Borderlands 3 keeps crashing Xbox One

We shouldn’t have to do ANY calls whatsoever. The issues are there plain as day. All they have to do is boot the game on an Xbox One X and they will probably have a crash in no time. That’s on top the countless complaints on here. How much does it take for gearbox to stop being ignorant baffoons? How long do we have to wait? This has been a problem for MONTHS. Are these guys seriously this bad at their job?


Yes, seven months to be more precise. That’s almost long enough to create a human…

Edit: it’s totally not cool.

Hey guys, I managed to submit a ticket and Hubert M was my contact. I submitted all the info and they said they are aware of the issue. This was about a month ago.

I hate it so much. My husband and I play co-op, and have been doing so since the game first released. It was totally fine until like a week ago. It makes this god awful high pitched noise and then just crashes. So, like any frustrated gamer, we restart and reload and cross our fingers in hopes it’ll be fine. NOPE. Lasts 5-10 minutes and does it again. It only did this in Devil’s Razor, so we tried Promothea and it keeps doing it there. We finally give up after two more times, because why waste our time with a game that just freaking crashes?

I totally understand your frustration. I gave up on playing co-op back in November, both split screen and online. One of the reasons why I have always played Borderlands was for the co-op experience with family. It’s something I want to be able to pass on to my son and nephew and Borderlands is one of the few franchises that offers that experience, but not anymore. The crashing is something that I know I was experiencing months ago and I have had the same problem you are having. This loud sound with the screen freezing and back to the dashboard. Frustrating thing is, it’s not just one thing that causes it so maybe you can avoid it. It doesn’t matter the circumstance. I’ve had crashes checking mail, traveling from Razor to Konrad, opening a red chest, et alia. I have pretty much stopped playing and just bought the Bioshock bundle. This was the only game I have ever pre-ordered and waited in line for. I’ll never do that again.

Still waiting on a fix. Went through the support hoops even recorded a session playing BL3 and it crashing twice. Sent it all in and was met with:
“I’d like to let you know that the bug has been documented. This means the developers have been made aware.
Unfortunately, we don’t have visibility on their progress here in customer support, so we don’t have a timeline for the fix to be implemented. Please follow us on Twitter (@2K, @2KSupport, and @Borderlands), as this is where latest info, as well as, upcoming updates and fixes, will be announced.”

That was on May 30. I cannot even play guardian take down because of where I am stuck in progress of the game. Good thing I didn’t pre-purchase the DLC’s.

Shame on gearbox.

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That is where I am sitting now days as well. Then again they told me that last year when the game released and yet here we still are.

“But hey, check out this new shiny buff we added to the game that should make up for it right?”

Its not a thermal paste issue.

Mine finally gave up after a final crash of bl3 and was so bad it started crashing in minecraft.

Sent it in and they repaired it and bl3 crashed it again in short order, bare in mind the letter in the delivery box states it was repaired and tested.

We have 3 one x consoles in my household all of them crash and shutdown at random with bl3, the standard xbox we still have just dashboards.

I’m beginning to give some credence to the idea that game could actually be damaging the console. I haven’t played BL3 in weeks, but for a first time ever my console crashed to power off doing some random thing that wasn’t BL3. I don’t think it’s ever done that.

Mind you, that experience proves diddly, but it made me stop and think.

Everytime i enter the blastplains in the 3rd DLC on my normal xbox one the game just crash’s?

My borderlands 3 has been working fine until yesterday. Now Anytime I go to fight the final boss on dlc 3 as soon as he comes out of the ground my Xbox instantly overheats and shuts off everytime.

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Me too. DLC3 has dramatically upped the number of times my X1X shuts down unexpectedly. Whether it is the new DLC specifically or an accumulation of damage from BL3 on my Xbox (it has, occasionally, shut down before), I do not know. Yesterday it shut down while watching the events that are scripted after beating Quartermaster. After restarting the game, it picked up after those events so I won’t know if that is a repeatable problem unless I replay the DLC. Right now I’m fighting the last boss and it will randomly shut down during the fight.

Update: I will be unable to complete this DLC. Every time I drop down to fight the last boss, my X1X shuts down within 30 seconds.

Update2: I ran around Athenas for awhile to see if I’d done permanent damage to my console. Everything was fine there. Returned to final boss, and same problem existed. I then shut off Mayhem completely to rule out any modifiers causing the problem. Also tried different weapons. I’d drop down and do nothing, and my X1X would still shut down within 30 seconds. I finally dropped down in M0 with a Root and killed him quickly before touching the ground. At least I was able to finish the campaign this way.

I have filed a support ticket and uploaded video.


I’m really getting fed up with Gearbox, since the new dlc, it has once again been crashing my OneX. If Gearbox can’t take the time to fix this issue since launch, I think this will be my last game I purchase from the developers, unless this get’s resolved before the one year anniversary of the game.

Yeah I’m kinda worried to my Xbox struggles so much to play this game now. Ever since DLC 3 update it used to be just fighting ruiner crashed my Xbox now if I fight graveward and put to many damage numbers on my screen to close to me my Xbox shuts off. I’ve never had my Xbox have any other problems like this in any other game I hope this is just a gearbox issue and my Xbox isn’t damaged severely from playing this game or I might just stop playing.

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Update3: I ran through DLC3 with a different vault hunter (Amara first time, FL4K this time) and had the same X1X shutdown within 30 seconds of fighting Ruiner. I FINALLY fixed it, though!! While I was waiting for the xbox to restart and then reload BL3, I retrieved 3 pounds of frozen ground beef from my freezer and placed it on top of my xbox. With that perched atop, I was able to complete the fight in Mayhem 10.

Now, I have indeed checked for heat before. I keep the room at 70 degrees. The xbox sits alone on a shelf with plenty of height above it and open front and back. No dust, plenty of ventilation. I check for heat after a crash, and the box is warm, but not hot. It is definitely a rapid spike of heat that causes the xbox to shut down.

No reply from GBX yet on my open support ticket. Since this is the only game I’ve ever played on xbox that has this problem, I wonder if “frozen slab of meat” shouldn’t be part of the minimum system requirements to play BL3.

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Does anyone know if this overheating issue is a problem on all Xbox One X’s or is it random? I was thinking of getting one recently because this game runs like absolute garbage on my XBS. Crashing, menu freezing, 60+ second load screens, etc.

However I don’t wanna spend $450 if one of the few games I play is crashing every five minutes.

Before the repeatable problem at the last DLC3 boss, I had just a few shutdowns while playing, all random, and I’ve been playing consistently since last Christmas. I’ve read others who have had much more frequent problems. Presumably there are others, who don’t write about their experiences, that have none.

I did receive a response from 2k support that says the same thing others have received in response to their reported X1X shutdowns: GBX is aware of the problem, they’re working on a solution and 2k has no way of knowing if or when a fix will happen. This has been their response since the launch of the game, so either GBX doesn’t know how to fix it or they’ve decided it’s a small enough minority of X1X players that they’re not expending resources on fixing it.

There does appear to be an occasional problem where too much is happening at once and heat rapidly spikes causing a shutdown on the X1X. Whether the X1X is less tolerant before triggering a shutdown than other models, or whether GBX allows more things to be drawn on X1X but overestimated the capabilities of X1X—I don’t know.

On the plus side, I’ve seen several reports recently of X1X crashing at the last DLC3 boss. This is the first time I’ve noticed many people having a problem at a specific area. Perhaps this will prompt GBX to try and remedy at least this one area.

Finally, my recommendation for improving game performance and load times would be getting an external SSD with USB 3.0 connection. It will make things smoother and quicker on your existing Xbox, costs considerably less than $450, and would also be a huge QOL improvement even if you do decide to get an X1X down the road. The X1X internal disk drive is not much different than the one in the S.

In my household we have an Xbox X and and Xbox S that we play BL3 on and all the DLC games with it. We do have an occasional crash but we have never had one overheat during a boss battle or specific spot. We also are using a hard copy of the game and not a digital version and are not using an external storage drive. Not sure if this could be anyone’s issue or not?
Just giving my two cents worth.

The only difference between cd and downloaded version of an xbox game is that you have to insert cd to download or boot the game. It has strictly no impact on how the game runs once booted.

I use a “classic” Xbox one, and the freeeze/crash problem is getting more and more frequent since last hotfix. That is playing solo with restricted online access to my session. Most frequent case seems to be in menus, when quit/reload to farm a boss, or just by shifting from inventory to Guardian ranks. The game freezes and gets back to main xbox menu.

The freezes would occur even more frequently after extended play periods (1h +), and after a first crash/freeze without rebooting xbox completely (1st freeze after 1h, 2nd about 30min after, 3rd about 15min after, etc.). Sometimes first freeze may occur just after few minutes, ingame menu/inventory.

And last but not least, Borderlands 3 is NOT advertized as an always-online game, I expect to be able to play the full product offline, which is not possible, as the hotfix is required to balance Mayhem 10 in the current state of the game.

Please Gearbox, fix.

For the hotfix issue, that will be taken care of in the next update since the current one will get rolled in.

A little surprised you’re getting crashes like that on an original XB1. When was the last time you did a power reset? It honestly might help - I’ve noticed that I’ll get more video hitching if I haven’t done this for a while.