Borderlands 3: Jakobs poster room decoration

Hi all

I’m looking for a picture of the Jakobs poster you can get out on display in your room in sanctuary. If anyone has it or can find a link to it. I want to make an actual sign for the garage and a screen shot won’t cut it I don’t think

Thanks in advance fellow vault hunters

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Do you know what rarity it is? If you are Xbox I’ll send it your way if I come across it.

You purchase it as a room decoration. I can’t seem to find a picture of it online anywhere. I need a good picture to send it to my sign makers and get it printed in steel

You could check to see if it was included with any of the BL3 stuff posted on Art Station. There’s a link or two in the BL3 News category iirc.

Do you have a link? I’m new to the site and still learning my way around. Thanks for your help

Here’s the thread about it:

Thank you so much for that

Alas after an hour of searching it doesn’t seem to be their :disappointed_relieved:

That is what it looks like if anyone comes across it

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Can you use photo mode to get a nice closeup screenshot in game?

That may just work you know, it’s dark but I may be able to adjust the contrast :+1:

There’s a bunch of lighting options in the photo mode. Might be your best bet.