate all the DLC content there; it will then download/install if your account shows you also own the extra content.

After I downloaded the core game and reboot. Then it recognizes the game is indeed installed.