Borderlands 3 is the worst, great game

Everytime I hear more and more bad reviews on this game it discourages me. I have yet to buy the game but have been pondering it for sometime now. Even with all the current bugs and glitches. I simply cannot forgo all the issues this game has and purchase it. God knows I want to though lol. I own all the other ones lmao. Maybe Borderlands 3 can finally be fixed, only time will tell.

Just wait for November’s big patch and check how that will turn out.

Hopefully that fixes the bulk of the problems.

It pains me very very much to say this as I am a huge fan of the Borderlands series but, my opinion is it’s a no buy for me right now. I could not with a straight face suggest that you part with your hard earned money for this game at this time. Typing that right now brings tears to my eyes.

If we were talking about Borderlands 1 or 2 I would be trying to flame you for not having bought it yet.

Maybe the game will get to a good place one of these days. I doubt it with the current direction of they’ve chosen but, I am still hopeful.


I agree with you, I can’t justify spending money on a defective product that needs to be updated with patches all the time. Companies like Gearbox, Epic and 2K Games all sold this game with these horrible glitches and bugs. Not one concern for the consumer.

All games r like this now. Except indie games I have less problems with them.
I liked it better when the games were tested by pros not the consumers ie…early access where you are the tester I stopped doing the early access because I’m not skilled enough for this I didn’t go to school to become a tester. I went to work so I could buy tested games :sunglasses: I bought day one because borderlands has always never disappointed me until now. BL 1,2 had it’s problems but they never nurfed anything in them games that to me is why I bought day one now idk

The issue at heart is that anyone can call themselves a pro gamer. Of course that would be complete bs for quite a few people. I know for a fact that I am not a pro gamer. I’m not even close to being called that lol. I’m average when it comes to games thats it.

can you show me that build please, it’s not that I don’t believe you, I just want that build.

Joltz also covered it



In the 21st post of this thread I asked you 8 separate questions. I really would like to hear your answers to said questions. Please take the time to look them over and reply to them. Thanks.

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I’m still waiting.

Thread post #21: A-F**KING-MEN! I, and obviously a few others in this thread, will not reccomend this game to someone thinking about purchasing it.

Gearbox, instead of nerfing everything, how about you, I don’t know, give the adds/bosses more health to scale with our power instead?

POST EDIT: Actually, just ignore the ‘more health for adds’ comment, this might only limit the new builds that people were/are making pre/post patch, and may not be the best long-term solution.

We’re like those two guys from that Geico “Bro” commercial a few years ago. Amara is one corner working out, earning gear, and getting stronger - while Moze and Fl4k (and quite possibly Zane soon, go watch Gentlemann’s video @Gearbox) are in the other corner working out, earning gear, and NEVER getting any bulkier/stronger. Here’s a link if you don’t know what ad I’m talking about:

Thanks GearBro-x.

P.S. - If there are no near-future Zane changes coming, who do you think will be the new “flavor of the week”, or will the next patch be out sooner than that?


Ha ha. That’s a perfect analogy. The thing of it is they will probably now nerf Amara instead of bringing the other toons up to her. Just as they should of brought the other toons up to Moze’s level before they started “fixing” her. As a long time Borderlands fan, I can not support the direction the current game is going.

It saddens me deeply. It truly does. This one has the best graphics, the QoL changes have been phenomenal outside of the bank debacle, and the gun play certainly feels the best it’s ever been in this one. But, and it’s a big but, I just really think they will take all the fun out the game with the current direction they are headed.

There are many, many titles out there that are seeking this ugly word “balance”, I prefer my Borderlands games to stay the same “beautifully broken” I have known and loved.

I am thankful it the nerf stick came just as Outer Worlds dropped.

I am playing Outer Worlds now.

The devs like to use words like “This is not the intended design”.
A) How about proper testing before game release
B) SO WHAT. People are having fun. The whole idea of making builds is to be able to gain advantage from crazy synergies or/and borderline exploited.

If every leg weapon , any random created skills combination is as almost good as finely tuned one, than theer is no point for a build focus games.



Still waiting…

I choose to ignore it. I can do that.


Wow. Thanks for taking on a tuff conversation. It’s sad it took you this long to up with that weak sauce rebuttal. It’s cool. I would have thought you would have wanted to tackle these conversations they way you act like you like the game and want the best for it.

It’s cool man. No respect lost.

The nerf question has been asked so many times, why do I need to repeat it so many times?

I read the first line of your response and moved on, it didn’t take any time to come up with my response just now. I just saw you spam me a few times so I decided to stop the spam (which if you read the rules is frowned upon).

If you have an original question that hasn’t been asked and answered 100 times I will be more likely to respond.

Sorry but I’m under no obligation to respond to non mod requests here, and often ignoring things is a much better way to go than a pointless argument where no one will change their minds.

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I think you’ve read. I think you’ve read it multiple times. Twice now you’ve tried to take some lame attempt at some I’m the bigger man, and walk approach. It’s cool man, I’ll drop it. Don’t want to do anything around here that would be frowned apron. Like I said, I like the game and want it to be better.

I hoped to get there via a conversation. They say they are reading.

I only read it for the first time a few mins ago when I saw you tagged me a few times.

Before then I read the first line and moved on.

But all this is off topic, so please PM me if you have anything else not related to the thread.