Borderlands 3 (I want your ideas and opinions)

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Assassin Mordi is one of my favorite builds for him :D.


Hmm? If I’m allowed to express my opinion, I like more an adventure and a story than shooting laps. A joke never sounds as funny when heard it second time. I just want it to be possible to do every story and side mission at first (solo) playthrough.

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i just want my damn defiler back.

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I have a lot of requests for over hauling gear specs. I hope that Gearbox will consider the following additions to loot design, because I feel like gun stats can be deceiving and shields need to be beefier.

GUNS: (In addition to what is already listed)

Damage Per Second:
Bullet Velocity: Feet per second.
Recoil Rating: Measured in distance the gun jumps from original reticle point
Accuracy Recovery: Measured in time it takes for reticle to fully recover

SHIELDS: (In addition to what is already listed)

Explosive Damage Resist: Percentage of damage reduced
Corrosion Damage Resist: Percentage of damage reduced
Fire Damage Resist: Percentage of damage reduced
Electricity Damage Resist: Percentage of damage reduced
Slag Damage Resist: Percentage of damage reduced while slagged
Slag Chance Resist: Reduces the chance of being slagged
Non Elemental Damage Resist: Percentage of damage reduced
DoT Damage Reduction: Decreases the time DoTs last against you

MELEE WEAPONS: (Should have it’s own equipment slot detached from guns)

Damage: Similar to damage with weapons rather than a % rate.
Attack Speed: Strikes per second.
Critical Damage: Percentage addition to base damage.
Element Type: Adds element type to melee strikes
Element Chance: Similar to % rates on guns.
Elemental Damage: Similar to damage rates on guns.
Red Text Effects: (up to the design team)


-Damage rate of x 1.0 of base damage against all enemies.
-Small blast radius area of effect and can cause enemies to be stunned for one second.


  • x.80 damage against shields and armor
  • x 1.75 damage against flesh


  • x.50 damage against shields
  • x 1.25 damage against flesh and armor


  • x 1.25 damage against shields
  • x 1.0 damage against flesh and armor
  • Remove DoT


  • x1.25 damage with all types except slag.
  • Slows enemy movement to .80 of normal.

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I was thinking of new characters for the main story and have dlc to play as the older characters
Say putting people like zer0 mordecai and the baroness in one pack

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All I want is the OP levels to return.
However, I wouldn’t put them behind a challenge, rather as a difficulty slider.

As for the playthroughs themselves: 2 at most, BUT allow TVHM to scale. The optional difficulty will come from wanting the enemies to overlevel or not.

Saw that I posted about the OP levels in here earlier. Oh well, see this as a slightly more detailed explanation.

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I hope BL3’s Loot system will be a combination of all the previous games.

Legendary (Orange Rarity) Items: Basically Legendary Items will only be found via world drops (no Boss/Badass/Enemy will have a chance to drop a set legendary like in 1) at the cost of more Rare ones being incredibly powerful (think circa BL1 Ogre and Hellfire powerful).

Unique (Green to Purple rarity with Red Text) Items: They will take the place of Legendary Items by dropping from certain respawnable Bosses. However, certain Unique items will have an extremely low chance of spawning with a powerful exclusive prefix or part.

Pearlescent (Cyan rarity) Items: Have an extremely low chance (at most 3%) of dropping from Badass enemies, Bosses and certain Chests.

Glitch (Light Pink rarity) Items: Like TPS, they will be like a more powerful version of Purple rank items with additional abilities, found in a similar manner as Glitch Guns in TPS.

And lastly, Badass enemies will always drop the Gun they are using. If a regular enemy is using a Legendary gun, they will also drop it upon death.

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I support this.

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I totally agree. The third playthrough is just to much. Just 2 long ones is a lot better and less repetitive.

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And please make all missions replayable without a total reset of the entire campaign. And level all the missions along with you maybe so you could go upgrade your favorite uniques when they get a little subpar.

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I had an idea for an Jakob first rpg called the Alamo it would be a legendary or mabey a pearlecent the gun would look like a cannon (obviously). It would have red text reading(come and take it). The effect would leave the come and take it flag where ever you have killed an enemy that was higher level then the player. i think that this is a very cool concept as far as the stats go I would rather leave that to gear box

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