Borderlands 3 is "the big one." How big can it get?

Borderlands 3 is the going to be the biggest Borderlands yet. We’re all excited for it and we’re all talking about little things we want or cool ideas we have, but here’s one that I’ve got:

How big is the “the big one?”

Is going to be like BL2 where there’s tons of loot to get and tons of build possibilities to choose from? Or is it going to big like Diablo 3 so we can play Borderlands 3 for decades with infinitely scaling levels, infinitely scaling loot, and infinitely scaling fun?

I’d love to see a system where the game scales infinitely with the number of playthroughs the player has made, even allowing more skill points to be put into every skill with each playthrough.
e.g. every time the player beats the game with a character, the maximum points you can put into a skill goes up by one, so builds don’t turn into “just put 5 points into every skill.” Every five playthroughs, the maximum you can put a single point ‘Game Changer’ skill goes up by one, increasing their effects.

Perhaps leaderboards to see who has the most playthroughs (or OP levels, with playthrough 1 being OP level 0), Badass Ranks, and character levels.

Also, something I personally want to see, is being able to create new characters at high levels thato the player has already achieved. e.g. if you have a character that is level 50 on OP level 3, all characters you create can start at level 50 OP 3 or below. This way, you can play with your friends who don’t have high level characters or you don’t have to compromise your leaderboard position to try out someone new.

More weapon slots, multiple action skills per character, more characters to choose from, more weapons types and manufacturers, more skill trees, bigger skill trees, more locations to explore?

What do you guys think? How big is “the big one” going to be?

Could be interesting

I think hackers are far too prominent

They love progression, and that would kill that.

No problems here lol

Just my thoughts

You’re probably right about creating new characters at high levels. I’m just used to wanting to play with my friends who are level 30 something, but all my characters are 50+ and I don’t want to ruin their experience. More of a personal gripe than something that everyone would want.

Yeah, there’s lots of hackers, so they’d hop straight to OP 1,000. Doesn’t mean us legit players wouldn’t enjoy seeing how we stack up against our friends and such.

Maybe just an in-session leaderboard? e.g. pressing start also shows you how many enemies everyone in the lobby has killed since they joined, and how much money all the loot they picked up is worth.