Borderlands 3 instructions

Where can I find general instructions. System requirements, do I need to play through steam etc?

A quick google result:

And B3 is only on Epic right now…

Not 2k or steam?


As has been talked about on these forums for months now, Epic Games secured a Timed Exclusive on PC for Borderlands 3. Their exclusivity window seems to be for 6 months or so. The game WILL come to Steam, but only once Epic’s exclusivity ends after a certain date in 2020.

was going to buy it but it but doesn’t look like I have the pc to run it
i7 4770
RZ 340M 4G
16 mb ram…

i7 7500U
AMD R7 340M 4G video
16 mb ram…
Runs it well at lowest resolution option 1280/786
I can see what the higher resolution settings looks like but frame rates too slow to enjoy gameplay
Didn’t have to buy a $3000 gaming rig to run it.
The app that checks your computer I found on a web set ‘will it run it’ said no
Also said I had a i7 4770
Updated to the optional AMD video driver it helped even more.
Also my computer isn’t going to black screen at start up near as bad. Only for about a second…