Borderlands 3 ideas Febuary 2017

In between Borderlands 1 & 2 but after TPS, Wilhelm snuck into Angels chambers and slept with her. Unbeknownst to everyone, she got pregnant. Jack found out that they slept together but didn’t tell Wilhelm that he knew. In return, Jack poisoned him and sent him to fight the Vault Hunters in the events of Borderlands 2 as revenge. Not even Angel knew she was pregnant, so when she had the VH’s kill her, you would think the kid died right? No. Lilith phased a CITY with roughly 2 whole eridium bars, Angel charged a VAULT KEY by being pumped full of it for years, but her kid was BORN with eridium powers in HIS blood (yes, a male siren). His DNA was coded with with it, it allowed him to continue to grow after his mother died. The kid was found by the red winged Eridian from TPS when it came to take Angels body. (another suggestion, when sirens die, they are taken by the Eridians and turned into Eridians, maybe, possibly, I don’t know) It detected something living and took the fetus/baby/kid whatever you wanna call him, back to the Eridian home world and raised him. (Possibly as a warrior, a leader, a God) He shows up in Borderlands 3 as a character, a main story quest giver, a boss (main villain), someone important. But since his father was Wilhelm, his DNA also consists of robotics. Since Wilhelms DNA was fused with robotics, it would have transferred over to his son. The most powerful siren EVER in existence that has robotic powers (not saying he has to shoot a big cannon or have a robot eye or anything, just have those powers manifest in some way such as being able to control tech or something)

This seems like a WONDERFUL twist/addition to the next Borderlands in my opinion. Any improvements or suggestions are welcomed! #Borderlands3 #TheHandsomeBloodlineGoesOn
I used this category because it ties into both games.


Nice idea!! I really like the storyline and how he was able to grow whilst his mother was dead. Must’ve taken a lot of time, didn’t it? Anyway, it’s a really good idea for Borderlands 3 and I personally think it should be added into the game. The only thing is, you should probably make the skill trees (or a general idea for them) if he is going to be a character and have at least an idea as to what the action skill is. Otherwise, nice!!!

I had an idea for a bunch of guns and stuff for

  1. Barrage-Very similar to the Kerblaster, except it shoots 5 rockets in a plus sign shape. I got the idea for this when I was playing Borderlands 2 and my Kerblaster glitched out it shot 10 rockets at the loaders in Overlook, when you are using the moon shot supply beacon.
  2. Yoteslayer(Fan idea…thousands of people want this)-As I am sure you are aware, Yoteslaya was a YouTuber who made videos about Borderlands. His fun commentary and useful walkthroughs helped and entertained hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately for the YouTube community he passed away. It would mean a lot if you put this in the next game. High damage, slow fire rate, Torgue pistol. Red text…Get Ready To Get Pooped On(Since that’s something he said a lot)
  3. Dragon Breath-Maliwan rocket launcher always fire rocket launcher. It does relatively low damage and consumes 2 ammo per shot, but with each click it acts like the yellow glitched guns from BTPS.
  4. Chimera-Low fire rate, high damage, low clip. All elements, not all at once though.
  5. Python-Jakobs pistol. High fire rate and high damage. No element. Fires eight bullets in a Y shape, representing a snake tongue.
  6. Big Boom-Torgue Grenade mod with a huge blast radius. Red text could be…GET TO COVER!
  7. Meteor Shot-E-Tech Pistol, two bullets in magazine, extremely high damage for a pistol, consumes two ammo per shot. Shoots a big ball of fire.
  8. Chopper-Vladof machine gun, regens ammo(slowly), medium fire rate, fairly high damage.
  9. Rampage-Hyperion shotgun, high pellet count, fast fire rate, low damage. Accuracy is increased when holding down the trigger.
  10. Hoplophobia(Phobia of guns)-Tediore smg with high fire rate, good accuracy, low damage. Can spawn in any element. Red text…Baby’s Packin’.
  11. Annihilator-Jakobs sniper rifle with very high damage, shoots multiple bullets at once while only consuming one bullet, low fire rate, and extremely high accuracy.
  12. Bison-Jakobs shotgun, medium magazine, medium fire rate, medium damage, high pellet count, pellets are centered very close together.
  13. ShotFun-Torgue shotgun, extremely high damage, one pellet. Once it comes in contact with the surface it not only deals the initial damage, but it spawns 4 child grenades which each do a portion of the initial damage.
  14. Moxxi’s Big One-Maliwan sniper, high elemental effect chance, can spawn in shock, fire, or corrosive. Always three round burst.
  15. Silence-Dahl Sniper, very quiet, medium damage, high magazine size, spawns in any element.
  16. Threat-Hyperion smg with medium damage, medium fire rate, high magazine size. Accuracy is increased when holding down the trigger. Fire rate increases as you hold the trigger down, Spawns in fire and non-elemental.
  17. Mutilater-Hyperion pistol, high damage, high fire rate, low magazine size. Spawns in any element. Fires similarly to the Bekah, except the slower bullet is 1/2 the damage of the initial bullet.
  18. Crux-A little higher fire rate, and adjusted damage to fit the new game.
  19. Rose-Dahl pistol, always fire, fast fire rate, medium damage, medium magazine size.
  20. Crow-Vladof rocket launcher, high damage, reduced ammo consumption, low magazine size. Shoots 4 shots for the cost of 2 rockets.
    Do these sound kinda cool?
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It does, nice idea for weapons!! You think you could come up with some more? I don’t want to sound rude, but could you aim for at least 50 ideas altogether? Also, are these legendaries/pearlescents/seraph weapons? Very nice idea though!!

Some are legendaries and some are pearlescents

Ok thanks

  1. Monty-Jakobs Rifle, large magazine, medium damage, high accuracy. Bullets ricochet off enemies, and can hit other enemies. When it strikes another enemy it does 1/2 the initial damage.
  2. Destroyer-Torgue Assault Rifle, consumes two ammo per shot, high damage, low bullet velocity, medium magazine. Has a chance to not consume ammo(like the butcher). Medium fire rate.
  3. Scorpion-Maliwan Sniper Rifle. Corrosive, low damage, extremely high elemental chance and damage. When bullets come in contact with a surface it explodes in a ball of corrosive.
  4. Pestilence-Maliwan Shield. Practically just like the Firehawk shield, except it’s corrosive.
  5. Exploder-Maliwan Shield. Same as above, except less shield capacity and higher recharge time. And it explodes in all elements, one at a time. Similar to the Chimera.
  6. Unicorn-Maliwan Shotgun. Shoots a large horn which is followed by a rainbow. Very high damage, medium fire rate, low magazine size. Tiny Tina gun.
  7. The Master Gun-Looks like a gun version of the master sword. Shoots out magic swords like when in LoZ when you have full health you can shoot magic swords.
  8. Kong’s Coconuts-Like the coconut gun from Donkey Kong. Very high damage, very low rate of fire, low magazine size.
  9. Boomacorn-Just like in the pre-sequel, except adapted for the new game.
  10. Fireflower-Dahl rifle, shoots fireballs which bounce…like the bearcat…EXCEPT lower ammo consumption, higher damage, and spawns 4 homing child grenades(They each do 1/8th the damage)
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Crazy. Robotics in DNA? Maybe nanobots or something. Also, I just can’t picture wilhelm having done anything with Angel, especially as Angel was how hold? It’s all just a little too Jerry Springer…