Borderlands 3 is dying

Hi guys,

After reviewing the hotfix that we got after 3 weeks with no hotfix, many people including myself was disgusted by the game and developers. This hotfix was an utter disgrace to the borderlands game and community. The developers need to take the advice of the people on the forums and do their job.

The communities wants:

Increase dedicated loot pools to where it is almost guaranteed to get the item.

This isn’t going to stop the concept of farming because the amount of anointments there are in this game. The only reason to play the game at game end is to try new build with new weapons.

Anointed Militant immunity phase not as often.

I understand that in this hotfix you guys lowered the health for it. The issue with the militant is not it’s health but how long and often its immunity phase happens.

Fix skill trees.

Many skills in the skill tree are not properly working. such as amara fracture skill doesn’t count as a phaseslam anointment (I am not sure of all of them but if you know any please comment.)

Nerfing OP characters.

As an Amara main, I understand what I am asking for. But the community is totally correct when they say Amara is too OP especially with the recursion.

Fix loot dropping through sanctuary floor.

This is an issue i had when I finally got the mod I needed but it dropped through the floor.

these are the things the community wants. I reviewed many posts and took from those. If I missed out on anything please let me know and I will add it.

But as for this game. There is no reason to play until gearbox fix these issues, especially the dedicated loot drop rates.

Well guys apparently moderators can pay attention to posts like these instantly but not the ones that would keep there jobs. Great job guys. Just amazing Work on keeping this game alive.


This is isn’t the forum to try to raise a boycott.

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