Borderlands 3 is what I've been waiting for

Great game. Just wanted to offset all of the obnoxious haters out there. Hardened gamer and Borderlands veteran. Keep up the great work guys.

Teenage Tina D&D DLC

More Headhunter content like in B2

More Takedowns!

No one is really hating. people voice out their concerns and issues on here for the dev to see. Only reason people even bother doing that is because people like this game, and they do care about this game…


I will admit it … I’m guilty. Everytime GB applies nerfs to the game I get a little salty and my comments become cynical. But the second they fix things and balance this game, I will be singing their praises and throwing money at them.

  • is because its a borderlands game

hardened gamer lmao

i have played noting but hardest difficulties in every game ever including blind first plays, your fake sense of accomplishment is getting you nowhere pal. not everyone who strongly dislikes current state of endgame is some scrub.

there are tons of us who have good knowledge of the game mechanics as well as exceptional mechanical skill that is not even needed for borderlands game.

just because you are willing to use only few things that still work and do the content does not make you a special snow flake. everyone can take advantage of ase bonus elemental stacking building your character in a meta way is not a rocket science, i hear all this talk with optimized builds lmao optimized my ass you just adopt the setting that does more damage in current anointed damage paradigm. Mr.hardened gamer lol you think many of us could not just take fake grasping amara fade away flak and dopplebanging zane and spam monarch recursion etc? i could literally edit this setup in on PC, would take me like 10 mins. the reason why we do not play this content is because we do not like to. the ASA anoints are bound to see increase as well as character specific bonus elemental damage boosts because of how much more dominant ASE is and it has been a never ending loop since release, people with two alive brain cells know where this kind of adjustments lead the game towards… it is like hyper inflation in a falling economic and sadly the central bank keeps printing more money.

gain 400% gun damage after hitting 360 no scope damage is trippled if you hit 720 pogU


Giving (constructive ofc) criticism =/= hating a game.

I’m guilty of throwing sarcastic comments when devs f up stuff, but I’ll never say I hate this game. Cause I don’t. It’s an entertaining, promising game, and I can’t wait to see its state when most problematic stuff will be fixed. And kuddos to devs for trying again and again, must be hard doing so when feedback can seem discouraging here.


Game is fun, there is no denying that. They have a great platform to build on. The RNG sucks life out of it tho. Anointments are poorly implemented. I like to farm, I’m playing MHW which is a farming game to the core but its well done. Having to trade for gear sucks, the drop rates sucks, when you get to end game trying to get the gear you need for your build its a lost fight. Thats what I dont like about BL3 and I played roughly 5k hours of bl2 with my wife.

legit the first time i agree with u lmao