Borderlands 3 Improvements and Ideas

While I impatiently await the arrival of The Handsome Collection I put together my latest blog post about what I would like to see from Borderlands 3. Check it out and let me know what you think; and what I totally forgot to add.

Pretty good suggestions. Side missions tying into a main mission make a lot of sense to me. Imagine some parts of Borderlands 2 you could have made easier beforehand by running some sabotage mission beforehand. Like the map right before the warrior in BL2. Imagine if you could run a couple side missions beforehand that would have prevented the shield walls from deploying, or predamaged the constructors before their arrival. This would also provide a way to sort of provide multiple paths through the game. And something to do if the main mission is too tough. You could go weaken it and then try it again.

I also agree on the concept of disabling tutorials and providing weapon SDUs from the start. Even if they simply ask you before the game starts, “new to borderlands? we’ll slowly introduce you to the mechanics of the game. Veteran? Ok we won’t insult your intelligence.”

I don’t mind the “spend moonstones to expand your ammo capacities” mechanic too much. There are of course, ways to speed up the upgrades process.

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Hey thanks for reading my article, I appreciate it.

As for weapon SDUs, I don’t necessarily think they are a bad thing, but if I can choose between using my special resource to upgrade ammo capacity or weapons; I would rather upgrade my weapons.

Inventory SDUs on the hand really bother me. This game is all about the guns and inventory limitations really take some of the buzz out of it. Am I just being too critical of this issue?

Yea. Inventory management needs work going forward. I think we need more backpack space and some folders or something.

I’m with you on the back pack space. I don’t see the point of limiting it, other than to maybe create a sense of achievement at some point during the game when you do get more. But I don’t understand why it’s so limited. It’s not as though the game has a finite amount of guns and you’d be keeping one from somebody else.

But what bothers me most about BL2 is the weapon mechanism. I don’t get what was wrong with the one in BL1 that they had to fix it. The chances of getting a reasonably decent weapon are far too low and having to grind a specific boss for hours and hours just to get a version of a particular weapon you want is just plain boring. I miss the sense of excitement I used to get when opening random weapons chests in the original game and used to go out of my way to explore so I could find them. In BL2 it’s hardly worth the effort to get the same old green and white rubbish.

The old system also had me trying out many different weapons just to see how they would stack up. But in BL2 I avoid Tediore weapons like the plague as I tend to reload immediately after killing something and end up wasting too much ammo. I generally discard Hyperion snipers as they have too much sway, while Dahl ones use up too much ammo, etc etc. So once you find your favourite brand you tend to ignore everything else, which was not the case for the original game.

So while it’s not a new idea as such I’d love to bring back the old weapons system and put the fun back into looting.

Another potential idea I’ve stolen from the Ratchet and Clank series. If you had a previous version of the game you could download older weapons you had when the system recognised your previous save. I thought that was a great idea. I’d love to bring out my old Pearl Ogre!

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Thank you for reading my article. I have to admit that I miss the better weapon drops from random enemies. It makes fighting them a lot less rewarding. Of course at the same time you don’t have to stop to check out new guns you’re picking up either.

What I would like to see for the new borderlands if not 3 then for 4 is the four playable characters all start off with a different scenario, maybe on a different planet and end up all on the same planet at level 20 or 30 (so you would be more inclined to play all the characters). Also when leveling up your character I would like if something else would upgrade like building your own customized vehicle level by level with a new customizable part each level, or maybe a base or city that you would defend against hordes of enemies. With addition to the skins have different armor and costumes for the characters. For the side missions it would be cool if it affected the main story and have a consequence with each mission and be able to interact with characters and bystanders more.

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I know this is old, but in TPS, this IS actually present.

If you do the “Lock and Load” SM, in the final mission, Jack will deploy 6 - 12 loaders.

If you don’t do it, Jack will only deploy 2.

If you do the “Things that go boom” SM, in the final missions, some of the loaders mentioned earlier will be EXP loaders.

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Respawnable badasses. Should be a given though it somehow was not implemented at launch in TPS.

Every “area” needs a fast travel.

I know there will be some who disagree, but massive areas with few Catch-a-Ride stations are annoying. Walking through expansive areas is not fun, I would like to get back in to the action.

An armory. Too many of us have mule characters, and we also have too many mules. It would be nice if we had one large bank that could be accessed by any character, that way we wouldn’t have to stop the game, switch characters, hunt down the item, transfer it over to the current character, and remember to send it back once done.

Oh, and skippable dialogue/cutscenes. After seeing the same intro 100+ times I start to lose my sanity. Can you tell I’m highly impatient?

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Badasses were respawnable. Do you mean bosses?

Bosses have HP bars at the top of the screen when fought. Meg, Drongo and the like are badasses.

Fascinating! I did not know that! But I do tend to save a ton of side missions until after I beat the playthrough.