Borderlands 3 is now live on Steam!

Today’s the day, Vault Hunters! #Borderlands3 is now live on Steam!

Get it here:

The PC Cross-Play patch for Epic on PC should also be live now!

If you are having any issues related to Borderlands 3 on PC, please file a ticket with and feel free to post in the [PC] BORDERLANDS 3 TECH SUPPORT with information.


Gearbox and 2K don’t seem to be too superstitious. Another Friday the 13th release date.

Let’s make it an unlucky day for the COV.


Will cross play ever be likely between consoles? My buddy is PS4 im on the best(xb1)! Lol.

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We don’t have anything to announce on crossplay to consoles at this time.

So there is something bubbling in the background? Lol. All I need is a glimmer of hope. :smiley::smiley:

Probably the main reason why it’s out now and not april…

As much as I would enjoy cross play between consoles I can’t even play with other Xbox players because my Xbox 1 X shuts down when I try to do anything multiplayer wise, you know that problem that has been going on since the games release.

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me and so many players can’t sign in into shift. is this a problem on gearbox’s shift side or ours?


The whole ricochet thing can cause massive fps drops on PC, and it just gets worse on multiplayer. When that happens, the CPU and GPU demand increases, and temperatures get high. That’s most likely the cause of your crashes, as cooling efficiency decreases over time, and components get a lot of dust. The console shuts down itself to avoid physical damage.

I don’t know how you can improve cooling on Xbone tho. Try cleaning it first.

I have cleaned my XB1X and it is sitting in a well ventilated area with nothing around it. Great advise though none the less and it is appreciated. The biggest problem I have is that this is the only game that does this and Gearbox has yet to address it even though it is a massive problem for all XB1X users. I have also submitted tickets to address it as well and there is no response.

It’s a problem on PC as well, the game seems to be running in benchmark mode, even when limiting fps to 60. It’s weird getting the same temperatures with vsync on and off, as enabling vsync in my system cuts the fps in half, as well as the GPU usage .

Hey Guys, sry for my bad english, i’m from germany … i have the game on epic …but i want buy it again on steam sale … i know how i transfer my saved profile, but the achievments … … but my characater is 33 …the achievments as example “you reach level 2” would that unlock for my character?? or have to start a new one …??? i hope not …
thx and i hope you understand my problem …:wink: