Borderlands 3 is the worst, great game

Gearbox still just has no idea what kind of game BL3 is. It wants to have the brutal difficulty of games like Sekiro, but only works towards those ends by increasing health. Borderlands as a series has always been mocked for being a game full of bullet sponges, and it’s not wrong, but I used to fire back with “but that’s the point, it’s like the glitches in Skyrim!” because gearbox leans into the tropes and tired mechanics of looter shooters and makes it fun. Now it’s like the glitches in Fallout 76, a maddening problem that’s eating all the good will of previous games. A good dev can turn a game glitch into a feature, but no Dev will survive a game featuring a glitch. Not long, at least. BL3 has no identity now outside of “bullet sponge that still thinks “krunk” is the coolest word.” It has guntastic mechanics that are running face first into a wall of health, shield, and stupid. It has the rewards curve of a freemium app, in a genre that includes the word “looter” in the title. It comes off like it’s trying to force you into a paywall that doesn’t exist. The endgame would be indiscernible from “Destiny” except you can’t pay to make it not ■■■■■■. Anniversary events are laughable, claiming “increased rewards” while the Devs nerf you into oblivion. Not to even mention the straight borked state of Haunted event. Why would I want a weapon that’s identical, but has one more annointed RNG variable that makes the gun not annointed when this event is over. They couldn’t even be arsed to add ONE NEW boss for the event, instead choosing to reskin Traunt so you can fight him for the millionth time, but this time with pumpkins. We know you’re waiting to drop something paid to fix this all, so why doesn’t Gearbox just do it already, and finish themselves off like Bethesda just did.


…no?..i dont think it does

I watch youtube and its full of people killing Graveward in one or two shots, Bl2 was full of people killing Raid bosses in less than 10 seconds.

Bullet sponges?

My Amara build kills 4 to 6 enemies with one bullet from a Jakobs gun.

Borderlands has been about ways to use skills and gear to become OP and kill things fast.


borderlands is also the series where you get a few of your friends and have a fun nightg

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All my friends quit over the Moze nerfs :sob:


you mean the means of destruction thing?..I mean, its sad but…I honestly got bored of grenades anyway and went into shielding, oh and fire damage, its very fun

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also THATS THE JOKE, its truant, he is the running joke of the game

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Right. I’m just pointing out that it ceases to be a game about hanging with a few of your friends for a night of fun when all your friends stop having fun and leave.


well…in response to that, me and my friends still play it and we all have level 50s, hell one of them plays zane and has fun with him

and at least while he is a re skin he has different mechanics, making it more fun than doing the same fight

You must have started with Moze then. I made the mistake of starting with Zane, and I’m still trying to get a new Moze to 50, but it’s taking an hour of Mayhem 3 play for each level now and it’s just ridiculous. I have 7 DAYS of gameplay, I am not near invincible.

odd…it took me like…maybe 30ish hours to get to lvl 50 with my moze

I started with flak, have them at 50, then I got Amara she is also at 50. My moze is about level 30 and zane level 10.

If you need help with Zane I would watch Mopiod on Twitch he has a few very strong ways to play zane.

I’m so happy you and your friends are still having fun. I guess the rest of us will eat ■■■■.

I don’t have any friends on Epic Games. I don’t think most people have access to their friends on the game.

also yeah, zane needs some adjustments, hopefulyl he will get em

Let’s talk about the game and not each other please.

Also on Co-op as an FYI, you can use this place to find people to play with, there are also discords, facebook groups, etc…

I don’t have many “real life friends” that play borderlands but I made a bunch of friends that I play with to this day through here and other places.

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sorry, wont do it again

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I wonder when the first raid boss drops live, if people are going to complain in the very first second because they cannot one shot it…

Mind as well ask gearbox to just replace the boss with a cardboard. That way it’ll just stand still with no animations and attacks. You can feel invincible that way.

So why are we over here nerfing things and killing off builds?
If people are killing Graveward in 1-2 shots anyway, what was the point of nerfing GITM? If GITM wasn’t necessary to kill Graveward in a short amount of time then the only thing the nerf did was kill it’s mobbing potential. This does not promote build diversity, this narrows things.

If you are killing 4 to 6 enemies in one bullet from a Jacobs gun with your Amara, then why are we attacking Moze’s grenade build? I can’t kill 4-6 enemies with 4-6 grenades, which would take longer to throw out all those grenades then it would to pull the trigger once. Again we are killing off builds, narrowing our options and calling it build diversity.

If Borderlands has always been about ways to use skills and gear to become OP and kill things fast, then why are we over here nerfing things in the first place? Did we just get to OP to fast? So now we do some “balance changes” to keep them farming and playing? Is this what I signed up for? Because if it is let me know now, I can’t get my $100+ dollars back (wish I could if this is the case) but, I certainly can use my future free time in a different manner. So please let me know.