Borderlands 3 Jakobs Estate (possible secret)

Could use some help on this, so basically i was inside jakobs manor when i noticed that some of the statues and paintings are interactable, so i started trying to press E on a bunch of them.
So basically i found this weird skull that looked out of the ordinary for the manor.

That’s the skull there ^

And i found one of the statues with a button hidden underneath on the rightside of the third floor.

(to the left of the chair, there’s a statue there for those who haven’t activated it yet.)

Just haven’t found the last one and could use help/tips or something.
My find is your find
Good luck vault hunters.

^ Location on the map


It doesn’t really include a spoiler though, i’m not saying anything about the story it’s in game pictures and a picture of a minimap, but thanks for the advice didn’t know that. : )


I looked through the few things i could post it under but i’m guessing u want me to put it under spoilers? for containing images. of the game. ? i’m unsure.

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my dude. i got stuck on the same place and this is the only other mention of it thus far as i’ve been able to find. i’m presently looking for another bust with a button that turns white in all of the libraries in the mansion. lmk if u find anything, take care and have fun :smile:

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PS i love easter eggs like this and it appears we are on the bleeding edge of one!!!

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also, i’m going to try messing with those globes that appear all over the library i wonder if one is interactive. maybe try looking for suspicious paintings or other furniture that can be interacted with. it looks like the jakobs family had some sort of secret meeting room. the whole thing is drenched in conspiracy to me

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I’ve been unable to find anything to interact with so far so i gave up and continued for now : (

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From the way the skeleton is oriented it seems almost as if the left eye was looking at the pedestal with the button. Maybe the right eye is also looking at the other interactable?

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Finally a thread on this :slight_smile:
I was searching for like two hours inside of the estate, but couldn’t find any clues besides the statue mentioned on the screenshot. Globes, pictures, other statues, bookshelves, trophies… nothing.

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Maybe we need something to do with gramophone. Skull look in that way on the 2nd floor.

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In the same area where the butler’s body is found, there’s a dead end with two painting on each side of the hall. Interact with Aurelia’s painting. It doesn’t seem to do anything but click and shake. Upon heading back to the library the button in the skull should change to green. Thus opening the secret room.
Hope this helps y’all :slight_smile:


Didn’t work.

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My next best guess would be to set the gramophones in the areas before the library to the slow setting. The door was unlocked for me after I messed with the painting.

I wish you best of luck.

Tried the following but it didnt work:

-shake photo
-push button 3rd floor
-change gramophone speed
-shake photo again

I checked the skull in between all steps, nothing happened :confused:

This post is in right category for spoilers. I hate when people think their so right when they are so wrong. Look at the top the page. It reads Borderlands 3>Borderlands Spoilers. The internet isn’t made for everyone. This is how bad stuff happens in forums, just takes one idiot who doesn’t know what their doing to ruin it for everyone.

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I was just playing with the friend and we were looking for a button or something to open the door and found nothing after an hour or so. So we went to defeat the boss and pick up the mission item and just before we jumped to the cavern we went back to the skull and it was opened.

I figured out the correct items to interact with to open the door.
*The painting of Aurelia

*The button under the bust

*Bookshelf in Monty’s Den

After using those the door is now able to open.

Turns out the gramophones and others have nothing to do with it :joy: So sorry to waste a bunch of time.


Logged in just to say thank you.
This has been killing me all night. I didn’t even know about Monty’s bookshelf.

Re: Spoilers - for anyone who has not reached the same point in the story, even the existence of the Jakobs Estate in-game is a potential spoiler. Please remember that not everyone is going to be playing at the same pace, and there’s a bunch of people holding off until the Steam release.

That’s two of the many reasons why we have a spoilers section!