Borderlands 3 (I want your ideas and opinions)

Alright readers of this article, I have a few ideas personally for the new borderlands. I say the new borderlands as we all know one is going to come out, it just hasn’t gotten it’s ball rolling yet. I will place my ideas and lay them out for you to go over and opinionate on them. Caution! what you are about to read is very long.

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Story-line ideas

Now, I know about the new alien from borderlands the pre-sequel, (bps) and how the alien talks of war. In the second game also we learned about the multiple vaults, ( I have a small problem with this as even though there are probably hundreds of vaults, no one has ever really ever seen them except for vault hunters, Intro of borderlands one). I am going to take a step back here and go all the way back to “what is a vault”? My idea, the vaults are an eridian prison system. The eridians long ago were faced with creatures that even with their might, they had a hard time dealing with. Instead of disposing them, they created a vault that could entrap the victims within and seal them away with little casualty on their end. This is where the network of vaults came from. The problem with this though, was that even though the creatures were sealed away, they were still there. If weak civilizations came upon them, the horrors inside the vaults would be unleashed. This is where the role of the eridian protectors come from. They are there to test those who would try and unleash what is within the vault. The eridians early on, realized that they needed to dispose of the vaults, but did not want to send valuable troops to combat them. The eridians came up with a plan to give their technology and power to a small amount of lower life forms in order to combat the creatures within the vault. It was decided that a watcher should present six creatures with eridian power to combat the vaults. These were the first vault hunters called the “sirens”. The watcher was to look over the vault hunters and when one siren died present the individual power to a new child. Fast forward into the present, new official vault hunters have shown up and have proven themselves powerful enough to take down a vault. This is where the story can split multiple ways. I have one idea that the eridian council has decided that there are too many vault hunters and they must be eradicated. Some of the eridians are for this as others are against, therefore, the war against vault hunters. Another, is that someone is trying to take over the vault system control center, (kind of like the control center for a prison), and is releasing the creatures within the vaults. This is a war to fight against the creatures getting loose, and stop the enemy unknown from taking over. My last one is that the watcher believes that it might be time for the vault hunters to face against vault enemy #1. The most powerful creature out of all the vaults. This of course, would probably be a last resort as it could leave the franchise stale.

  • New and old characters

Characters are a hard thing to balance seeming as too many new characters, and we feel alien to the new game and are unsure of it. Too many old characters, and we feel that the game is old and boring with little to no improvements. I feel that we need to take a new step but add some of the old people. Notice I said some. I am meaning brand spanking new characters, npc and playable characters.

Who I believe should stay:

possibly all current vault hunters, (in small roles)
and claptrap of course

  • New character ideas:

Noira (Siren): Noira is from the city of Capraxx. She was babied by her parents because of the visions that she had, and was picked on because of her tattoos. She became fed up with her position and decided enough was enough. She wanted to take on the most dangerous thing out there to prove that she was capable. Lucky for us, she set her eyes on the search for the vault. Her special ability is “phase gate”, an oval shaped rift appears in the air that at its base gives Noira a 15% damage boost when shooting or lobbing grenades through. Think of it as a translucent portal from the game “Portal” suspended in the air. The gate can be specked to do all sorts of things. It could split bullets when shot through, apply an element/extra element to whatever gun you could be shooting, could ricochet bullets towards enemies, and best of all, be used by friends. There are more things it could do, but this is my base idea for it. I have no designs as to what she looks like, so I would love your opinions on what she should look like.

#$%^&@ (that is supposed to be alien writing) A.K.A. scarecrow (Outcast): The name could be something different but that is what I have picked for it. Scarecrow was an eridian soldier elite captain, or some other high rank, who was tasked to watch over a vault. He did not want to do nothing but wait around forever and resisted the job appointed to him. The eridian officials did not like this and charged him with desertion. They placed chains on him and threw him onto a planet to be killed. He did not die, but met a researcher who found him and helped him to break his chains, but could not take the cuffs off. The researcher nicknamed him scarecrow because of his thin appearance and taught and showed scarecrow what human life was like. Scarecrow didn’t stay long though, he wanted to destroy the very things that makes so many of his kind stand as sentinels for all eternity. He wanted to get rid of the vaults. Scarecrows ability is called “power of the ancients” with this, he gains increased movement speed, shield regeneration and an instantaneous once used overshield. His abilities could be an adaptation of krieg’s with some new features to it. Scarecrow could gain spectral arm blades, be able to shoot a mortar, use invisibility, and maybe more. I would like your ideas on it. As for his appearance, in order to try and look a little more normal to humans, scarecrow wears a large ratty trench coat with many pockets on it. Interesting junk that he has found over the years are sticking out of his pockets and he has several pins on his coat. He still has his cuffs on his wrists with the chains hanging down from each one. I am not sure about the head. It will probably be customizable, but should he wear a fedora or a helmet. What would help hem look like he is trying to fit in with the humans?

Zerick (Hunter): Zerick is a hunter from the jungle planet Traubonon. He when he was younger he found a baby black skull panther. He named it kitten and raised it with him and together, they took down many enemies that Zerick added to his trophy room. Kitten was wounded in an attack and zerick pleaded to a loud mouthed, alcoholic, engineer to help him save his beast. The engineer equipped some cybernetics into to the panther and saved it’s life. The two of them got back into killing beasts, but soon heard that the greatest beasts to offer were inside of the vaults. The two of them decided that even though they probably couldn’t bring the head back, they could at least take selfie with the corpse. The two set out on their quest. Zerick’s ability is called “here comes kitten” where Zerick digistructs kitten to run around and attack all the enemies. This can branch out to kitten carrying machine guns, increasing the melee damage, maybe using kittens enhancements to create a shield, and a great capstone idea where you get to ride kitten, and kitten attacks whatever your reticle is pointing at, all while using technology to provide shielding. You could get off and on at will. Maybe you could have an ability called “Sick em” in which, if you place your reticle over an enemy and you press your action skill again, kitten targets that enemy. Zerick looks like maybe someone from the military he has on a shirt with the sleeves cut off, baggy jeans, heavy black boots, and a wide brimmed hat. A bandolier is on his chest, some tattoos on his arms, and a small beard on his face. Now, I can easily swap this for a female character, but thought that this idea was fine.

Holrund (Maniac): Holrund is a guy who likes to prove that he is the best. Time and time again he would fight people who come to challenge him just to see if he was better than him. Sometimes, when people get close, like someone is about to beat him in a shooting contest, he would get notoriously angry and kill the person before he can win. He does this in a brash humor that makes him likable. One day a drunk claimed that he could find and empty out a vault faster than Holrund could. Holrund took this as a challenge and set out to win before his drunken opponent could. Holrund’s skill is called “rage quit”, Holrund becomes enraged becoming resistant to damage and gaining a small amount of health for each kill. He rage quits while screaming out profanity and hilarious insults towards his enimies. This you can guess that this is the tank build. Generic health regeneration can be placed, a skill that allows for a small damage boost for each time you miss an enemy, increased damage on tediore weapons (reasons later), an ability that makes Holrund punch the ground and cause a nova around him, and more. A capstone that I think would be awesome for him is “I can’t take this anymore!!!”, in which your reload speed is essentially halved but you can accurately chuck your gun and make it explode for the damage of the entire clip. Every gun would act like a tediore weapon. This only happens when you hold down the reload button. This character I believe, should look a little like Mr. Torque. He definitely needs the most character development and I could use some feedback on it.

That is all that I am posting for right now, I will post the rest later. Once again let me know what you think.


Alright, I believe that it is time for me to work on putting down some more of my ideas. If you could, post ideas and opinions. I don’t mind negative feedback as long as you actually care about the project.

New Element Types

I have a couple new ideas for elements and their are some that I have seen that I just thought were cool. Someone posted that there could be a digistructed element, (once again, not my idea). I think that it is a cool idea, imagine shooting a gun that would digistruct pieces off of your opponent, or at least digistruct some shield, health, grenades, ammo, and maybe other things away from your enemy. What if your gun could have a small chance to digistruct the bullet that you just shot, back into your gun. There is so many applications for this that I can just label this as a cool idea. Another element type that I think would be cool is Spectrium, (I completely just made that one up). Spectrium is a rare element type that creates a bonus effect when an enemy is killed by another element. Electricity would create a storm cloud, Fire would spread from enemy to enemy, Corrosion would leave a small damaging fog, and explosive would turn an enemy into an explosive nova. It would kind of work like slag from Borderlands 2, except it would cause no extra damage until an enemy is killed by another weapon. For weapons without an element, the spectrium becomes unstable and bursts into rainbow-ish fractal pieces that spread out and do damage to nearby enemies. Another new type is Tellarium, this metal is superheated into a liquid form and is shot onto enemies to do small burning damage but also hardens and slows down the enemy a little. This element combines the fire element, and the cryo from bps.

New Gun Ideas

There are new gun ideas that I believe would be cool. The first one is not my idea but it is an element thrower. The element thrower would have short range, low damgage, high elemental damage capabilities. Another that I would like is the return of the rechargeable eridian weapons from the first game. Those weapons were awesome. They had low damage and were able to regenerate ammo over a large period of time. The reason I believe they took those away is that they kind of broke the first game. Why fight your target and loose health when you could send a homing alien bullet into them from behind cover? Still, those weapons were pretty well balanced for their purpose and such. And don’t say they are overpowered because it is essentially the crappier form of the infinity pistol. I would like for sniper rifles to remain powerful in the third game. In the first game, they were boss, the second, pathetic, and in the third, they actually balanced them out well. The second’s snipers in the second can only be argued to be good when talked about in the legendary status. All the rest, are pretty much just sad. Another idea that seemed cool that wasn’t mine was the idea of needle-like projectiles that exploded. These were represented in the E-tec weaponry but I think that it could be expanded to a fragmentation gun. A.K.A. a gun that shoots small splitting projectiles. I also think that a mine launcher would be pretty cool, but I can already see people online trying to fill up an entire map with mines. Maybe there could be a function that you can only deploy the mines that are in your clip, like a clip size of three. If you reload your clip, your previous mines explode. My last idea is about a gun that can knock enemies back. Remember that one time when a badass psycho got to close for comfort. What if you had a type of gun that could fire a concussive force that could push back or knock down some enemies. Just food for thought.

Grenade Types

Borderlands 2 came out with so many great grenade ideas, that I actually don’t have much to complain on in this field. I would like a grenade though that provides some new functions. A grenade with a constant base stat that changes to whatever element that you currently have on your gun. A grenade that locks into place and becomes a mine. A grenade that when thrown and its timer goes out, it rises in the air and comes back down like an elemental fire work. This will work like a regular grenade on other people and bots. Last but not least, my favorite, the slider grenade. It is a grenade type that when thrown will continue sliding along its path creating elemental damage in its wake. Imagine you take your grenade, you throw it and it makes a straight line of fire all the way to the wall near you. A bandit tries to run and kill you, but runs through the little fiery path and lights himself on fire. No more bandit. .

Once more this is all for now. Let me know what other ideas you would like for me to post first.

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[quote=“hifiveguy611, post:1, topic:339368”]
[/quote]Please no or make them side characters that you aren’t forced to meet in the main storyline. Have them give side missions on behalf of the other VHs or have them just be NPCs who wander around that you can talk to and they’ll comment on current events and maybe even compare them to past ones.
For everything else, TL;DR but I’ll try to muddle/read through it soon* ish.

*soon is defined as sometime between now and later and when I’m not tired and/or exhausted from my job (I recently got transferred to an earlier shift and still getting used to it. 6am -1:30 pm where before it was 3:30pm to roughly 8-9pm)

Yeesh, that is rough, I am not rushing though, it is just out for someone to comment for. I would like to see new characters in the new game though, we can still have the old ones, but we definitely should have new characters. Remember when borderlands 2 was coming out and everyone was like " oh this new character seems cool, I want to play as them", not talking about how they wanted to play their old characters. We can still have all the old characters, some to even play once more, but for the most part, I would like to see the introduction of new playable characters into the franchise. I know the ideas that I have aren’t that good, but I still believe that it is a start to get the ball rolling.

Goody goody, cause I do usually have opinions and/or ideas so I do want to contribute.
After a cursory glance at the second post I see “new weapons” and even a elemental flamethrower and I can get 100% behind that (I had a similar idea on the oldgbxforums and posted such an idea in a “Weapons and Stuff” thread)

That might have been you that I took that from. I got it from the 2k forums and I liked the idea. Notice that I posted that it was not my idea and therefore I should not receive the credit for it.

If it was the 2k forums it wasn’t me but if it was the old gbx forums it might’ve. What makes me hesitant to say for sure is I don’t think my version was short range but they might’ve been.
Still want elemental throwers either as an attachment that lower damage a lot and up DOT or as an actual weapons. Hmm… maybe have it be an attachment for or share Laser ammo?

I like those ideas about Story-line and New and old characters.
Pickle as a new character is definitely right choice from BPS. And I somehow guessed an eridian “guy” would be one of BL3’s playable character… I expect to see BL1&2 Vault Hunters, even just once in some cinematic.

Personally I don’t like the New Gun Ideas. Guns have been going far from honest shooting. In BL1&2 I liked when guns were mainly “normal”, sometimes an element type or a stronger element type in them, and if I was lucky, some joke/surprise in them (with a red text). Now when guns can do anything abstract and extraterrestrial, jokes in them are needless. I admit I’ve been hiding behind a cover and just thrown ten homing grenades to clear the field for me, but it still seems wrong to barely hit someone when he turns to liquid fireworks display - all because of a small bullet. Unexplainable and unfair magic, not real fighting.

Im sorry I dont feel any of these character can either be useful characters or keep a storyline going. They are support characters just like Scooter, Zed, Marcus. And to me fit the role perfectly. Just as the main characters dont fit into a support/quest-guide like role. I would rather previous vhs return minus roland since hes dead return. Just my thoughts. As to new weapons heres some new ideas how about armor piercing weapons? Many times if you faced armored targets you had to switch to corrosive more times than not. Uzis have still not made a appearance, and ARs, good ones, were few and far between.

You are fine, I did ask for your ideas and opinions. The names that I have listed are just a few of my personal preferences that I would like to see in the next game. I completely agree that the vault hunters should be present, but in small roles. I want completely new characters, but still have our favorites in here and there. Armor piercing weapons are ok in theory but what kind of damage would that do against people, creatures, and bots that aren’t armored or have their mechanical critical hit points shown? If we can polish the idea to something else, we could probably make it work. As for my advice on the Uzis and ARs, if they are not there and you want them, build the models yourself. I have a half decent Vladof Uzi and Bandit AR already in my mind, but I want to see what you come up with. :smile:

  • NPC

I have an idea for NPCs for Borderlands 3. My first one is that we replace scooter in one of the shops on a different planet with a pair of twins. Now I don’t know about you, but to me there are few things funnier than watching siblings insult the hell out of each other. So how about we have a pair of twins operating the garage and they are constantly downgrading the other’s performance. I believe that the twins can either be one boy and one girl, or two boys, (I personally like the one boy and one girl idea, the girl is bossy and the boy does all the work). The twins work together surprisingly smoothly, finishing tasks quickly, but they still find time to throw an insult towards their other half. If I had to compare this to something it would be like the luteces from the game Bioshock Infinite. Except, they are younger and have the borderlands touch to them.

This next one I want as a personal easter egg or something. In the first borderlands there was a claptrap unit that was covered in red and had a saw blade in his chasis. He was loudmouthed and hated humans, but the comments that he made were so brash, I couldn’t help but like the character. “So now I have been forced with two choices, I could stand here watching you move your disgusting meat flaps up and down, or I could stick a cork screw up my ass and call it paradise. I’ll open the gate for you, but then I want you to get the f*** out of my scan vision”. I know he doesn’t sound like the best choice, but it would bring back some of the Borderlands 1 raw humor.

The next character is a guy I like to call Dameon. Dameon is your typical paranoid. He is kind of like Tannis in the form of being antisocial but takes his paranoia to the point of wrapping his building in tin foil and has a listening device on a nearby ant hill just in case the ants decide to attack. This guy is that paranoid. He doesn’t go out during the day because he believes the sun is an alien that spends hours trying to search and abduct him. You spend your time with dameon doing missions like running into bandit camps and killing specific people and stealing their audio logs just to see if they have been planning to attack him, to helping get the materials to set up an improvised electric fence that could actually end up arcing to his trailer and lighting him on fire. It all depends on how the story goes.

These are just three, let me know what you think, or even better, create your own and post it. My goal is to have a gearbox official actually look at these posts that we have made and make something out of them.

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When the original happy Claptrap became familiar to me in BL1, that red “Hacked Claptrap” was almost frightening. It was funny for a moment (<-- notice), but personally I don’t want to listen obscene talking during the whole game, like in BPS. There are so many possibilities to come up with something special with how people and robots talk.

That Dameon sounds like a guy whom I will kill after watching his tomfoolery for a while. Not as sympathetic as Incinerator Clayton, but, well, why not.

The original red claptrap would be in there just for momentary laughs. He will would be a side character, if not just an easter egg. I don’t plan on giving him a main character role. I think that the players would need to have him in small doses to find his humor. I have a thing in my mind where he and crazy earl are going off on each other and are talking nonsense.

Dameon is supposed to be that character that you just feel as comically weird, like maybe the guy version of Tannis, except a little more weird. He is supposed to be that character that your just like, “ok, you are just plain crazy, are all of your cylinders firing or do I need to get Gauge to fix your broken mind.” We need to create missions around his paranoia and try to make it funny in the process.

The “digi-element” sounds interesting but IMO it’d be better as a unique or special effect not just a general “element” type.

More as a BL1…playthrough 1-2.5…no UVHM. Oh yea…MASHERS!!

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I liked UVHM…


The story of Borderlands 3 can go something like this (according to me).

After the events of Borderlands 2 we find our 4 Vault Hunters pondering what to do next after the demise of Handsome Jack. With hints thrown during the course of the game it should be no surprise that Pandora needs to be cleaned up of it’s bandits and creatures. So thats it, that’s the premise of BL3, to clean up Pandora. Pandora can be cleaned up, Sanctuary can return back to land, Jack’s geostationary moon base could be destroyed (good location for the final battle) and tie up any other loose ends that were left open in the second installment. The final scene of the game could be the new four Vault Hunters looking up from a restored New Haven at the moon base being blown up.

Some Ideas for new vault hunters: Roland’s and Lilith’s child (supposed they had one)
Tiny Tina (now 18 years of age)
Various Crimson Raiders

Some Ideas for NPCs: Maya (the new Guardian of the Vault on Pandora)
Salvador (In the arms business with Marcus)

All in all Borderland 3 should be the game where everything comes full circle, as there was still so many unanswered questions and curiosity to what becomes of the inhabitants of Pandora .

What do you think?

Too easy. What about all those Vaults in the universe Lilith showed us in the end of BL2 game? Adventure awaits… or maybe it’ll be just the war with Eridians.
That ethnic clean-up sounds bad. Do you remember a mission “Animal Rights”; would you save Talon?
Your character-ideas sound good. I just have to say that Roland’s and Lilith’s child wouldn’t be more than ten years old. And because of Tiny Tina’s age she would change more than I’ve seen any game character’s changing. Personally I’m almost worried about how she will be like.
Although there would be something remaining from the godson Handsome Jack, that “everything comes full circle” sounds great.

-S&S back in full glory.
-Playable characters either like Gaige or Mordecai
-Overpower levels that BL2 introduced
-Better story a la TPS
-Vladof shotguns, Hyperion rocket launchet launchers, etc, you gett the drill.

Still waiting on my corrosive skill tree tsk tsk tsk

I guess Thorn and the corrosive builds that I’ve forced on Mordecai, Salvador and Wilhelm will suffice until then though.