Borderlands 3 is broken

The Shift update has broken Borderlands 3 on Xbox One. The game takes forever to login and then hangs. Also, split screen is broken.

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Not experienced any sign in issues myself. You may want to try clearing the cache (delete the temp data partition you can see when you Manage Game and check the storage, then do a power reset).

Did you leave the game on XBL only or switch to the new cross-play system?

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Pretty much the same issues here, these issues are “known” but not fixed yet.


Yeah, Gearbox said they knew about these issues almost a month ago, and still nothing.

My game lags roughly ever 40 seconds, in or outside of a battle.


My wife and I play Borderlands 3, and right now it’s nearly unplayable. We lag so badly when we play together that the game crashes to the point that we have lost so many gold weapons that the humor is no longer there…

I’ve also noticed it’s twice as bad when you have the cartel game going to…

Oh, side note, when my wife joins the game, the patches sign disappears… wonder why?


Yeah it is strange. When I turn my xbox to offline mode, the game works better, much less lag. I assume it has something to do with how the game communicates with Shift or something. Maybe tomorrow we will finally get that hot fix/patch and this nonsense will be in the past.

It’s been two months for me, so no hope on my end.


Check the Social menu settings, including the notification frequency and echo extensions. Unless you’re actively using the latter, you can safely turn both of those off completely and you should see at least some improvement in performance.


Game still won’t load hotfixes for me been like that since june 24th patch hope they fix it soon i like playing the game

Thanks man, I’ll try that and see if it improves anything. As it is Thursday now, doesn’t look like we are getting another patch sadly. Here is hoping for one in August at this point.

The only problems i’ve been having is my game crashed 3 times today, twice before a major cartel enemy spawned(orange signal thing) & once while i was sorting my loot, fortunatley nothing was lost

I did clear the cache on my Xbox one. That messed up the Jakobs Map Radio Quest. Did all the radios and shows 0 so I can’t get 100% Tried to redo the radios but it doesn’t change. Whatever happened after the Shift update seems to be gone or dumping my cache fixed it. For a while every time I went to the ship my Xbox would shutdown. It really bites.

Xbox or PlayStation? Deleting the scratch file fin my Xbox fixed a lot but ruined one of the radio quests so know we can’t get 100%.

XBox, and I’ve done the same, with no luck on my end.

The only way to “fix” the problem is by disconnecting your xbox from the internet. I’ve tried literally everything. The game is a laggy, stuttering mess that crashes constantly, but if you disconnect your xbox either via ethernet or turn off your wifi, suddenly the game is back to the way it was before this god awful update.


I careful to log in as main player or layer one. This after I restart my Xbox One, start Borderlands then go into play, choose split screen, then wait for my other to hit X sign on and we can play. If the other is already logged into Xbox it won’t work.