Borderlands 3 is the only game that crashes my internet router!


I played all day today and yesterday with no problems.

I went for supper for an hour and a half and left my game on the menu while playing because I didn’t want to loose my place.

When I came back the internet was down. I rebooted and noticed that the internet was not connected. Went to the router and noted that it had crashed.

Reset. Internet got back online. Opened my favorite Twitch streamer. Went back in game.

Internet crashed again. Rebooted PC. Rebooted router. Internet came back.

Rinse and repeat… same issue. I can’t log into my game because if I do the internet will crash again.

Is there a work around or something I’m missing?

Other games are fine.


EDIT: So I got myself Netlimiter 4… and set the upload of Borderlands 3 @ 750B/s… it worked longer then the internet crash.

So it’s an upload/download issue. It’s too bad this game doesn’t have tailored upload/download settings. Trying the upload at 500B/s hopefully it should work?

I noticed that I loggin more slowly on the servers though.

EDIT 2: Update. It IS Borderlands 3 the problem. The upload overwhelms my router.

I installed NetLimiter 4 and downgraded the upload at 500B/s because higher would make the router die.

This is indeed ■■■■■■■■.

EDIT 3: Tried to connect with friends in COOP. It works on single @500b/s but when I get connected I get an internet crash again.

Perfect. Just Perfect.

Epic -> FIX IT. I got 10 hours in to this game. Thinking I should get a refund.

EDIT 4: Uninstalled the game. After install same issue. I’m totally stumped on why. Can’t play COOP. I can only play single with a limited debit or else the whole internet goes down.


I have the same issue. Borderlands 3 repeatedly crashes my internet connection and I need to reboot the connection. Does not happen with other games or programs.

This is on PC while hosting, playing co-op.


Haven’t played since.

It’s unfortunate, I liked it for the 7 hours I played it.

Then you have buggy internet router. Use quality network equipment (ubiquiti/mikrotik) not SOHO pseudo hardware with ancient firmware in it. Router should never crash even if you have 5k connections or high speed upload.

So from what I’ve read on the net the game has net code to prevent cheating and hacking and possibly is keylogging and that “extra” traffic is what is causing “ALL” the issues.

Easy work around… play offline. I unplug my computer from my router and play offline works great. Load epic store goto your library and run from your library list. I was running the game min graphics and crashing every 10-30 minutes. Now I can play for hours max settings no issues. ONLY NEGATIVE : you can’t do the events since they aren’t hard patches. The temp patches they are using can be bypass with offline play so no eridium boost in drops or cheaper prices at store.

I can still watch my fav streamers on twitch with a mobile device and wifi since i left the router on just unplugged the pc from it.

Ya no coop play sucks. Though look at fallout 76 and all the hacking in it and other games and if they can quash it now for a better experience later then it will be worth it.