Borderlands 3 isn't working anymore

Whenever i load up borderlands 3 on my xbox one its all goes fine until the title screen where you press A to go to the main menu where i select my character only for the game to force close and not let me play it but whats worse is it was working fine until the last update.


Same here. I’ve had the problem for weeks now. It’s ridiculous.

Hard restart your console to clear the cache. If that doesn’t help then I’d suggest opening a help ticket with 2K. I hope something resolves the issue for you soon.

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I have done everything to try and play this weekend. It gets to the login screen and then resets back to my dashboard. I’ve reset the Xbox. I’ve powered the Xbox at the power brick. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Nothing has worked. I want to play the game i paid for.

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That sounds like the exact same issue ive been having for weeks now