Borderlands 3 keeps crashing Xbox One

Does anyone know if this overheating issue is a problem on all Xbox One X’s or is it random? I was thinking of getting one recently because this game runs like absolute garbage on my XBS. Crashing, menu freezing, 60+ second load screens, etc.

However I don’t wanna spend $450 if one of the few games I play is crashing every five minutes.

Before the repeatable problem at the last DLC3 boss, I had just a few shutdowns while playing, all random, and I’ve been playing consistently since last Christmas. I’ve read others who have had much more frequent problems. Presumably there are others, who don’t write about their experiences, that have none.

I did receive a response from 2k support that says the same thing others have received in response to their reported X1X shutdowns: GBX is aware of the problem, they’re working on a solution and 2k has no way of knowing if or when a fix will happen. This has been their response since the launch of the game, so either GBX doesn’t know how to fix it or they’ve decided it’s a small enough minority of X1X players that they’re not expending resources on fixing it.

There does appear to be an occasional problem where too much is happening at once and heat rapidly spikes causing a shutdown on the X1X. Whether the X1X is less tolerant before triggering a shutdown than other models, or whether GBX allows more things to be drawn on X1X but overestimated the capabilities of X1X—I don’t know.

On the plus side, I’ve seen several reports recently of X1X crashing at the last DLC3 boss. This is the first time I’ve noticed many people having a problem at a specific area. Perhaps this will prompt GBX to try and remedy at least this one area.

Finally, my recommendation for improving game performance and load times would be getting an external SSD with USB 3.0 connection. It will make things smoother and quicker on your existing Xbox, costs considerably less than $450, and would also be a huge QOL improvement even if you do decide to get an X1X down the road. The X1X internal disk drive is not much different than the one in the S.

In my household we have an Xbox X and and Xbox S that we play BL3 on and all the DLC games with it. We do have an occasional crash but we have never had one overheat during a boss battle or specific spot. We also are using a hard copy of the game and not a digital version and are not using an external storage drive. Not sure if this could be anyone’s issue or not?
Just giving my two cents worth.

The only difference between cd and downloaded version of an xbox game is that you have to insert cd to download or boot the game. It has strictly no impact on how the game runs once booted.

I use a “classic” Xbox one, and the freeeze/crash problem is getting more and more frequent since last hotfix. That is playing solo with restricted online access to my session. Most frequent case seems to be in menus, when quit/reload to farm a boss, or just by shifting from inventory to Guardian ranks. The game freezes and gets back to main xbox menu.

The freezes would occur even more frequently after extended play periods (1h +), and after a first crash/freeze without rebooting xbox completely (1st freeze after 1h, 2nd about 30min after, 3rd about 15min after, etc.). Sometimes first freeze may occur just after few minutes, ingame menu/inventory.

And last but not least, Borderlands 3 is NOT advertized as an always-online game, I expect to be able to play the full product offline, which is not possible, as the hotfix is required to balance Mayhem 10 in the current state of the game.

Please Gearbox, fix.

For the hotfix issue, that will be taken care of in the next update since the current one will get rolled in.

A little surprised you’re getting crashes like that on an original XB1. When was the last time you did a power reset? It honestly might help - I’ve noticed that I’ll get more video hitching if I haven’t done this for a while.

No wonder you’re surprised that he is having crashes on an original Xbox One because all of the constant problems and crashing has been for people like me with an Xbox One X, an issue that Gearbox seems entirely incapable of fixing. Almost a year since the launch of BL3 and this is still an issue. That’s an absolute failure.

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Well, I learned something today that might have some bearing on this. I was reading though comments on this article regarding a recent MS XBox hardware announcement

And that virtual eSRAM partition is, of course, in the main system memory (along with the console’s OS). So depending on how robust the emulation and memory management on the XB1X are, there’s at least the potential for something like a memory leak to cause significant issues. If anyone has had experience developing on XB1X, I’d be interested in hearing their thoughts on this.

I think this is probably the best suggestion I’ve ever seen on these forums.

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So it sounds like to me that Gearbox didn’t optimize this game correctly for the Xbox One X at all. In the nearly 3 years that I have had this console (at launch), I have had only one other game cause my system to crash like BL3 does and that was Killing Floor 2. That problem was eventually fixed, though it took them a little while. That game came out before the One X did and it was crashing after the enhancement update, so clearly they didn’t optimize it correctly either at first but they did get it right at some point.

How Gearbox has botched it this badly is beyond me considering the One X was out for nearly 2 years by the time BL3 launched and here we are almost a year later and the problem is still not fixed.

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I’m having the same issue. Having the game freeze suddenly and close altogether… Today I fell through the map and just fell for ever and I had to close the game. The stability of the game has just gone down hill. It crashes 2-3 times in a couple hours… (That’s if I’m persistent after the first crash… I now quit after crash one … It’s so demoralizing and activating)

I been having this issue off and on. Seems sometimes the updates fixes the crashes, and then a dlc comes out and game goes back to crashing. Game has been out for almost an entire year, and still this problem has not been squashed. I think the only way Gearbox or 2k will ever respond to this issue, is by talking their language. By that, we need to push out a lawsuit.


Here it is mid-September and I just came back to BL3 for the first time in a few months. I crashed twice, including a complete shutdown of the console. This has been happening since Day 1 and Gearbox won’t admit they delivered a broken game. As someone else said, this is the only gave EVER that has completely shut the console down. I assume it is because of overheating due to poor programming. This game is NOT the most graphically intense game I’ve played so it should not be crashing the console. I LOVED the first two Borderlands but I just will not buy any of the DLC or BL4, whenever that is.


Hi i’ve just bought an xbox one x and i just had 1 crash. After that everytime i started the game, in the main menu i went to options - > graphic - > it was set on performance mode (60fps; i just play in that modality) and what i did was putting for a second in resolution and then back again to performance mode. This is what i’m currently doing EVERYTIME when i start the game every single day strangely not a single crash after this… maybe this could help if you could test and tell if it still overheats… I’m a little anxious for my console too :no_mouth: ah and i forgot to mention that i always play that game offline (with the entire console wifi put to off)

Let us know how it plays out 8n the long run. Another test is to see if you can join an multiplayer invite. My console crashes 100% with that. Glad that you are having somewhat good luck with your workaround. Sad we have to do this because GBX chooses not to fix their game.

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Yea that’s true they must fix this game on one x. We shouldn’t be betatesters. I just play offline but i guess starting a multiplayer match would simply crash also for me. I’m just playing the story offline from the start, i’ve just reached the eden 6 planet first mission; no crashes at all. If someone like you who had serious crashes before would like to test if the method i use (changing from perform mode to resol mode and immediately back again to performance) brings some benefits also for you, i would really appreciate this :grin:

Thanks. I am still waiting on my trouble ticket response to this and of course I haven’t but not shocked by that. I even offered to log in and have GBX or 2k attempt to monitor my log in during a game invite to see if they could see anything from their end but they were not interested apparently. If I was guessing I would say they know this is an issue but they do not want to spend the money to fix it because it doesn’t bring in revenue like paid content does. However what they are not seeing is the fact that those of us will not spend any money in the future which down the line will mean something.

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