Borderlands 3. I think i have a great idea

Hey people at GearBox. I know you guys won’t see this but hopefully someone will and then tell you guys. After borderlands 3 launches and been out for a few months. You know how you guys usually add a ultimate vault hunter mode. You guys should add that plus be able to import any previous vault hunter from an earlier borderlands game. Like being able to be Brick or maybe A zombie Roland or Zero or Claptrap in Borderlands 3. Or if you own all the previous Borderlands games (like I do) then you get the option to play as any vault hunter. Don’t get me wrong I like the vault hunters for borderlands 3 but I’m not excited about them. Like with the earlier games I knew exactly what character I was going to play as first then 2nd and so on. Don’t get me wrong I’m hella excited for borderlands 3 even with my issue with the vault hunters.

But i guarantee if you guys did it, it would add a massive amount of longevity to Borderlands 3.Trust me I’ve been playing borderlands since the original one back on the 360. And I totally love everything about Borderlands.

If you guys do see this and use my idea could you possibly add a NPC named PHREAK that you can kill or just a random background character in a bar or a dark alleyway .

Looking forward to borderlands 3. I can’t wait


Dlc with digistructed old versions of the hunters. So they are as when you could play them.
Tiny Tina really missed Roland and made a new version of him.

Update them a bit. So they get three skills and augments and stuff.

I like it!

Ehhhhh. Considering many are main NPC characters, and you interact with them fairly extensively in the game, that seems incredibly unlikely. Also they have already stated that they may not add additional DLC characters period and just focus on expanding the existing ones. Personally, i’d much rather see the resources go in to adding more actual gameplay than rehashing old characters that wouldn’t make sense to be playable to begin with.


Couldn’t be anymore meta and weird than claptrap in tps, especially during the dlc. I don’t think the series has any problem going outside the box to visualize something weird, like the assault on dragon keep.

That being said, it sounds like a massive amount of work. Even if the characters weren’t voiced as extensively as the actual vault hunters for bl3, all the original 4 would need to be built from the ground up and the 6 from bl2 & tps each would need to be pretty much recreated too to take advantage of the new way skill trees work. I can’t see them doing that over just building new dlc characters from scratch, if there will be any at all.

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I came here specifically to ask this, too. I think it’d be a great idea if after you beat the game once through you could use old Vault Hunters. Maybe if they have an issue with story mode, why not Circle of Slaughter or other modes? Would absolutely love to play all of my old favorites.

They added the Handsome Jack Doppleganger which was basically in the same vein as what midael1 described above.

They could easily find a way to implement them. But I don’t really think it’s necessary. I would personally rather see 2 entirely new VH’s addes as DLC rather than play old ones from the other games.

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