Borderlands 3 Implications (Spoilers)

(Kitteh) #21

If Fiona and Rhys were playable characters, they’ll most likely be DLC characters (at least that’s what I think…)

(Siahrise14) #22

Atlas and Hyperion at war? Sanctuary and friends stuck in middle?

(Perper) #24

I’d rather hope for Dahl and Atlas. And the real Dahl military that is, not a rogue battalion like The Lost Legion. A full scale war. Since Atlas has recently been reborn, Rhys would need our help to battle Dahl, and we could maybe get some very little Hyperion action. Just like Handsome Jack, I think Hyperion has done enough for the series now and if Hyperion is going to beinvolved in the story, I hope the involvement will be very minimal (something as minimal as a side-quest or side-quest-chain). It’d be fun to see some other companies in the mix as well, like Vladof, for example.

(Isthiswill) #25

Bumping because of an old thought on this subject I figured would be fun to bring up:

Time travel in BL3

It has been established that the Eridians have a means of seeing the future and creating portals. Whether these portals are limited to Space & Dimensions, and not Time has not been clearly stated. But if the future can be seen, why can’t it be visited?

That said, you have a means to include every preexisting vault hunter in BL3 by way of making time travel canon. Working out how to reconcile that in continuity is no cakewalk, but there is room to play around in as much as there are still lots of unknowns in the overall story & unexplained gaps in time.

Time travel would allow us to get origins long sought after, & otherwise impossible interactions.

(Matrixneo42) #26

There is a moment in the pre-sequel when they are messing with the eye, and someone mentioned something like “time/space irregularities”. I’m sorta convinced that they could have created a moment there for a “time split” or parallel universe of sorts. Or something else wacky.

Ok… got it. Some time after the space station falls, a bubble in space appears and turns out to be Jack, inside the Eye of Helios room. Duplicated across time and space. The bubble would contain just enough to be a solid working room with life support for Jack. Somehow he gets rescued or something and then learns what happened and begins to toy with Sanctuary and such. Being evil all over again.

Or maybe not evil. Perhaps he reconciles it all as a dark side of himself he never has to be again. And then becomes a neutral or good person and mission giver.

Anyhow. Jack or no Jack, there’s no way that everyone will be happy.

(Isthiswill) #27

The only problem I have with the Pre-Sequel story as it is, is that it leaves it up to the player/ viewer to reconcile what Jack was seeing in the Vault Vision. Was he learning about the Warrior, or was he seeing the future? Since they used stock footage from Borderlands 2 it seems like he was seeing the future. That being the case, you have to assume he would have taken measures to avoid his demise.

You could make a case for the Vault Artifact, or Lilith’s punching, it scrambling his brain or driving him insane, but throughout the story he’s shown to have questionable impulses when it comes to punitive justice. It also failed to broach what happened to his wife, and what exactly Angel did to her. Anything related to the origin and nature of sirens and eridians is wide open, as that lore has never really been explained at length, and as such anything is possible. Even the nature of digistructing or Fast Traveling hasn’t been explained or explored.

You could come up with a plot device amidst all that to explain the return of ANY character in some fashion, if it’s felt it serves the plot or whatever they should decide to do. Tales from the Borderlands gives us the means to transverse a galaxy, but it’s entirely possible that the Vaults were just portals for extra-dimensional, and possibly temporal, travel from the get go.

(Matrixneo42) #28

I always just assumed that he only got an incomplete vision.

(Isthiswill) #29

It shows the Vault of the Warrior, the key with Lilith charging it, and all the Vaults. If we assume that’s all he saw you’d think capturing, not killing, Lilith would be his ambition, or we can just assume he took the vision as a suggestion, to be augmented as needed ( i. e. swapping in Angel for Lillith).

If we assume Vaults are linked to each other, then it would be reasonable to infer that the artifact gave the wielder the power to look into entities that interacted with a Vault or Key from that point forward. That said, only Tannis, Angel, Jack, & Lilith are confirmed to have handled the key since the end of Borderlands 1. Angel & Tannis weren’t included in the cut scene though.

It makes sense that it goes no further than the Warrior sequence if the artifact is showing Jack his future, given his demise. But that’s contradicted by it showing Jack the map of vaults when at that moment he was supposedly dead, by our or Lilith’s hands.

(eddiemills909) #30

Is it really confirmed, please tell me it is cause I’ve been waiting for so long and It’s been literally haunting me for years since it ended. You would think someone would let go of the series but not me I stuck to it and was just praying that they would confirm a new season 2

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Nah just my speculation

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“there is no fall damage on Pandora.”


I don’t think scooters voice actor will be coming back. (I hope he at least had a hand in writing the story for bl3) as he helped write them as well.
You can see some of the same humour in his YouTube series “movies with Mikey” buuut He’s been through a lot medically, so he’s not working with gearbox anymore.

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