Borderlands 3 lack of raid bosses

Looking for new raid bosses with large unique new loot pools. Guardian breach was a major disappointment. Maliwan black site ok, but out dated. Bl2 had 10 raid bosses in all. What’s the deal? Boasting a million guns as an excuse is ludicrous. Borderlands is all about unique, rare loot that has been found primarily in raid bosses.


Yeah… I guess we all want them. Still waiting for that big varkid dude/tte? What was her/his/its name again… Vermi…something :speak_no_evil:


Right… vermivorous the invincible. Dropped his own unique loot pool. Awesome!

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U are talking rubbish let’s check meta loot from bl2

Harold drops from miniboss
Lyda miniboss
Lady fist quest reward
Bee shield mini boss
Pimpernel quest reward
Cc boss
Bitch boss
Sandhawk quest reward
Fibber quest reward
Rapier quest reward

Only truly used gear from raids was norfleet and hide of terra for melee… FFS stop acting like RB a mattered that much those were boring ass fights people cheesed to death

Terra sit at the rock
Gee gate crash
Craw just use hail or cc in any character
Pete bee fist or bee lyuda/sandhawk
Hyperius only decent RB in the series but still spammed double nova
Vorac… Yeah
Dexi. Not even a fight just shoot crit spots with bee fist

The raid sentiment is bs I played ton of bl2 co op and only miniscule % was raiding same with my solo play. I did not farm raids for drops I farmed them to see if I could kill them


Interfacer - raid boss
Norfleet - raid boss

And it’s not only a question about how op the stuff is. We want some challange in the endgame or at least an endgame. The good loot can just spread on raid bosses. So things like Hellwalker, Flipper, Light show, Plaquebearer, Backburner aso drop only from raid bosses.


Not a huge fan of raid bosses, but more endgame content is needed in general. They should also make sure to rewards that are worthwhile. The current “endgame” content are the 2 takedowns, 3 circles of slaughter, and I think 6 trials. Only the takedowns have rewards that are 100% exclusive to that content and only some of the drops are top gear.

They could have annointments specific to raid bosses…actually give something to chase after instead of dumb luck.

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Personally, I love the fights at the end of the takedowns but they’re just so tedious to continually farm because of all the mobbing. Classic raid bosses remove that mobbing feature and allow you to jump straight into the fight. I would love to see a handful of classic raid bosses added to the game sometime soon as I think it would greatly improve the experience for those who get tired of takedowns after a few runs.


The takedowns are more traditional raids, with scourge and wotan being the accompanying raid bosses of said raids.

Like @Hexxusz0r already mentioned, a ton of the meta gear in BL2 was obtained either from quest rewards, minibosses, or generic bosses like the warrior. Very few gear was locked behind raid bosses and certainly wasn’t necessary for you to kill any of the raid bosses.

The game needs more takedowns/raids to make the ones we have less repetitive, but I feel the people begging for old style borderlands raid bosses really don’t know what they actually want and just desire for there to be more endgame content.

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I don’t like BL2’s raid bosses. I like the Maliwan TD, and Guardian TD would be fine if it was a more straightforward gauntlet.

But none of this exists for the DLCs. I would’ve liked some kind of repeatable activity in the DLCs and maybe some equivalent to seraphs crystals to give us a long term time sink.

Borderlands has certainly had raid bosses, but thankfully it’s never been about them. We certainly don’t need more with bits and bobs locked behind them.

The former “raid” bosses existed as super bosses do in RPGs. Games like Destiny popularized a more reasonable approach taking inspiration from both modern and classic RPGs that usually attached a dungeon or gauntlet of encounters. Raids evolved from the Super Boss concept.

With Destiny nearly perfecting a more casual raid experience it is no surprise that Gearbox took notes. Having a big fat boss in a room with only a couple mistakes between life or death was daunting regardless of how many people joined especially given the fact that most of BL2s raid bosses had a truck load of HP. Even with 4 VHs shooting them up some of them took quite a bit of time to die without using broken or un intended set ups. Most of the BL2 raid bosses where honestly sub par and not exactly fun to fight.

Both the Maliwan and Guardian Takedowns have some of the best boss fights in the game which are engaging and threatening. The punishment doe death is still fairly harsh but less so when you consider the check point and how no of these bosses have an obnoxious amount of HP.
The only annoying part is the bottemless pits littered thought the Guardian takedown and the low gravity as they try to parody a Destiny raid pooking fun at the some times obnoxious platforming challanges in Destiny.

BL3 also provided us with repeatable circles Slaughter, Trials, and 10× the amount of bosses to farm. I would he happy to see maybe one or two old school “you will die” types bosses but I think Takedowns should he the go to for the most part.

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Did they patch out the vehicle glitch on Maliwan TD? I did that a month ago and was able to continually farm Wotan. It’s just too bad most of his drops are kinda Meh at this point.

I’m not saying they’re overly bad, but I feel like most of the m6 exclusive boss drops and dlc3 weapons are better.

I have a feeling the same people asking for normal traditional raid bosses will be the players that say they’re too easy to kill.

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Hyperious 7 unique items.
Vermivorous unique heads and skins + 1 weapon
Teramorphous legendary class mods and 3 other unique items
Master Gee 5 unique items
Ancient Dragons of destruction 3 unique items
Dexidious 1 unique item
Voracious 5 unique items
Pyro pete 3 unique items
Haderax 3 unique items plus character skins, heads
9 Raid bosses with large loot pools and a total of 31 unique drops plus character items.
Compared to 2 raid bosses in bl3 that are not instantaneously farmable and one pitiful Estes.
Spare me. Check you facts.


And that is exactly what BL1 and BL2 did right.

Not locking the best gear behind raid bosses so that no one misses out. It was all about the challenge and how viable your builds were. Pretty much, it was part of the end game (something BL3 is still severely lacking imo).

Also BL1 had Pearls as a reward for Craw, while BL2 had Seraph Crystals which players could use to buy some good stuff. While Pearls in BL1 were very rare, they weren’t the BIS weapons, so again no one missed out on the best gear.

BL3 however dropped the ball in this regard. Firstly, there are only two Takedowns (the first was pretty good and the second is, well, some players might enjoy it). And secondly, back then the absolutely BIS Smg’s (Kybs and Redistributor) were locked behind Wotan (and his BS drop rates before the buff) and a tedious farming run before you could even get to fight him. And the GTD had gear that was just not worth the time and effort it required (it’s still not worth it if you asked me).

In addition, Digistruct Peak was pretty much a Takedown on its own, just without the RB at the end (but with a chance for dedicated drops and Pearls).

Regarding Kybs and Redistributor, they were the BIS weapons back in the day. Now, they’re not even worth picking up anymore. Power creep anyone?

For me, the BL2 style Raid Boss was fun until I learned the fight, then it was pretty much the same as doing a BL3 Boss - just as easy. I DO want some more challenging Boss fights (without having to spend a lot of time getting to the Boss every time I want to kill it), but in the end, it isn’t a huge deal to me. I find BL3 has plenty to do without them. :slight_smile:

i know my facts if you knew how to read i was talking about meta. they dropped almost no meta items as i stated. i never said they did not have drops or did not have unique item drops.

you can literally make the most meta build without featuring any raid boss item unless it is melee and you absolutely need maliwan parted hideof terra lol. gimme a break checking my bl2 knowledge. i only have like 3k hours in it no biggie

It doesn’t even make sense to me that they excluded a vermi boss from the base game. They could have taken the route of the son of Crawmerax and made the son of Vermivorous as something you could spawn in any area with varkids. The fact that the current loot from Wotan is underperforming definitely doesn’t incentivize anyone to play the maliwan takedown. I honestly thought the guardian takedown was a lot of fun, albeit long, and I still don’t fully understand the hate that many have for it. I get it, the crystals are tough in solo play if you aren’t Amara. I’m honestly okay with one raid highly encouraging team play, like Destinies raids do. It would be nice for them to do something like a Raid Boss add on that added a few raid bosses like those in BL2.

AWESOME idea. Love it.