Borderlands 3 keeps crashing

So i have played the game quite a bit and ive never had issues with it since i bought it on launch. I now just bought the season pass because it was on sale. Launched the game after the dlc was done downloading and it keeps crashing as i move a bit in sanctuary (tried resetting settings; tried switching directx). It’s kind of frustrating after i just spent 40€ for the season pass and cannot even play the game…

CPU : AMD Ryzen 2700
Gpu: Radeon RX 580
16gb RAM

Not at my pc but pretty sure there is a verify (or something like that), worth a try oh and throw in a reboot too

I bought two copies of BL3 one keeps crashing before it starts. I’dont think I’m a fan anymore. Microsoft cannot help me gearbox is deaf … after dropping almost $200 to acquire this game. I expected better. This sucks.

Same here. Been playing for a few months and had a lot of fun until a couple weeks ago, when the crashes started happening. It’s mind boggling that they can come out with ALL this content, and yet the game runs like utter garbage on high-end PC’s. Honestly, I’m extremely disappointed right now. I don’t even want to play anymore. Might just drop the game series entirely and boycott all future Gearbox games. I haven’t had a problem like this with ANY other game.

I’m pretty sure the OP was on Epic (date was before Steam launch). We both have AMD CPU, I have Nvidia & he had AMD GPU.

I could always launch & play the game until my RAM went bad. With bad RAM I’d get crashes all throughout the first 3-5 minutes. Sometimes before the main menu, after loading Sanctuary & sometimes after opening inventory. While I waited for replacement RAM, I under-clocked the RAM & could play the game just fine.

There is unfortunately a lot of stuff to check when debugging these issues.

First & foremost; you have to accept the problem lies somewhere in your PC’s. Either hardware or software and yes we hear it all the time BL3 is the only game you’ve got issues with .

Okay, sorry for babbling, i usually hang out in the PC support forums and try to help where I can.

My PC specs:
AMD Ryzen 7 2700 w/16gb (3200 DDR4)
1tb ssd
Nvidia GTX-1080 w/8gb