Borderlands 3 Implications (Spoilers)

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So, assuming that the story told to Loader Bot is reliable (and for the most part I think it is) and that Tales from the Borderlands is canon let’s talk about the implications that is has for Borderlands 3.

These are the main 3 I can come up with:

Scooter is dead, I guess Janey Springs will take over for him?

Fiona could be a playable vault hunter. Seems possible to me. I doubt Rhys will be playable. I don’t think he fired a gun the entire game.

Atlas is back as Rhys is CEO now. ATLAS HYPE

Also I hope that they at least reference Rhys, Vaughn, Sasha, Fiona, etc. I’m pretty sure that they will at least make them minor characters in BL3.

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I doubt that Rhys and Fiona will become the vault hunters because in the end when they touch the vault, they just gone.
And Hyperion is probably death as Atlas being revived…But not sure if Atlas will be back since Rhys is gone (after touching the Vault treasure). And they will be mention of course as the Helios falls into Pandora and becoming the new base. So it will be there I am sure of that.


If you consider the mystery vault hunter option, one could even speculate that nisha is still alive. I doubt that she would be part of the united vault hunter force though, considering her relationship with the original and gen 2 vh´s.
Regarding Atlas, I´m not entirely sure if we will really see it back. I hope so, but if I remember correctly, Jack completely annihilated everything Atlas, except for the blueprints and stuff he took from them. The Ki-Jack says himself, that he could rebuild Atlas to destroy it again. With the ending being at it is, I doubt Rhys was able to put a whole lot of work into that project.

And let´s not forget the Atlas facility, that could allow us to use cryo weapons on Pandora :wink:

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Just so you know, the mystery Vault Hunter is Claptrap.

(Onward, Relentless.) #5

Rhys will be back before BL3 I’m almost positive. They said that BL3 won’t be for a while and season 2 of TftB is confirmed so I don’t think there’s any way season 2 would be set after BL3 which means that Rhys & co. will probably be available for BL3 and have some downtime between the two to rebuild Atlas, become a Vault Hunter, etc.

(clflanagan72) #6

Hyperion down, Atlas rises up…I don’t know doesn’t that seem sort of deja vu all over again? How many vaults you can open and vault monsters can you fight before it become painfully repetitive? I would hope this would close the Pandora chapter and we move on to something else, something bigger than the loot.


Yeah. Unfortunately enough, I had the money to afford it. I thought that Lilith wouldn´t bother to come, she´s propably busy with the crimson raiders, krieg would have been hilarious and Nisha would have blown my mind ( all the theories xD). But then the inevitable happened … ^^


Oh wow, I wasn´t aware of a second season being produced. That pretty much changes everything I came up with for BL3. But after that ending I´m really looking forward to it. Damn cliffhangers ^^

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Whoooa wait dude, where was it confirmed!? I had no idea!

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Actually, it looks like I took some maybes for definitelys. So not confirmed yet, but I think there is a very good chance that there will be one.

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I was hoping Jack would come back though like, who could replace Handsome Jack? Literally one of the greatest “villains” in video game history just can’t be replaced easily… Crushed in the hands of some code monkey and thrown away like trash? Not the way I’d see him go.

(Perper) #12

I don’t think Hyperion is going down for good. I’m fairly certain that Helios wasn’t the only Hyperion base/facility/spacestation around, especially since Hyperion excisted since before the construction of Helios. They will definately be weakened and probably won’t be involved in the story of Borderlands 3, but I definately believe that they will still excist as an items-manufacturers company.

(Matrixneo42) #13

Having played all Borderlands stuff including tales, here’s a spoiler from the pre sequel:
edit: During the laser shutdown on Helios, minutes before Jack is betrayed by Moxxi, Roland, and Lilith, the computer says something like, “shutting down the laser, a spacetime instability was detected”. Every time I hear that I think, “what if this could be used to bring a version of that Jack to some time during Borderlands 3 or pre BL3”.

Doctor Who would do it. :smile: Interestingly enough, maybe that Jack wouldn’t be as evil because he wouldn’t have experienced anything else from the rest of the PreSequel. He could certainly be different anyhow

Also, the AI version in TFTB could certainly survive somehow. I think there’s multiple ways to retcon Jack back in for BL3. Even if it’s just that he started a bunch of gears working around the universe before his death. He knew about other vaults on other planets I’m fairly sure. So he might have sent out teams to those.

(ShnoorK) #14

Scooter theory ahead:

As Scooter hurtles towards Pandora, the G-force upon re-entry throws him from his rocket shortly before its detonation in the atmosphere. How, you ask? His hand is severed by the absurdly inconvenient rocket clamp, put there for GOD KNOWS WHY. Regardless, Scooter falls towards the surface of the planet, pondering the futility of life while quickly accelerating to terminal velocity, until he eventually lands gracefully upon his feet in the desert, because there is no fall damage on Pandora.

Just watch, BL3, we’re going to find his Luke Skywalker hand in the middle of nowhere, thus triggering the “Find Scooter” quest line, culminating in a big happy reunion. Awww, yis. The hype train is now boarding.

(President of Jellybeans) #15

The thing exploded iirc

(ShnoorK) #16

Yes, and I covered that, iirc

(Chef Magpie) #17

I loved Handsome Jack…But I think 3 games was more than enough for him. He got an ending that he deserved. Yes, making a villain is the hard part of any storybased art. But if these guys could make Handsome Jack I don’t think making another one would be that hard…Or they could get help from 2K, or telltale.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #18

Imagine if they give a nod to the new stars wars jakku by having the ruins of the massive Helios station in the desert of pandora?

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@Dacheat I wrote up “Flight of Fireteam 54” as a story concept: Desires For Borderlands 3

I wasn’t exactly thinking Atlas, but you neverk now, right?

(Termathor) #20

First, yes Scooter is dead, that’s granted. Could be Spring taking over or someone else. I wouldn’t mind a newbye as Spring’s accent is unbearable.

I think both Fiona and Rhys will be playable as they were the VH going through the Vault of the Traveler. It would be meaningless otherwise.

Rhys owns Atlas, yes, but is now the CEO of hyperion, so not sure which company comes back. My bet is on Hyperion.