Borderlands 3 Jack's Wild dlc

I get right to the place where Timothy is abducted and sent to pretty boy. I must not have gone quick enough through the “downed” forcefield to proceed and now I can’t progress get past the forcefield to finish the game. I’ve tried over and over but same result, forcefield blocks my way. Any suggestions.? I can’t find an answer anywhere.

Oh man, I just rolled through this and can’t remember the spot you’re talking about. There were a lot of places where I couldn’t figure out how to get through, only to find a hidden hole in the floor or something.

I think I know where you’re talking about… that shield takes a long time to fade, no? Like the entire time the dialog during the abduction takes place, plus a few more moments? If you sit there for a long time, will it eventually drop? Let me hop back in and see if there’s something to it.

edit - this is where you are, but the field is still up and Tim is not there to lower it. Ouch… no way around that I know of. Join someone’s game who’s at this point and proceed through a couple of mission check points (so when you go back to solo play, you should “start” where you left off during co-op (as in, past that force field))?

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Moved to BL3 section for you.

Thank you for the suggestion. You’ve found the exact spot where I’m stuck. I’d be willing to start at the very beginning

of this dlc. How do I do that?


oof, I don’t know? I don’t think there’s a ‘reset mission’ option, even for the entire campaign much less this DLC.

@VaultHunter101, got an idea here?

@dlg51, I can take one of my characters new to this DLC and let you know when I get there: you can follow me through to the next checkpoint and see if that works. Feel free to add me as a friend, and I’ll let you know when I get there.

I haven’t ventured into co-op play for fear of borking my characters/gear, but my stuff is backed up quite well. I’d recommend it in principle, but especially if you’re going into online play.

The only reset option is the full game reset in TVHM; there’s no NVHM or DLC-specific one.

@dlg51 - from memory, the force field should go down and stay down, but it doesn’t go down straight away. You here something like “Find some other way I suppose?” and then it just fades out. Not sure what the trigger is though. I’m guessing you’ve already tried the save-quit-resume tactic?

Is there one in TVHM? I’ve never looked, but didn’t know there was one. Nice! I should be to that point here in a few hours if he or she doesn’t want to do a full reset (and see if this works).

Thanks. I’ll keep trying for another route. I don’t want to re-play the whole game since I’m at level 50 and 110+ rating for whatever that means. I’ve finished all the missions for the regular game and all so far for Handsome Jack dlc.


Thanks for wanting to help out. Let me know when you’re at Jack’s Secret area.

Ok, I’ve got a Moze at the mission to get Jack’s clothes, which should be the mission one or two before going through that point. I’ll park that character and play with others until I hear from you. I’ll be on for a few more hours after this post, then sleep, then I’ll post when I’m back online.

My access gets spotty for a few days (solar panel inspectors coming to work “some time” tomorrow, work, three dinner events, and Christmas dinner with the parents somewhere between now and Monday. I didn’t see a friend request (Adabiviak). What’s your Epic handle?

Did you back up your save files?

Thanks for doing that. I had to leave the game yesterday because of some pressing matters. I must admit I’ve never played online

games nor do I know how to add a friend. Two of my kids added them to my account many years ago so I didn’t watch how they did it

on Steam. Of course we’re talking about Epic. Gearworks or 2K now.

I tried adding you as a friend but I ended up in a “Cistern of Slaughter” arena and I played that out to success. Please give me

instructions on adding a friend and we can try hooking up as you’ve been so willing to help me. I’m old as pc gamers go (age 68)

but I still love shooter games and aren’t too bad at them. My Epic handle is FrontierCybrarian but it is too long and they cut off the “n”.

FrontierCybrarian used to be my company name when I sold books and software on Amazon and Ebay (don’t anymore).

I got your friend request: am waiting for an inspector today, so will likely be online for several hours now (not expected to be here for three more hours at the time of this post). If I see you online, I should be able to send an invitation, which should pop up in your game menu… somewhere (haven’t played co-op with Epic yet myself).

edit - as I get into the game here, I see you online. I don’t have my mic/earphones set up, but can type fast enough.

edit - see you in game: invitation sent!

2nd edit: okay, we’re past that part and you should be on your way when you get back online. If you’re interested in some good gear, I can mail some your way.

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i need help with the same thing is there anyone who can help me?

I take it you’re on PC? I’m down.

Adabiviak was kind enough to multi-play and he took me through to basically the end of the game. But, when I tried to solo play and get through the locked area it wouldn’t allow me to pass so I got frustrated and quit playing. I’m waiting for the other dlc’s and I went to Metro Exodus and their 2 dlc’s.

Sorry, I wish I could help!

That didn’t work? You were stuck on that one door in the Handsome Jackpot, and once you were through, I thought you were good to go? Like that passage should only be locked during that one moment in the story mission. When you went back solo, did the game prompt if you wanted to continue where you left off, or start anew? (It’s so rare that I see this message that I forgot the wording). It basically lets you replay missions you complete in co op while solo if you’re so inclined. Are you still stuck on that door?

I played that recently too… not sure I knew there was DLC for it. :+1:

yeah im on pc whats y’all’s names
im also on steam tho

I’m on both Steam and Epic, though it appears that this won’t matter. I’m Adabiviak on both.

Thanks for the email. I tried many different things but none of them worked so I moved on. I’m through with

the Jack’s Wild story. Don’t want to go back. Too many other unfinished games.

Thanks for all your help though.


Just in case the devs are looking into this bug, I am suffering from the same issue on the PS4 as well where online co-op didn’t help either: