Borderlands 3 - item drops are horrible

Yeah, 150 + hours of farming and with farming I dont mean running through the story :wink:
Vault Hunter mode activated, Mayhem mode level 3 activated. Me and my bro went farming for 150 hours since release and literally almost no upgrades. That is 300 hours in total with the two of us.

Is the whole point of this game not to have upgrades and just choose the guns you like and build a “class” like you want it? in other words there are not really “better” guns?

Hope someone can clearify this to us, and please dont say “you dont know Borderlands 1 and 2”. 150 hours in and one would at least expect a couple of “good upgrades”. I dont need a full character with uber gear that will 1 hit KO on TVH M3, but as said, I would have expected at least a couple of noticable upgrades.

You might be getting guns that are just better on other characters and with 150 hours of grinding I doubt you’ve seen every weapon in the game. Real grinding on this is looking for Class Mods and Artifacts with the minor buffs you want and guns with the perfect prefix’s, elemental type and now a gun that has the right Annointed effect

It is really hit and miss. Offline, or by not applying the hotfixes, seems to yeild more stuff but less of certain items, like class mods (less not none I managed to get a fair amount playing offline). Yet last night doing slaughterdome 3000 with 2-3 other people we had a pile of over 100 legendaries when it was all said and done. The key for us was running it multiple times, it seemed as if better stuff dropped the longer we stayed in that zone, and as the ground was covered in purples by run 3, most of the items that dropped after were purple or higher.

We also had really good modfiers from Mayhem Mode 3 that made it to where we had fun playing instead of being murdered relentlessly which is why we stayed. Still took some work, but was enjoyable. I think that is key in those game modes.

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Thanks for your replies guys, sounds good to do multiple runs but yeah, its always me and my bro haha (PC), we have an open game but some how people never join :frowning:

Ill give it a try to do multiple rounds!